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What Are The Easiest College Majors For Students?

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If you are finding it difficult to choose college majors, you are at the right place as we are going to provide you with a list of easiest college majors.

Choosing a major for new undergraduate students might be difficult. This is because your chosen field of study will have a significant impact on your future life. Choosing the correct major might lead to fulfilling work that earns a decent salary. On the other side, choosing the wrong major might lead to years of dissatisfaction if the linked work is uninteresting, time-consuming, or poorly compensated.

Knowing the main variables to consider when picking your major, being familiar with the most hard and least challenging undergraduate majors, and remembering that your major choice isn’t binding yet may help ease some of your tension. We’ll walk you through it all in our helpful guide to picking a major, so you can choose one that fits your requirements, interests, and objectives. Before considering the easiest college majors, let’s look at factors to consider when choosing a college major.

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The following factors should be considered when picking a college major:

Factors You Should Consider When Choosing a College Major

Financial Prospects

Even if you don’t intend to become a millionaire, keeping track of your finances will save you a lot of grief in the long run. Consider employing return on investment (ROI) as a tie-breaker if you’re torn between two majors. It’s fine if you wish to pursue a less profitable field. Just be sure you’re not taking out huge loans to fund a massive project that will take decades to pay off.

Job Opportunities After Graduation

We see students treat their college years as if they had no bearing on what they will do after graduation far too often. They are then upset when they discover that certain job possibilities are closed to them. Choose a major with your future career in mind to avoid this consequence. Choose a major like Communications or Economics that opens the door to many different industries if you want to explore many different disciplines. Choose a major and take classes that prepare you for your industry if you already know you want to pursue a specific path, such as cinema or medical.

How Much Time You Spend Studying

Academic coursework is not, realistically, every student’s main focus. Making lifetime connections is one of the most enjoyable aspects of college. Exploring your hobbies through groups and internships is another option. Only choose a time-consuming degree if it is truly your main priority in college.

Do You Have Natural Talent For The Field?

Every person’s brain is a little different. As a result, some subjects will be simpler for some students. Natural skill is not required to pursue a certain major. In fact, many field leaders describe early setbacks that required a lot of effort to overcome. Choosing a major in which you already have an intellectual advantage due to your brain chemistry, on the other hand, is a good approach to make your college years go more smoothly.

Does The Work Interest me?

If you are pursuing a major that does not interest you, you will have a lot more difficult time getting good grades and remembering concepts. We’re not saying you have to major in something that fascinates you—not everyone can be a professional musician or writer—but you should pick a subject that keeps your interest.

Top 6 Easiest College Majors

Let us now consider some of the easiest college majors students can chose for their studies:


Business and management degrees are typically fairly broad in scope, covering a wide range of relevant areas. They tend to concentrate on the development of skills that are applicable across a wide range of industries and can be transferred from one job to another. This option is very useful for students who are uncertain about their major and want to learn more about a variety of subjects. Company and business management are also good choices for outgoing persons who enjoy engaging with others. It’s worth noting that some math classes might be required.

Media, Communication Or Journalism

Communications, media, and journalism degrees emphasize writing, thinking, and articulating ideas in a coherent manner. They don’t need any additional STEM classes because they’re humanities majors, making them the ideal choice for creative people. Personal presentations and current-events-related projects are prevalent, as are read-and-respond assignments.

Criminal Justice

In addition, most criminal justice degrees do not place a strong emphasis on STEM courses. Instead, these majors teach students about the history and current operation of the legal system in the United States. Within the field, there are several career options, and many of the skills learned are easily transferable to other jobs. Students rarely have to rely on memorization, and internships and on-the-job training can provide valuable experience.


Students only need to take STEM classes if they want to teach one of those subjects. Education degrees focus on pedagogy (teaching methods), therefore students only need to take STEM classes if they want to teach one of those subjects. With the exception of prospective science and math teachers, very rudimentary technical expertise is required to succeed in this sector. Depending on the age group being taught, the majority of the knowledge required may be related to courses previously covered.


History degrees also don’t require a lot of STEM education. These majors are more interested in learning about historical events in the United States and around the world. This subject, like communication and journalism, is more likely to involve substantial reading and writing assignments with an emphasis on contextualizing the data. Students studying history may also require strong memorization and critical thinking abilities.


