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What Is The Cost Of Medical School In Canada?

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Our guide today will focus on the cost of medical school in Canada. If you are planning to study medicine in Canada but don’t know the cost associated with it, never worry, as we are going to provide you with all this information in our article today. Before we start, let’s look at some of the top reasons why people choose to pursue their MBBS in Canada.

Why Study Medicine In Canada?

Here are some of the benefits why people choose to study medicine in Canada:

Academic Excellence

Medical schools in Canada have a distinct basis based on a high standard of education. With five-star instruction and research practices, Canadian medical colleges offer an amazing instructive basis. These institutions’ training program emphasizes not just on theoretical learning or providing hypothetical material, but also on actual details or understanding. They make certain that students understand how to maximize their potential in today’s global and skilled environment.

Global Recognition

A Canadian medical degree provides internationally recognized practitioner training. In Canada, medical schools offer accredited degrees to extend the scope of the exploration. Medical courses are taught in Canada or at Canadian universities by competent and highly qualified lecturers. Because of their global prestige, medicine degrees in Canada are being considered all over the world.

English Taught Programs

Medical courses in Canada are taught in both English and French, allowing students from other countries to enroll in English-taught courses. Practically all Canadian colleges provide a variety of English-language courses to attract students from all over the world, so you won’t have any trouble locating a medical practice at your preferred university.


When compared to colleges in the United States and the United Kingdom, educational costs in Canada are significantly lower. It is also worth mentioning while contemplating the benefits of studying medicine in Canada. You can also apply for a variety of grants to help you pay for your education.

Career Opportunities

Having a degree from one of Canada’s institutions is a huge plus in addition to a point for everyone. It provides you with a plethora of job options in any area of the world. A Canadian degree is always valuable for your profession, regardless of the country or job. As previously stated, medical schools in Canada provide practical training to aspirants in order to add to their practice and expand their connection with the medical field.

After completing their MBBS, Canadian International Medical Graduates (IMGs) can pursue a range of careers in Canada. After completing your MBBS in Canada, you can work as a General Practitioner and earn an average of 120,000 to 2,40,000 CAD per year.

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Cost Of Medical School In Canada

The average cost of medical school in Canada for Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents is roughly $17,000 per year, according to Canadian medical education statistics. The most expensive province is Ontario, where the average annual cost is little over $27,000.

According to the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC), when all expenditures involved with attending a Canadian medical program are considered, Canadian students will likely spend more than $100,000 on their education.

The average annual tuition fees and daily costs for overseas or international students contemplating MBBS in Canada range from CA$30000 to CA$125000, depending on the universities. Aside from the MBBS course fees, Canada is a reasonable country in terms of transportation.

Admission Requirements To Study Medicine In Canada

You must have a college degree in Biology or Science to apply to a medical school in Canada to study medicine. The great majority of clinical foundations in Canada automatically enlist international students with a bachelor’s degree mostly in natural science areas.
If you need to obtain certified without completing a four-year program right after high school, you can apply to medical schools in Quebec. They accept applications from all over the world for medicine courses in Quebec. These schools must have a 10+2 competence and a 1-year CEGEP recognized program.

English Language Proficiency

The ability to communicate in English is the most critical requirement for studying MBBS in Canada. To follow instructions at medical colleges in Canada, you must be able to communicate in English.

The IELTS requirement for an SDS Visa in Canada is 6.5 overall and 6 in each module; however, medical schools in Canada have considerably higher English Language Requirements.


Medical College Admission Test is the abbreviation for Medical College Admission Test. To be accepted into one of Canada’s top clinical universities for MBBS, you must pass this placement test.

For overseas students, MCAT score requirements will vary by course and university across Canada. Students should check with their MBBS college in Canada about the MCAT score requirements.
Some universities, such as the Northern Ontario School of Medicine and McGill’s Faculty of Medicine, do not need you to take the MCAT at all. So it’s a good idea to double-check before taking the test.

Top Medical Schools In Canada

University Of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia, founded in 1915, is one of Canada’s top medical schools. The University of British Columbia (UBC) is a public research university. The University of British Columbia’s faculty of medicine is one of the greatest medical schools in Canada in 2021, with nineteen departments, three schools, and twenty-three research centers and institutes.

University Of Alberta

Another prominent medical school in Canada is the University of Alberta. In the medical area, the schools provide undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs. It is a public research university that provides regular education and healthcare services, as well as chances for research.

In a relationship with patients and working with colleagues, with good scholarly possibilities and core principles of honesty, excellence, partnership, social accountability, respect, compassion, and care.

