GRE vs GMAT which is easier

Which is easier – GMAT Or GRE?

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In this guide, we are going to look at the key differences between GMAT and GRE. At the end, you shall be able to tell, which is easier – GMAT or GRE? If you are planning to apply for a graduate program in business or management, the school will expect you to write either a GMAT or GRE exams. Many students don’t know the differences between these two exams and which one is easier, that’s why we have decided to put up this article. So let’s see; GMAT or GRE which is easier? We shall know!

Key Differences Between GMAT and GRE 

There are lots of differences between GMAT and GRE and these table below summarizes everything:

Differences GMAT GRE
Should you take GMAT or GRE? If you plan on getting into business schools graduate programs If you are still undecided about the type of graduate program you wish to attend
Which business schools accept these tests More than 7000 programs at 2300 business schools Fewer business schools
Test fee $250 $205
Test Validity 5 years 5 years
Test dates Year-round Year-round
How the test is administered Computer-based test Computer-based and paper-based (where computer-based tests are not available)
Test Format Computer adaptive test Computer adaptive test
Number of sections 4 6 (1 unscored research section included)
Test duration 3 hours 7 minutes 3 hours 45 minutes
AWA section 1 essay – 30 minutes 2 essays – 60 minutes
IR section 12 questions – 30 minutes NA
Quant Section 1 section – 31 questions – 62 minutes 20 questions each in 2 sections – 70 minutes
Verbal Section 1 section – 36 questions – 65 minutes 20 questions each in 2 sections – 60 minutes
Test Score Range 200 – 800 (in 10-point increment) 260 – 340 ( in 1-point increment)
Quant score range  6 – 51 (scaled score) 130 – 170
Verbal score range  6 – 51 (scaled score) 130 – 170
IR score 1 – 8 NA
AWA score 0 – 6 0 – 6

Which Is Easier – GMAT Or GRE?

After going through the differences between GMAT and GRE in the table below, you may still find it difficult to tell which one is easier – GMAT or GRE. The answer to this question is that GMAT verbal tends to be easier, while GRE verbal test has a challenging vocabulary.

Also, GMAT Quant is thought to be more difficult than GRE Quant. The GMAT Quant section assesses your problem-solving abilities. Furthermore, the data sufficiency problems are rather difficult. Even though GRE quant problems are easier than GMAT, GRE permits you to use a calculator, but GMAT does not.

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Should you take the GMAT or GRE to get into an MBA program? While the GMAT is developed primarily for candidates to business schools, the GRE is a test that may be used to obtain admission to graduate programs in practically any field, including the MBA.

The GMAT has traditionally taken precedence over the GRE. However, both assessments are now accepted by a large number of foreign business schools.

GMAT vs GRE – Which Is Widely Accepted?

The GRE is accepted by over 1200 business schools throughout the world. The GRE’s Unique Quantitative Question examines quantitative comparisons, whereas the GRE’s Unique Verbal Questions examine Sentence Equivalence and Text Completion. This test is appropriate for thinkers who are innovative and versatile.

Every business school accepts the GMAT. Its one-of-a-kind quantitative question focuses on data sufficiency, while the GMAT’s one-of-a-kind verbal questions examine sentence correction and critical reasoning. This test is ideal for those who think in numbers.

With the word “management” in its name, you might anticipate the GMAT to have an advantage over the GRE in terms of MBA admissions and related business master’s degrees. The test emphasizes mathematical and analytical skills, such as evaluating data presented in text, charts, and tables to answer complicated issues. As a result, tasks are tailored to assess talents that are perceived to be unique to business managers.

As a more adaptable exam, the GRE places less emphasis on arithmetic and includes a calculator for quantitative tasks. However, for people who do not speak English as a first language, the verbal component may be more difficult than the GMAT’s because it focuses on vocabulary rather than grammar.

The GMAT is a computer-adaptive test, which means that the difficulty level of the questions that follow is determined by the questions you answer correctly or poorly. Students cannot go back and review their prior answers on the GMAT. Meanwhile, the GRE is not a computer-adaptive exam and allows students to review their past responses.

Most business schools offer GRE scores as an alternative to the GMAT in order to broaden their application pool and attract individuals with backgrounds outside of the ‘conventional’ norm, such as finance, accounting, and economics. Diversity, in all of its manifestations, is important, and top business schools actively foster it.

