What is Patient care technician

What Is Patient Care Technician?

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What Is Patient Care TechnicianWhat is Patient care technician? In this guide, we shall provide answer to this question and also give you more details about a patient care technician. Nurses, doctors, and other medical personnel rely on Patient Care Technicians to assist them in caring for patients with physical and mental health issues. Patient Care Technicians work in a variety of settings in the healthcare industry, including hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care institutions, assisted living communities, and more.

Patient Care Technicians provide direct support to patients during hospital stays and medical visits under the supervision of nursing professionals and a broader care team.

Certifications To Become A Patient Care Technician

To become a Patient Care Technician, you must first complete an approved educational course, pass the NCLEX exam (which is included in the Nursing Assisting component of the program), and a certification exam administered by the National Healthcare Association, as well as obtain certification from the state in which you live and work.

Candidates for Patient Care Technician roles may also be required to pass a background check, receive professional certification, and complete continuing education courses or training by individual employers and states.

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Average Salary For Patient Care Technician

In May 2016, the average wage for Patient Care Technicians was $26,590, according to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Patient Care Technician positions are becoming more plentiful. Patient Care Technician jobs are expected to expand by 17 percent by 2024, according to a study of employment in the healthcare profession. That’s an additional 267,800 jobs on top of the more than 1.5 million Patient Care Technicians now employed.

How To Become A Patient Care Technician

A high school graduation and completion of a state-approved training program, which can span anywhere from 20 to 27 weeks, are required for becoming a PCT, as they are for many other healthcare-related positions. After completing the program, the CPCT/A certification is obtained by passing an exam. Once hired, you will be required to complete on-the-job training. Before placing you on the state registry to find work, several states require you to complete continuing education and/or pass a background check.

You’ll learn how to support physicians and nurses by performing basic and advanced clinical activities through these programs (sometimes in a virtual medical environment). Anatomy and physiology, medical legislation and ethics, medical communications, medical records, patient preparation, medical terminology, safety and compliance, and basic laboratory procedures and testing are among the topics covered in the curriculum. You’ll master a wide range of critical clinical activities during the curriculum, which will help you stand out in a competitive job market.

Difference Between Patient Care Technician(PCT) & Certified Nurse Assistant(CNA)

The PCT and the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) jobs have some overlap. They’re both capable of bathing, transferring, and feeding patients, as well as monitoring their vital signs. While a CNA can only give basic care under the supervision of a licensed nurse or medical doctor (such as answering phones and documenting drink and food intake), a PCT can provide that care as well as basic treatments. A PCT, for example, can perform EKG readings and phlebotomy (blood drawing) tasks that a CNA cannot. Keep in mind that the level of responsibility for each function is determined by the legislation of particular states.

Can PCTs Become Registered Nurses?

If you’re a PCT who wants to advance your profession, you can certainly return to school to become a Registered Nurse (RN). You’ll be a step ahead of other aspiring RNs thanks to your certificates and expertise as a PCT. There are numerous benefits to becoming a registered nurse. Because the need for healthcare in the United States is increasing, the increased medical duties that come with becoming an RN also result in a higher income.

Accredited Schools Offering Patient Care Technician Degrees

The following schools offer qualitative education in the field of Patient care technician and other programs as well:

Lincoln Tech

Lincoln Tech adapts to changing technology and company demands so that you can begin a new profession with the tools you need to succeed. Lincoln Tech instructors are skilled in assisting students in developing sought-after, practical skills through active learning that includes the use of contemporary technology. As a result, you’ll be able to prepare for one of today’s most rewarding occupations in a method that keeps you focused and on track.

For more than 70 years, Lincoln Tech has been effectively training students. However, this school provides much more than tried-and-true vocational training.

Florida Career College

Since 1982, Florida Career College (FCC) has given specialized career training in allied health, business, information technology, and skilled trades for some of today’s top sectors.

Each of Florida Career College’s diploma programs offers a curriculum that has been established and updated to meet industry demands. FCC accomplishes this by maintaining close ties with employers, trade associations, and manufacturers. Furthermore, the comprehensive programs are designed to suit a wide range of skill levels and to equip each student to be successful in their chosen industry.

From start to finish, Florida Career College strives to provide students with a positive and helpful educational experience. This includes assisting students in determining what types of financial aid they may be qualified for.

Flexible timetables may also assist students, allowing for a seamless transition between programs or the flexibility to switch between day and evening schedules with minimal disruption. Additionally, a wide range of student services, including free individual tutoring, are offered. Graduate employment support is also available through FCC’s student services, which may assist students with everything from resume writing to interviewing skills.

The Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) has given Florida Career College permission to issue the I-20 Student Visa Form.

Berkeley College

Berkeley College prepares students for success through degree and certificate programs that are genuinely relevant to in-demand occupations, whether they study online or in person. It’s a place where you can begin to work for your most essential professional and personal objectives. It’s also where you may take use of a unique teaching method with a lot of built-in help.

Indeed, you can benefit from a solid balance of traditional academic study, professional preparation, practical experience, and substantial student services and resources thanks to a set of perks known as The Berkeley Advantage.

You can also take advantage of on-site tutoring or engage in a variety of events aimed at improving your educational experience and professional preparedness. Berkeley College has also garnered numerous honors and various forms of recognition over the years, particularly for community work.

In addition, the college is a staunch supporter of military and veteran students. Financial aid is offered through the GI Bill and the Yellow Ribbon Program for those who qualify. Veterans have access to specific programs and resource centers at the school.

Dorsey College

Attend a reputable school that has been educating pupils for more than 85 years. Dorsey College is committed to assisting Michigan students in preparing for careers in industries like healthcare, skilled crafts, cosmetology, and culinary arts.

You might graduate in a short time and join the hundreds of Dorsey College alumni who are working in their chosen industries across Michigan.
Your current daily schedule does not have to hold you back. Morning, lunchtime, and evening classes are available at Dorsey College, allowing you to continue working or caring for your children. Furthermore, Dorsey College maintains small class sizes to guarantee that you receive the individualized attention you deserve.

Remington College

Remington College focuses on assisting driven students like you in transitioning into new careers with exciting career prospects. Remington College remains devoted to providing relevant diploma and degree programs as a non-profit school that focuses in career-oriented technical education. After all, it’s much easier to achieve your goals if you can acquire training that’s in line with what’s in demand in today’s employment market. You can also get a marketable education either online or on one of their many convenient campuses.

This school takes pleasure in being unique. Students enroll in order to gain new employment skills, and they frequently graduate prepared to pursue careers that offer a variety of rewarding rewards.

East wick College

Eastwick College has a track record of assisting committed students like you in achieving their career objectives. Eastwick College is a leader in hands-on, specialized job training in the New York metro area, with three locations in northeastern New Jersey. For nearly four decades, it has been preparing students for essential, in-demand occupations.

Whether you want to start a new career in business, healthcare, trades, or technology, Eastwick College can help you receive the training you need to enter a flourishing area with plenty of chances. Choose from renowned programs that will help you get a certificate, diploma, associate’s degree, or bachelor’s degree in a timely and supportive manner.


This article on; what is patient care technician? should help you now have a better understanding of what this field is all about. We have also provided some schools offering this program incase you want to start your studies in this field.

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