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University Of Warsaw: Ranking & Acceptance Rate

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University of Warsaw

Studying in Poland is an excellent opportunity to train abroad enjoying a good  educational quality  and a great university environment without spending a lot of money. The University of Warsaw is a great Polish university for international students.



–   The quality of its educational system.

–   The cost of living and education is not very high and is one of the lowest in Europe.

–   The literacy rate in the country is 99.7%.

–   It is a country with a great educational tradition.

–   A very active student life.

–   Almost all young people speak English.

– Great variety of educational programs for undergraduate, graduate and Ph´D 100% in English.

–  Index of educational satisfaction, one of the highest in Europe.

– Employment opportunities for foreign students.

– A very safe country to live in.

– Easy mobility to other European countries, for being a member of the European Union.


The University of Warsaw, established in 1816, is the largest university in Poland. It employs more than 6,000 workers, including more than 3,100 academic educators. It offers graduate programs for 53,000 students (in addition to more than 9,200 doctoral candidates). The University has around 37 different fields of study, 18 faculties and more than 100 specializations in Humanities, techniques and natural sciences.



In the early 1930s it became the largest in the country. New colleges were established and the curriculum was expanded. After World War II and the devastation of Warsaw, the University was successfully reopened in 1945.

Today, the University of Warsaw consists of 126 buildings and educational complexes with more than 18 faculties: biology, chemistry, journalism, political science, philosophy, sociology, physics, geography, regional studies, geology, history, applied linguistics, Slavic philology, economics. , philology, pedagogy, Polish language, law, public administration, psychology, applied social sciences, management, mathematics, computer science and mechanics.

The University of Warsaw is one of the best Polish universities. International rankings such as ARWU and University Web Ranking rank the university as the best Polish higher level institution. And in the list of the 100 best European universities compiled by the University Web Ranking, the University of Warsaw came in at 61st . QS World University Rankings previously ranked the University of Warsaw as the best higher-level institution in Poland and among the top 400 in the world.



#801 in Times Higher Education Ranking (2021)

#301 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Ranking (2021)

#201 -250 Graduate Employability Rankings

#7 EECA University Rankings

#321 QS Global World Ranking

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With more than 200 years of history, the University of Warsaw is the second oldest university in Poland and, at the same time, the largest.

The University of Warsaw recognizes as still valid its mission as an institution of public services formulated by its founders in 1816.


” The University must not only maintain both learning and skills in the nation at the level they have already reached in the academic world, but must also propagate and apply its theory for the public good .”


The University belongs to the community of universities and accepts its universal goals, and its name is linked to the capital of Poland. In response to the challenges arising from the transformation of our country, the new position of Poland in Europe and the world and the education of a knowledge-based society, the University of Warsaw define its mission as follows:


  1. The basis of the University’s activity is the teaching and research unit.


  1. The mission of the University within society is to guarantee access to knowledge and the acquisition of skills to all who have the right.


  1. The cultural mission of the University is a synthesis of universal and local values.




Scientists from the University of Warsaw carry out research on more than 3,000 topics from the range of humanities, social and natural sciences, as well as medicine and technical sciences. More than 1,500 projects are carried out with grants won in Polish or international competitions. UW teams work with institutions around the world; They have already earned their recognized position in many disciplines. You can read more about the latest discoveries, interesting research, and acquired grants here .

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The University of Warsaw is present in more than 20 countries on 5 continents through archaeological excavations, ethnographic studies and cultural studies. Some sites have been the subject of research even for several decades. Archaeologists investigating ancient Egypt have at their disposal the University Research Station in Cairo, established in 1959. Polish telescopes operate at the Las Campanas Observatory in the Atacama Desert, Chile, where astronomers from the University of Washington conducts large-scale sky surveys.

1,600 grants, including nearly 200 from international entities. Programs within the framework of the EU (Horizon2020, COSME), European Space Agency (ESA), European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research (COST), Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA), European Organization for Biology Molecular (EMBO), International Visegrad Fund, Polish-German Scientific Foundation, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Research is financed, among others, with grants received from national and international research programs. The University of Warsaw is the most effective of all Polish academies in raising funds through competitive calls, and its academics are often the largest group of laureates in certain programs.

Acceptance Rate

University of Warsaw acceptance rate is 20-30%, meaning that 2 to3 in 10 students that apply actually get their admission into the university.



For Undergraduate Studies = 4,037 USD per year

For Graduate Studies= 4,037 USD per year

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