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University of TwenteFormerly known as Technische Hogeschool Twente (THT), the University of Twente, is a public university established year 1961. After Eindhoven University of Technology and Delft University of Technology, THT became the third polytechnic academy to attain a university status.

In 1984 Dutch Academic Education Act was changed and Technische Hogeschool Twente was renamed ‘Universiteit Twente’ translated in English to the University of Twente in 1986.

The institute is located in Enschede, Netherlands, which is Twente’s main city.  The University motto: De ondernemende Universiteit meaning ‘High tech, Human power’ in English is true with a total number of 3,150 administrative staff and 11,136 students, of which 35% are international students in 2019. The institute operates around core approaches like e project-based method, focuses on the need of students, multidisciplinary actions, peer-based learning, and many more.


Netherland Ministerie, van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap approved University of Twente.


The university has affiliations with European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU), Conference of European Schools and European University Association (EUA) for Advanced Engineering Education and Research (CESAER).

The university of Twente has  over the years produced 1,000 start-ups and spin-off companies. This result has not been superseded by any other university in Dutch. UT is also one of  Novel-T founder; a support program and start-up accelerator for spin-offs in the University.

The University of Twente has five faculties with each having several departments:

Faculty of Engineering Technology  (ET)

  • Industrial Design Engineering Department Sustainable Energy Technology Department
  • Civil Engineering Department
  • Mechanical Engineering Department

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Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)

  • Interaction Technology Department
  • Computer Science Department
  • Applied mathematics Department
  • Electrical Engineering Department .
  • Internet Science & Technology Department

Faculty of Earth Observation and Geo-information Sciences

  • Spatial Engineering Department.
  • Earth observation & Geo-information Science Department
  • Cartography Department.


Faculty of Technology and Science and

  • Advanced Technology and Nanotechnology Department.
  • Biomedical Engineering Department.
  • Chemical Engineering and Applied Physics Department.
  • Health sciences Department.


Faculty of Behavioural,  Management, and Social Sciences

  • Risk Management Department
  • Environmental & Energy Management Department
  • Psychology Department.
  • Public Administration Department.
  • Communication studies Department.
  • Educational Science & Technology Department.
  • European Studies Department.


Furthermore, the University College of Twente Academy of Technology,  ATLAS, and Liberal Art and Science was launched in 2013. The establishment aims to help talented students widen and use their skills effectively in solving complex issues. Not only that, the University of Twente offers Post-graduate education for graduates (PDEng and Ph.D.). They are classified under the faculty of ITC.

Atmospheric hotel on the University of Twente Campus – U Parkhotel - U  Parkhotel


Globally, the University of Twente was ranked 401 – 500 by ARWU (Academic Ranking of World Universities) in 2020, while in 2020/2021 CWUR world, it ranked the  418. On the other hand, THE World ranked the citadel of learning among 201 – 250 positions in 2021 while CWTS world also ranked them the 411th. However, QS in 2021 ranked UT 197 and lastly, in USNWR Global 2021, it was ranked 390.

However, University of Twente was in 2016, ranked by the Leiden Ranking as 127 in Europe. 75 and 215 in Europe and the world respectively- ranking by Webometrics Ranking of World Universities in 2016. Among all other universities in Netherland, UT was ranked as the best university that offers entrepreneurial skills to students in 2015.

Bachelor programs in University of Twente  such as Applied Physics, Chemical Engineering,   were awarded the ‘Top rated program’. While Five Master’s programs including Chemical Engineering, Applied Physics, Technical Medicine Geo-information Science and Earth Observation and Sustainable Energy Technology were also awarded ‘Top Rated Program’ in a national context.

Researches and Research Facilities

The school has received about 40% of cities in its knowledge domains around the world and 15% of the school publications are among the 10% best globally within their domain.

The University of Twente has powerful research fields for both junior and senior scientists to carry out their various researches. Faculties to enhance research are available and they include ICT, biomedical technology, 1250m² nano-lab equipped with nanotechnology, technical medicine, geo-information sciences, and earth observation, governance behavioral sciences.

The various research institute at the University of Twente are: TechMed Center, DSI (Digital Social Institute), MESA plus Institute for Nanotechnology

While the research centers include:

  • High Education Policy Studies Center.
  • European Studies Center.
  • Integrated manufacturing and development Center.
  • Center for Fluid Dynamics, Max Planck.
  • Clean technology and environmental policy Center.
  • Science, Policy and Technology Studies.
  • 4TU Centre of Resilience Engineering
  • Centre for Twente Water
  • Healthcare operations improvement & research Centre.
  • Centre for 4TU for Ethics and Technology Excellence.



In the university of Twente, the Executive Board is the highest executive council which is responsible for managing and monitoring the administration of the University. Three members make up this body: the chairman, vice-chairman, and the rector magnifico. The board is also supported by the secretary of the University who is also the  official adviser.

