WES Canada evaluation

WES Canada Evaluation: All You Need To Know

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WES Canada evaluation

WES is a Canadian service that assesses educational Qualifications, to check if such a candidate is eligible for the express entry program. WES  Canada Evaluation service is simple and transparent, and it assesses your credentials, to see if you can apply for a program under express entry. WES also checks educational qualifications to see if one qualifies for studies in Canada.


What Is WES Canada Evaluation?

WES stands for “world education service”. The major aim of this program is to compare your academic Qualifications, with that of another country, you wish to migrate to, and check the equivalence of your education with that of Canadian academic standards. Here are few key points to take note of concerning the WES service.


  • Some advanced countries, such as Canada, the USA, etc have their grading system and the way they compare academic Qualifications. However, WES makes them have a more standardized comparison.

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When it comes to migrating to Canada via express entry, two things are being considered by the express entry board. The first is language proficiency, the second one which is highly important is education. This is the reason why ECA plays a vital role.


For this purpose, for IRCC or CIC to have a full understanding of your foreign degree, diploma, and the worth of your educational achievement, you need to submit an ECA.


Note Behind

  • If you belong to the Canadian experience class program, or federal Skilled worker program, you will need to submit an ECA, as this is the only means to receive points for your foreign education.
  • For the cases of CEC, FSWP, FST, your ECA must be part of your express entry application.
  • Also, if you have already acquired schooling in Canada, and you have a diploma, degree, or certificate, you won’t need to submit an ECA.
  • If you intend to work in a particular profession in Canada, there will be a need for you to get licensed by the provincial territory.


IRCC Designated Organizations.

You may wish to know how many organizations are designated by IRCC. As of the moment, there are only 7 organizations, which are designated by IRCC. These organizations have been licensed to issue ECA, to every qualified candidate.


World Education Service (WES)

One of the most popular designated organizations in Canada, that has been authorized by IRCC, is WES. They have been licensed to provide ECA, to qualified candidates.



“2 Carlton Street, Suite 1400 Toronto On M5B, IJ3”.


You can only reach through to them via phone call if you reside in Canada, and you won’t be attended to if you are a walk-in customer.


You can’t reach out to them via email, as they do not provide any personal email, for their organization, the only means to reach through to them is by filling out a form on their website. There are three major steps, involved, for you to complete your online application.

  • You will be given a reference number, if you fill a form here, this is the first step involved.
  • After completing the first step, proceed to review the documents needed for your country, before you can be licensed, to get an ECA. As a case study, if your school in the Philippines you obtain your higher education result in the country, you will need to go through the following processes.
    • You will need to get a Transcript, which will show individual grades for each course, throughout your stay in the university.
    • However, if you have a doctorate, there will be a need for you to obtain an official letter, which will confirm the award of your Ph.D. degree.


  • Furthermore, you will need to print an academic request form, from the official website, and if available, provide doctoral conferral results. However, not to provide the original version of the documents, unless, if it was specifically mentioned to do so.
  • After your application has been processed, you will be sent an ECA by WES. The ECA, you will be sent, can then be submitted to IRCC.
  • Before the time you will make your payment, you will be provided an electronic ECA. In addition to this, you will also get electronic storage, which can be used to store your files. For more information, kindly refer to this page


Comparative Education Service.

Concerning the school of Toronto University of studies.


Designated in Toronto, it has been designated and licensed in Toronto to provide ECA to all qualified candidates.

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Furthermore, bear if you wish to obtain an ECA by WES, there are three basic steps involved.

  • On the website, navigate to where your country is located on the website, under it, you will find the requirements needed to obtain ECA by WES, as a case study if you obtained your post-secondary education in China, you will need to do the following things.
    • You will need to provide a color photocopy, of all your post-secondary school certificates, and the documents should come with a certified translator in English or French.
    • You must be ready to provide a transcript for all your admission process and studies with an official translation.
    • Also, you must be able to verify results for all your certificates, degrees, and your programs, however, if you have a degree certificate, you do not need to verify results.
    • Notary publics can be used for translation if you are from China. This is legally accepted by WES.
    • You are to proceed to the download educational assessment application form.
    • You are to include your fee payment, with the package, before sending it to CES


International Credential Assessment Service Of Canada (ICAS)

Since 1993, Gulph based in Ontario has been licensed to provide credentials assessment service, they have been designated by IRCC.


However, before you can obtain an ECA by ICASS, there are five procedures which you will need to follow.

  • Kindly review the required documents for your country. The required documents differ by each country, as a case study if you are from India, you will need the following.
    • Statement of marks: for your intermediate certificate, or higher secondary school certificate, you will need to include your statement of marks in your application for ECA.
    • Statement of mark certificates and graduation: for each year for your diploma study, you must be able to provide the statement of marks, which must be directly sent to ICASS.
    • After this has been done, you are to complete your ICASS online form.
    • Furthermore, you will be sent a letter, which you will have to print.
    • in addition, you will receive a document submission form, which will contain the necessary form needed for your application.
    • You are to mail or courier your documents to ICAS in Guelph.
    • You are to submit the official records of your request form to your Educational college, please bear in mind that you are expected to provide separate documents for your degrees and colleges.


International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS)

This is for the Alberta government service. They were designated and approved by IRCC in 2015.


The only means of communication with IQAS is via phone call.


To obtain an ECA, under IQAS, there are six processes involved, which have been outlined below.