‘Holistic’ is a term that schools frequently use to describe their approach to examining MBA applications, and it appears frequently in our MBA Admissions Q&A series. As a result, the GMAT and GRE are only one part of the evaluation process; your academic background, personality, experience, and application effort are all equally essential.

The key to deciding whether to take the GMAT or the GRE for MBA admission is to figure out which institutions demand which test. If you think a school might take both but prefers one over the other, contact them via email, phone, or online chat.

It’s also important to play to your strengths. Simply choose the one you think you’ll do best in if your dream school confirms that both examinations are valued equally.

Top Schools That Accept GRE Scores

For admission to Master of Science (MS) programs at a global academic institution, GRE results are frequently taken into account. This exam is essential for those who intend to pursue a master’s degree abroad in order to obtain a thorough understanding of their chosen profession. A number of prominent universities that accept GRE scores offer excellent MS programs in a variety of fields. As a result, you must choose an academic institution carefully, taking into account the course format, professors, research facilities, and career chances, among other things.

The schools below accept GRE scores:

Name of the Universities Verbal Quantitative Writing 
Stanford University 155-160 155-160 4.0-4.8
University of Virginia 159-164 160-166 4.0-5.0
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 155-162 158-162 4.5-5.3
University of Michigan 158-164 163-170 4.0-5.0
University of California, Los Angeles 150-155 165-168 4.5-5.0
University of California, Berkeley 153-156 164-167 4.0-4.5
University of Wisconsin 160-164 160-165 4.0-4.5
University of North Carolina 155-160 158-162 4.0-4.5
Georgia Institute of Technology 155-160 160-167 4.0-4.3
Duke University 155-162 158-162 4.0-4.5
California Institute of Technology 158-164 155-160 4.5-5.0
University of Washington 158-162 158-162 4.0-5.0
Rice University 155-160 160-168 4.5-5.0
University of Chicago 155-163 160-167 4.0-4.5
Ohio State University 155-160 160-165 4.0-4.5
Johns Hopkins University 154-161 160-164 4.2-4.5
Northwestern University 159-162 158-162 5.0-5.5
University of Notre Dame 160-165 160-165 5.5- 6.0
University of Florida 150-155 160-165 3.0-4.0
University of Illinois 150-155 160-165 4.0-5.0

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is easier – GMAT or GRE?

Although the quantitative component of the GMAT is more difficult for most test takers than the GRE, experts say the GMAT may be simpler for people who prefer logic issues to geometry questions because the GRE has more geometry questions. The GMAT should be included into your whole MBA application strategy.

Is it better to take GRE or GMAT?

The GMAT verbal section emphasizes language, logic, and reasoning. If arithmetic isn’t your strong suit, the GMAT quant section is more difficult. The GRE focuses a greater emphasis on vocabulary, making it simpler for native English speakers compared to non-native English speakers. If math isn’t your strong suit, the GRE may be a better fit.

How long is GRE score valid?

Scores can be reported for up to five years after the exam date. Scores on a test taken on July 3, 2021, for example, are reportable until July 2, 2026. Prior to July 2016, GRE scores were no longer reportable.

Is GMAT enough for MBA?

Even a perfect GMAT score isn’t enough to get into your dream school. The GMAT score is always significant, but it should not be used as the main criterion; it should be supplemented by a strong profile.

Is it hard to get 700 on GMAT?

The majority of persons who take the GMAT do not achieve a score of 700. In 2018, one in every eight GMATs received a score of 700 or better. Even at top business schools, hardly every student has a GMAT score of 700. Moreover, many great schools often admit candidates who do not have a GMAT score of 700.

Do MBA schools accept GRE?

For MBA applications, around 90% of business schools accept the GRE score. If the Business School explicitly specifies that it favours GMAT over GRE, taking the GRE for MBA admission will only put you at a disadvantage. The GMAT is a better predictor of how well students will do in MBA schools than the GRE.

Is GRE accepted for MBA in United States?

Scores from both tests are now accepted by many MBA programs. However, there is another option if you’re seeking for MBA schools in the United States. Hundreds of business schools in the United States, including NYU, Harvard, Wharton, and Stanford, now accept GRE results.

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