University of Regina fees

University Of Regina Fees and Ranking

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University of Regina fees

Today, we are going to focus our attention on university of Regina fees, ranking, admission application etc. The University of Regina was established in the year 1911 as  a private high school by the Methodist Church in Regina, Canada. Then it later became a campus of the University of Saskatchewan. Then later again was made an autonomous body in 1974. Because of its long lifespan, it has earned a prestigious reputation. This is the type of University you would like to find yourself in, and may as well, form a group of intellectuals you can work with because of the kind of environment you’ll find yourself in. You can find yourself mentors and role models to train you in your academic prowess.

You can find it reassuring to excel in your academics but that is with its challenges. It’s a university known majorly for its experiential training and also it’s professional placing of its students amongst others. The university has ten (10) faculties and twenty five (25) departments for academics and schools, eighteen (18) research centers and institutes and inclusive three federated colleges which are: Campion College, First Nations University of Canada and the third, Luther College.

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Reasons to Choose Institution of learning

When it comes to institutions of learning to be chosen, you may find it difficult as there’s a vast number of schools out there. Nevertheless, the choice is to be made. That being said, I will then give you a few reasons to choose University of Regina as your preferred institution.

 (a) Recognition

University of Regina is both nationally  and internationally renowned because of their academic and research excellence. You are very right when you make this Institution your preferred institution because it’s like a partnership with the right institution that genuinely cares about your success and career.

(b) Reputation

University of Regina is considered as one of Canada’s top ten comprehensive Universities. You would agree with me that you want a very reputable university especially one recognized worldwide.

(c) Lifetime Success

This is one of the learning institutions that follows you up until you become successful. They help you by providing personalized services and focused academic experience and equally help you secure a job under you profession radar.


(d) Global Community

Best schools are ranked in accordance with their performance with a set of widely accepted excellence indicators. The university of Regina is ranked as the 902nd institution (#902) in best global universities and 25th (#25) in best global universities in Canada.

Global Ranking

The university of Regina is ranked as the 902nd institution (#902) in best global universities and 25th (#25) in best global universities in Canada.The University of Regina is one of the best schools in Canada and the world at large.its global ranking is 38.8 and the global research reputation has climbed up to #1,298 while the regional research is #240. Their publication ranking is #1,149 while the books and conferences are #630 and #1,168 respectively. The level of international collaboration relative to country is #431. This and more information is on the institution’s web page.

How to Apply – Local and International Students

It is very simple and easy to apply for admission into the University of Regina, but that’s if you’re ready to. You can apply for admission online using the university’s application portal, and some of them has or may have additional requirements. You may not want to make a wrong choice when choosing course form because a single mistake can mar your chances.

Are you a newbie or a first timer, there are very simple guidelines you need to follow in your application of admission into the U of R.

Step 1 – visit the institution web page to register. Create an account before you’ll be able to log in to the application portal. Here is the link you may find useful while logging in:

Step 2 – After you must have logged in, select ‘Application Level’, that is – Undergraduate or Postgraduate, then select ‘Application type’, then fill the application form. International students are to select ‘international/study permit’ option.

Step 3 – Select ‘admission term’, fill in your details, review and crosscheck it, then click on ‘submit’. Make sure to crosscheck for grammatical errors or misspellings before submitting. The next phase is the email notification you’ll receive to confirm your form. This email might take up to one or two weeks to arrive and of course it’s after the processing by the university.



For you to qualify for admission into this university, you’ll need a few credentials. These are some of the requirements that determine your qualification.

  1. For international students – Secondary School Certificate and Higher School Certificate
  2.     For Master’s Program – Undergraduate degree from a recognized institution by the university with at least 60%, first class division or B grade.
  3. For Research Programs – A Master’s degree, Msc and PhD in the relevant field and also, English proficient test scores.
  4. MBA Programs – An undergraduate degree from a recognized university in Business Administration with at least seventy five percent (75%) or it’s Canadian equivalent, 2yrs minimum work experience.

Also, some programs and departments may require higher qualification and English proficient test scores.

When to Apply

The application fee for all international students is placed on CAD 100 (100Canadian dollars). The university of Regina offers both Undergraduate and Postgraduate applications in Fall, Winter and Spring or Summer intakes but most of the programs are offered in the Fall intake.

International Masters students must be registered full time in both Fall and winter semesters, the minimally part time in Spring/Summer semester while the international doctoral students must be registered full time in every semester but then, the international students are not eligible for part time study in the Fall/Winter semester and may not be eligible for Master’s certificates.

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Tuition Fees

In the University of Regina, tuition fees varies from one faculty to another and also it is calculated by adding up the cost of individual classes that a student gets registered in. The student’s tuition fees varies, but it depends on the number of courses a student takes in each se mester and international students who has valid study permit must take a minimum of three courses per term in the Fall and Winter semesters.

Life in the City

Regina is the capital city of Saskatchewan province of Canada. It has a population of less than 200,000 people who are lovely and enjoys the peacefulness and calmness and also the beauty of the small but convenient city. It’s also the most sunny capital city in Canada which is one of the best or strongest economies of Canada.

There are some services produced by the Canadian government for the convenience of its citizens and visitors also. Examples include the transit system with which people who has no vehicle are provided safe, reliable, affordable and accessible transport throughout the city; this is because they operate twenty three (23) bus routes in the city.

In downtown which is a 24 – block area that inhabits more than 700 attractions, some of them are: retail shops/stores, theaters, services and restaurants. There is also a Cornwall Centre which happens to be the largest shopping centre in Southern Saskatchewan. There’s also Regina Farmer’s Market which comes on every Wednesday and Saturday during the Summer. Regina city also offers many cultural, historical and also educational values for students, residents and visitors (tourists) to enjoy.

Scholarship for International Students

The University of Regina has extended their scholarship for the students who wants to pursue their academic journey with the institution. The scholarship starts from winter 2021 or Spring/Summer 2021

The students’ scholarship eligibility:

  • Fresh students who register for only the winter or Spring/Summer 2021 will be receiving CAD 1,000 tuition credit on arrival and registration in the Fall 2021
  • Students that register for the Winter and Spring/Summer 2021 will be receiving CAD 2,000 tuition credit on arrival.
  • Students that register for both Winter and Spring/Summer 2021 or only for Winter 2021 are to receive CAD 2,000 credit towards the on-campus house rent for Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 terms (CAD 1,000 per term).


The University of Regina is one of the most prominent schools worldwide and is good for recommendation to you, your friends and your family. The university has the best to offer when it comes to academics. You would want to be one of the students who gain admission into the institution that offers more than one hundred and twenty (120) undergraduate programs and seventy eight (78) graduate programs. The university of Regina is one of the the best 1000 institutions in the world and is presently outperforming many other institutions in research and academic prowess. Before selecting your institution of choice, make sure you’re eligible to apply before the application because a mistake can cost you your dream. To apply, you need an online application, transcripts, References, Resume and Personal Statement, Test Scores if required and also Supplementary Material which may be required by the program you may choose.

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