  1. The first process is to make sure you are eligible for this program.
    1. It’s only your academic qualification that will be accessed, not your grades.
    2. If you are a pharmacist, you are to use PEBC.
    3. However, if you are a professional in Alberta, you will be required to go through additional steps.
    4. Proceed to get your ECA checklist


  1. The following are to be included in your documents.
    1. A scanned copy of your completed degrees or diploma.
    2. You are to provide a copy of your identity card.
    3. You are to also provide your completed IQAS form.
    4. A transcript of your academics, which was sent directly from the institution it was granted.
    5. You can make use of this link, to request for your record form from IQAS.
    6. You can complete your entire application on this link https://www.alberta.ca/labour-and-immigration.aspx
    7. The processing time for the application is 3 weeks, which is approximately 15 business days. However, there may be slight changes in this.


International Credential Evaluation Service. (ICES)

British Columbia Institute of technology is the brain behind ICES. Also, for ICES, you won’t need to provide the following.

  • Second language training
  • Trade Qualifications
  • Apprenticeship
  • Professional licenses
  • Continuing education
  • Work or life experience
  • Non-credit professional development courses
  • Courses are taken by non-recognized institutions.


To apply for ICES, you will need to go through the following processes.

  • Look out for all the necessary documents.
    1. You need to make sure your educational qualification has been sent to ICES.
    2. Each country has its specific requirements, check this list, to check the requirements for your country.
    3. Obtain your academic record and provide it, and your identity card should come alongside with it.
    4. Complete the application form here, or update your form via the same link.
    5. When all this has been successfully ensured to be intact, print the application form and append your signature on it.
    6. Make a payment for the required fees.
    7. You are sending your application to ICES, either by email, or mailing it to them. However, do not do both.


Medical Council Of Canada (MCC)

If you are an aspiring doctor, and you wish to get certified in Canada, this is for you.


MCC provides an education assessment, for those who would like to become a doctor in Canada. This part is a vital step, to operate as a doctor in Canada, however not the overall step to achieve your dream.


In addition to this, you will also need to satisfy the requirements of your Canadian province.


The following are the steps involved

  • The first step that is involved, is to get your diploma or medical degree verified. This can only be achieved by going to https://physiciansapply.ca/ and get your medical degree verified. In addition, the following step must be adequately adhered to.
    • You are to create an account on https://physiciansapply.ca/ and tender a source verification request SRV, via your opened account. The processes below will shed more light.
      • Once you have created an account on https://physiciansapply.ca/, navigate to the left panel on your account page, then right-click on source verification.


  • For each of your medical credentials, create an SVR, for each.


  • You are to proceed to make payment for your documents. You can make payment for them, with your master’s or visa card. Refer to this page, for more detailed information.
  • You will well need to submit a copy of your medical credentials. You are to print the right sheet, and it should be attached to the appropriate file.


  • Note: You are expected not to provide original copies of all the required files, as all these files won’t be returned to you.


  • Your documents should come with a certified translator unless the documents were issued in English or french.


  • Make use of courier service to send the documents, in order for your documents to get received. Your diploma, or final medical result, must come alongside the documents. You will also have to submit a valid form of Identification.



  • Immediately, the request for your ECA gets received, your request will be processed within 21 business days. If you wish to send your documents by mail, you need to attach the necessary documents with them.



Pharmacy Examining Board Of Canada

This is meant for all those who want to become a pharmacist in Canada. If you are an aspiring pharmacist in Canada, kindly take this, with utmost seriousness.


Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada is a designated organization under WES. It was designated in 2014, to provide an education certificate assessment report, to all qualified candidates, who want to become a pharmacist in Canada, an ECA is highly needed for those who want to become a pharmacist in Canada. Also, you will need to contact your Provincial territory where you want to work as a pharmacist and get licensed, before applying for ECA. The following are steps that must be ensured.

  • Make use of this link, to get your pharmacist educational assessment report request filled, the link will evaluate your academic credentials, to see if it’s up to the worth of Canadian academic qualifications.
  • You must provide a national identifying number. You can obtain your national identifying number, by registering on pharmacist gateway Canada, the cost of registration is CAD35.
  • You are required to submit a document evaluation form, alongside a fee of CAD35. In addition to this, the following documents must come alongside.
    • Marriage certificate
    • Birth certificate
    • Only provide statutory supporting documents, if it’s required.
    • Licensing statement
    • Transcript
    • Diploma or University degree certificate.
    • In addition to all this, provide any documents that you know it’s going to support your application.
  • If it’s been required by PBEC to provide a certified copy of your documents. The below documents have to be provided by you, and you must ensure they are duly stamped by any of the below witnesses.
    • Commissioner of oaths
    • Notary public
  • You are to provide two passport photographs, the two passport photographs must be identical. The two passports must be submitted for one application form, this implies that, for each application form, you are to provide each application form, also, the passport is expected to be taken within the last 12 months (1 year), one should be stapled at the left corner, while the second one, should be at the right corner.
  • Make sure this document is signed in the presence of the witness, and the appropriate date is written on each document, let the witness append their signature, date, city, and name on the application form.
  • Please note that it may take 8 weeks (two months) before your documents evaluation will get completed. Immediately ECA has been received, make sure it’s posted online in your express entry profile.


Submitting The ECA Report

The report of your ECA should be provided in your express entry profile. You are to keep aside all your original documents. Remember, your original documents aren’t meant to be submitted for the ECA, however, the original documents will be needed for your Permanent residence, you will be invited for this, once you are qualified from the express entry pool.


Also, for reference sake, have a copy of your ECA report, personal to yourself.

In addition to all this, ensure that your ECA is not sent directly by the assessment agency to IRCC or express entry, as this won’t be accepted or processed. You are expected to include your ECA report in your online application in your express entry profile, and also when applying for permanent residence.

Also, the maximum point assigned to the ECA report is 150. And it’s 140 if you are applying with a spouse.

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