University Of Saskatchewan College Of Medicine

The University of Saskatchewan’s College of Medicine is a university that focuses on research, education, and other social skills to produce skilled clinicians and scientists with the vision of leading in the improvement of the health and well-being of the people of Saskatchewan and the world in general.

University Of Manitoba

University of Manitoba is listed top 10 in the canadian medical school rankings. The Rady faculty of health at the University of Manitoba is noted for their leading results in medical research. They aim at producing leading professionals in the medical fields all over the world to improve the health of the people. They are one of the best medical colleges in Canada.

Northern Ontario School Of Medicine

Northern Ontario School of Medicine, based in the north, is one of Canada’s best medical schools. The French College of Medicine is a medical school that focuses on addressing the health needs of Northern Ontario residents and enhancing the quality of medical care while also contributing to the region’s economic growth.

McMaster University

The McMaster University Department of Medicine has an aim of providing world-class clinical care. They have a reputation for being one of the world’s greatest research and innovation institutions, and they strive to provide superior education while preserving their status as the best in the world. Internal Medicine courses are available in both full-time and non-GFT formats.

University Of Toronto

Faculty of Medicine: The faculty of medicine at the University of Toronto aspires to solve medical problems around the world by bringing together students from all over the world and from various socioeconomic backgrounds. The school strives to strengthen international ties by providing considerable financial aid to students who choose to study with them.

Queens University at Kingston

Queen’s University is regarded as one of Canada’s best medical schools. The Faculty of Health Sciences is a public research university that was established about 150 years ago. They provide undergraduate and postgraduate medical science programs in a variety of fields. The goal of the faculty of health sciences school is to continue the heritage of preparing excellent physicians and top health-care administrators.

University Of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa’s faculty of medicine is the only bilingual medical school in Canada. With a commitment to quality in teaching and health research, the school aspires to meet the medical requirements of the community, from its local to global levels.

McGill University

McGill University’s college of medicine is dedicated to developing elite health professionals, scientists, students, and employees who are committed to compassionate, evidence-based care. They provide educational possibilities, as well as research and development opportunities.

Memorial University

The school’s medical faculty plans to invest millions of dollars in cutting-edge medical research. The school focuses on educating and equipping its resident doctors for practices in rural areas. They also provide a number of scholarships to help their students pay for their education at the school.

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University’s college of medicine was founded more than 150 years ago. The institution focuses on research that is innovative, collaborative, and energetic, with the goal of improving the world’s life and health status.

Among the medical schools in Canada, They provide undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate education in medical health and medical research, as well as residency training and continuing professional development programs, all with the goal of providing excellent training opportunities for their medical students, residents, fellows, and graduate students, as well as providing excellent medical service to the community and the world at large.

University Of Montreal

The college of medicine in University of Montreal is committed to education and research in order to improve health care and well-being by promoting values and principles such as innovation, social commitment, thoroughness, patient partnership, respect, and responsibility.

Professional courses are offered at the school to prepare people for positions such as general and speciality practitioners, fundamental scientific professionals and researchers, clinical science professionals, Audiologists, Occupational Therapists, Nutritionists, Speech therapists, and Physiotherapists.

Which is the top ranked medical school in Canada?

The University of Toronto. The University of Toronto’s faculty of medicine is regarded among the best in the world, with students from all over the world and a variety of backgrounds and nationalities.

How long is med school in Canada?

Most universities in Canada provide a four-year medical school program. McMaster University and the University of Calgary are notable exceptions, with programs that last three years and do not include a summer break.

How cheap is medical school in Canada?

International students at Memorial University of Newfoundland pay roughly $23,000 in tuition. International students attending medical schools in Ontario pay between US$60,500 and US$67,660, which is equal to the fees charged by in-state students at US public medical schools.

How long is residency in Canada?

Family doctors’ residencies are two years lengthy, whereas specialists’ residencies can be up to six years long. You could also choose a specialization with an additional two or three years of residency.

Do you get paid during residency in Canada?

If you’re fresh out of medical school, you’ll most likely earn at the lower end of this range. The income of a resident doctor is roughly $60,000 per year, so if you extend your research time, you won’t see much of a pay raise from your first year doctor wage.

Is Studying medicine in Canada expensive?

According to the Universities, the average cost of studying MBBS in Canada and living expenditures per year for overseas students is between CA$30000 and CA$125000. MBBS in Canada is the most economical for international students when compared to other prominent study abroad countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and others.


Hope you enjoyed reading this article on the cost of medical school in Canada. You can see that the cost of medical school in Canada is low compared to places like the US and UK. If you want to study medicine in Canada, do well to contact the schools posted here and start your admission.

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