Psychology degrees may not be as straightforward as some of the others on our list. This is owing to the fact that students will almost certainly be required to take some higher-level math courses. Furthermore, a large quantity of material must be memorized in order to pass examinations, graduate, and obtain a master’s degree in order to practice law. The skills obtained in this major, on the other hand, can be easily transferred to practically any field, making it a great option for students who haven’t decided on a specific professional path yet, even if they simply aim to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Sociology/Social Sciences

Social science and sociology degrees are similar in that they both need some math coursework that some students may find boring or difficult. These programs, like psychology majors, are a middle-of-the-road option in terms of difficulty. Individuals who like critical thinking and comparing and contrasting material, on the other hand, are likely to succeed in this sector.

Easiest College Majors For Students With Certain Talents

It’s also worth noting that some majors will appear simple to some people if they have a specific ability or a long-standing interest in them. Of course, deciding on a degree based on these considerations is purely subjective. Before determining which program best meets your academic and career goals, think about your abilities and passions.

Start by considering which subjects you excelled in throughout high school and make a list of all your extracurricular activities. Speaking with some of your previous instructors and/or the school guidance counselor for assistance in determining which areas suit you best may also be valuable.


Accounting and mathematics are disciplines that some individuals simply understand. Mathematically gifted students are likely to have excelled in advanced geometry, trigonometry, and calculus studies in high school. They frequently love dealing with numbers and can recognize patterns in data.

Fine Arts

Fine arts and design talent can come naturally or as a result of a lot of practice. Even innate ability needs to be refined, thus those who are interested in this field spend a lot of time working on creative projects. During high school, they are likely to excel in arts-related studies and may also gravitate toward fine arts clubs.


People who have a strong interest in or intense enthusiasm for living organisms are often ideal candidates for biology. These students are likely to excel in most science classes, but lab and dissection tasks are particularly appealing to them.

Biology majors are unusual in that they can lead to a wide range of rewarding careers, including everything from studying animals and creating plants to decoding genomes and providing medical treatment. However, you should be aware that this major often requires an excessive amount of memorizing before picking it.

Computer Science

Although computer science is not for everyone, those that major in it have some of the best job opportunities. This subject is best suited to those who enjoy mathematics, analytical thinking, and problem solving. These people appreciate studying in general, but they are especially fond of using various forms of technology.


Students who did well in high school English and history studies make excellent English majors in college. Because most programs demand a lot of reading and writing, those who enroll should have a strong interest in both. People who participate in programs like Battle of the Books on a regular basis or who spend time writing creatively are likely to be good prospects.

Exercise Science

Exercise science programs look at how the body and mind work together during physical activity. People that are athletically inclined are more likely to succeed in this sector since they understand and appreciate physical activity. Students who excel in exercise science are likely to participate in and enjoy a variety of sports. It’s crucial to note, however, that receiving an exercise science degree will put the emphasis on theory rather than activities.

Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language as a major entails more than just knowing how to speak the language; it also entails learning about the culture of the country where it is most widely spoken. As a result, individuals who choose to pursue a language degree frequently have a great interest in and enthusiasm for a particular geographical place. They frequently grew up speaking two or more languages at home, or they liked their high school foreign language classes and the prospect of being able to converse more completely in their chosen foreign language.

Graphic Design

People that are visually inclined, creative, and interested in technology will enjoy graphic design the best. These kids most likely succeeded in both art and computing studies in high school. They are likely conversant with the foundations of graphic design, such as typography, color theory, and 3D imagery.


Marketing majors study how to create and market products or services for the businesses or organizations for which they will work. Those who will succeed in this sector are likely to have shown an interest in money and communication as high school students. They may have demonstrated initiative in math classes and/or joined business organizations.


Majoring in music will appeal to those who have a natural ability for musical composition and/or playing an instrument. They probably took band class in high school, sang in the chorus, or played an instrument at athletic events. These pupils are also likely to have attended band camps or gotten private training from musicians.

Visual and Performing Arts

Individuals that enjoy acting and are creative and emotionally attuned will find visual and performing arts to be the most enticing. During high school, they most likely took part in theatrical programs and clubs. These pupils also have a great interest in theatrical writing and like performing in front of an audience.


Hope you enjoyed reading this article on easiest college majors. You can now make your choice and go for a major that will be easy for you!

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