Various members of the faculty board manage the faculties in the school consisting of the dean faculty and portfolio’s education, research, and operations. Each student will also be connected with each Faculty Board for an assessment. Also, the Faculty activity is structured by the board in the science field, teaching thereby contributing to the university overall management. The University Council is responsible for consulting the Executive Board; they can also be called the URaad or UR.

Application requirements

Bachelor degrees

The University of Twente accepts a  secondary school diploma which is equivalent to Dutch pre-university education and also must meet their country-specific requirements. Some specific requirements for some countries are:

  • PAKISTAN and BANGLADESH: Applicants will have to offer a pre-university course in the Netherlands as the two countries don’t offer diplomas equivalent to Dutch pre-university education.
  • INDIA: Applicants with Indian School Certificate must have an overall percentage of 75 in all the five subjects while applicants with Senior Secondary School Certificate must have a grade A or B in all five most necessary subjects.
  • CHINA: Though the minimum requirements for each course are different, UT only accepts Tier 2 or higher Gaokao certificate.
  • Applicants might be required to have certain core subjects such as Mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc before they can gain admission into the University of Twente.
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency.
  • A copy of a diploma or secondary school certificate equivalent to pre-university education in the Netherlands.
  • Secondary school transcript or university marks card.
  • Documentation of financial support or an affidavit of financial support by the sponsor.
  • A Curriculum vitae (CV).
  • References contact information.
  • Motivation letter.
  • An International passport.
  • Document showing an application for admission.

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Post-graduate Admission requirements

  • Transcripts of both Bachelor’s degree and diploma certificate.
  • A copy of Bachelor and diploma or secondary school certificate equivalent to pre-university education in the Netherlands.
  • Student visa
  • Letter of Motivation (Preferred specialization must be included)
  • Thesis proposal for PG-research programs.
  • A portfolio
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Proof of Funding (Applicants must have obtained a document showing proof of funding even if they applied for a scholarship to study in the Netherlands).
  • English language proficiency.

Deadline for Application- Master Degrees

Students having a Dutch degree and also a citizen of  Dutch or European Economic Area (EEA) should start applying (for September intake).  While for February intake, the application starts by March hence, latest 1st of February, the necessary documents must be submitted.

European non-visa Nationalities

  February intake September intake
Start Application 1st of March 1st of October
Deadline for completion of necessary uploads on Osiris December 1st July  1st
Deadline for submission of required documents February 1st September 1st
Acceptance of admission deadline January 1st August 1st


Students with a non dutch degree

  February intake September intake
Start Application 1st of March 1st of October
Deadline for completion of necessary uploads on Osiris December 1st July 1st
Deadline for submission of required documents February 1st September 1st
Acceptance of admission deadline January 1st August 1st



Non-EEA students with nondutch degree

  February intake September intake
Start Application 1st of March 1st of October
Deadline for completion of necessary uploads on Osiris October 1st May 1st
Deadline for submission of required documents February 1st September 1st
Acceptance of admission deadline June 1st November 1st


Deadline for application – Bachelor Degrees

Students from European and Dutch country

  September intake
Start Application 1st of October
Deadline for completion of necessary uploads on Osiris July 1st
Deadline for submission of required documents September 1st
Acceptance of admission deadline August 1st


Non-dutch or non-European Economic Areas

  September intake
Start Application 1st of October
Deadline for completion of necessary uploads on Osiris  1st of May
Deadline for submission of required documents September 1st
Acceptance of admission deadline 1st of June


NB: The deadline for application for Psychology and Technical Medicine is different from those listed above. Application is not completed not until when applicants provide their final document.

Applicants should provide their documents as early as possible especially in the following conditions.

  • Need to apply for a scholarship which will require an acceptance letter.
  • Need to apply for the UTS ( University of Twente Scholarship). Applicants should inform their faculty contact person when applying for this scholarship offer.
  • Applicants have been awarded a scholarship in their home country before.
  • Applicants have been admitted into an educational program at the University of Twente.

English language proficiency

In UT only twenty Bachelor courses are offered in the English language and more than thirty courses are taught in the English language for the master students. Since the university offers courses to students of different nationalities, transfer students must present proof to show their English language skills by providing one of the following documents.

Home Edition test for TOEFL iBT which can be offered anywhere that TOEFL testing is usually available, Mainland China and Iran exempted.

A minimum score of 80 in an internet-based test of TOEFL, IBT. MyBest scores of TOEFL is not accepted by the University of Twente.

A minimum band score of 6.0 in Academic IELTS.

DAAD language test: UNIcert II, GER B2, LTE Level 3.

C1 Advanced (A, B, C)  or Cambridge C2 Proficiency.

An overall minimum score of 790 in TOEIC ( having both modules ‘Listening and Reading’ plus ‘Speaking and Writing’).

543 minimum score in TOEFL, ITP (institutional testing program).

NB: DAAD,  TOEFL, IELTS, and TOEIC test results should not be less than two years old at the beginning of the student’s exchange period.

University of twenty don’t accept some online English language Tests like Cambridge online test IELTS Indicator test and the likes.


Students from countries like Singapore, Ireland, New Zealand, UK, the USA,  Canada, Australia, and other nations speaking English as their native language are exempted from English language tests. However English language proficiency needs to be proven by students once according to the Dutch code of conduct for exchange students’ higher education.

Simply put, if applicants have met with English Language requirements before given admission to their current institution, they need not prove the test result. In this situation, students will just have to submit an exception form approved by the Erasmus plus coordinator of their current university or, by the mobility coordinator if the applicant is going outside Erasmus.

Since there is an outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, making it difficult for students to take the compulsory English language test, the school accepts the TOEFL iBT Home Edition test which will be valid for 2020, 2021, and 2022 except Mainland China and Iran.

University campus

The University of Twente has numerous facilities provided to make learning and education easier for students. Services such as accommodations, Medical facilities, ICT, Sports, religious centers are all present in the University. The campus has hosted about fifty sports and cultural associations.



There are various accommodation available for students in the citadel of learning. The University of Twente 260 furnished rooms and 40 rooms not far from Enschede’s city center are being monitored by the international office of the university. International students on campus have various accomodation options, and the  cost of living ranges from €300 to €600 in one month.  Applicants must have completed their admission procedure and online housing application before they will be privileged to get an accommodation offer from the International Office.



A university-based hotel has a total number of 72 rooms for students and visitors to the shelter. There is also a restaurant with 130 seats, a bar, a terrace, conference rooms for seminar and the likes in addition to many meeting rooms.

Health care

The University of Twente offers a wide range of health care for both the staff and the students. Even though most of the health care providers are not linked directly with the university, they’ve experienced frequent students visitation.  They are highly skilled and have international knowledge workers like travel doctors, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, general practitioners, dentist and many more who are ready to provide high-class health care for students.

Internet service

UT offers free accessible Internet services for the employees and the students. Also, visitors benefit from these Internet services but the offer can only last for fourteen days.


Majority of the courses run by the university are instructed  in the English Language. Also, talking about a population of international students, UT has more than 3,000 international students from different countries. European network of innovation is in partnership with the university of Tweet; while master programs have international character features.

University tuition fees (EU/Non-EU)

For postgraduate students

Student pay €1713 per year if he/she is a EEA national and is entitled to study grants by the Dutch government or a non-EEA national if he/she is recognized by UAF as student refugees. While others who are non-EEA pay a tuition fee of €12500 for the following programs;

Non-EAA nationals, pay € 12,500 for the following Master’s degrees: Human Media Interaction, Applied Physics, Applied Mathematics, computer sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Basic Information Technology, Chemical Engineering, and lots more. Visit the school website for more information (

While master students who are non-EAA nationals pay € 10,000  per year for these courses;

Communication studies, Business Administration, European studies, Educational Science and Technology, Public Administration, Psychology, Healthcare-management and Philosophy of Science, Technology, and Society.

University of Twente

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Must applicants have a GRE or GMAT test result for a particular program?

GMAT or GRE is important for admission. But if it’s necessary for a program the institution will request for it.

Can the study field be changed (e.g business to engineering)?

It’s not easy to change from one field to the other since applicants will need a bachelor’s degree in a particular field. Applicants must make sure they begin the application for the course they’ll like to study.

Are there scholarship offers?

There are several scholarship offers for students to apply to. They range from grants by the government to fundings from organizations.  Moreover, the University of Twente has various scholarships for students interested in postgraduate courses.  Applicants are thereby counseled to finish their application process two months ahead of the scholarship deadline.

There are limited numbers of scholarships offer for outstanding students since some scholarships are specified.

What is the reward those scholarships offer?

This depends on the kind of scholarship students apply for, some cover all tuition fee cost while some pay a specific amount.

Eligibility for obtaining a scholarship?

This also depends on the kind of scholarship students apply for.

Can a student get a job during the study duration?

In the Netherlands, it is very possible to work while studying Foreign students. Students can work for limited hours per week depending on nationality. It’s quite hard to get a job in Twente and Enschede cities due to language speaking skills.

After finishing with a master’s degree is it possible to run a Ph.D.?

Generally in the Netherlands, doctoral-candidates are recruited and appointed as an employee. There’s no admissions procedure for PhD-programs, nor deadlines for admission.

But If students are accepted for a Promovendus position, it means that they’ve been granted a contract for four years, in which they can conduct research, complete their programs, and also have departmental duties. They can be awarded a doctorate successfully defending and completing their thesis.

However, applicants cannot only be awarded a Ph.D. by giving a Promovendus appointment. They might have a research proposal that is in line with the university research aim even if there is no secured funding.

Can master and Ph.D. students come with their families?

It will be wise if students can contact Office Foreign Employees, they will aid in managing this arrangement.

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