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University Of Crete: Ranking, Fees and Requirements

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The University of Crete, Greece, was founded in the year 1973. It is one of the most prestigious universities both in Greece and in the world. The University of Crete is one of the popular destinations for international students who want to study in Greece. That is so because the University of Crete offers quality education at low rate.  You will get to know more about this top university in Greece as you read through this article.


The University of Crete is a young, public university that was founded in the year 1973. The University is focused on research and quality education. Technical University of Crete, for example, is one of the two most active universities in the country with the highest number of research results. Teachers and staff here, create friendly environment for interactional students to easily adapt their new environment.

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The oldest buildings of the University of Crete were built in the early 1980s, and the construction of the newest ones was completed in 2013. The departments of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Informatics were moved there. So, as you can imagine, the university is quite new, good and well equipped. The labs, classrooms, auditorium, library, gym (contains a swimming pool, basketball court and volleyball court, room with exercise equipment and toilet facilities) are spacious, new, and well maintained. Definitely everything is much more beautiful compared to many other universities in Europe.


The University of Crete is one of the most affordable universities in Greece.

Even though this University is quite young it has gained some global recognition as the next subheading would show.

University of Crete Rankings:

The University of Crete is ranked #5 best universities in Greece

Among other top universities in the world, The University of Crete is #917.

Times Higher Education ranks the University of Crete #351 (2021)

Shanghai Jiao Tong University ranks it #801 (2020)

QS World University Rankings ranks the University of Crete #801 (2021)

Best Global University Rankings – #563 (2020)

U.S News World Rankings -#547 (2020)



The University of Crete, Greece, is the second most affordable university in Greece. The government of Greece, funds the University of Crete. Hence The University of Crete receives no tuition fees from students since they rely on most of their funding from the government.  That is to say, tuition fee is free for EU students. However, international students would have to pay tuition fee- low tuition fee.

Tuition Fee for International Students 

The tuition fee for international students ranges from EUR 500 to about 3000 EUR per year.



There are just over 20 universities in Greece, spread across the country and all within the public sector. While teaching is mainly in Greek, specialized study programs are also available in other languages (most commonly English), at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.


– Economics

– Engineering

– Medicine

– Education

– Philosophy

– Political Science

– Mathematics


Language Used in The University of Crete

The official language used in this university is Greek. The university offers free language courses in Greek for international students.


Just as it is in every other university, to apply for admission into this University, there are important steps to follow. Some of these steps are:

Step 1: Choose a course to study:

As easy as this sound, it is very important. You would need to carefully choose a course that is taught in English especially if English is your first language and if you wish to do masters, there are limited numbers of courses taught me in English for Masters degree.

Step 2: Login into the university’s official website

Step 3:  Submit the required documents

Step 4: Pay admission fee

Please note: If you wish to attain an undergraduate degree, you would have to undergo a compulsory 1 year language course.

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– Application form

– Photocopy of your certificates

– Transcript of your records with your GPA

– Photocopy of passport or ID card

– Proof of your language skill.


Documents required for a Master’s degree program admission in include:

  1. One or two sized photographs
  2. Proof of English or Greek language skills
  3. Previous academic Records;
  4. A Personal Statement

Note: You will also be required to pay an application fee.

Application Fee is usually 50 Euros.


 Language requirements

As mentioned earlier, there are some English -taught graduate programs available in this University for international students. Nevertheless, students would have to provide proof of English skills. This proof could be IELTS, TOEFL,  or GRE results.


Cost of Studying in Greece

Students from non-European countries pay a tuition fee of about 1500 Euros every year for all study programs including course textbooks.


List Of Other Universities In Greece

  1. Dimocritus University of Thrace
  2. Harokopio University
  3. Hellenic Open University
  4. Ionian University Corfu
  5. National Technical University of Athens
  6. Panteios University of Economics and Political Sciences Athens
  7. Technical University of Crete (T.U.C)
  8. Technological Education Institute of Athens
  9. Technological Education Institute of Epiros
  10. Technological Education Institute of Halkida
  11. Technological Education Institute of Heraklion
  12. Technological Education Institute of Kalamata
  13. Technological Education Institute of Kavala
  14. Technological Education Institute of Kozani
  15. Technological Education Institute of Lamia
  16. Technological Education Institute of Larissa
  17. Technological Education Institute of Mesologgi
  18. Technological Education Institute of Patras
  19. Technological Education Institute of Piraeus
  20. Technological Education Institute of Serres
  21. Technological Education Institute of Thessaloniki
  22. University of Athens
  23. University of Indianapolis in Athens
  24. University of Ioannina
  25. University of LaVerne in Athens
  26. University of Macedonia
  27. University of Patras
  28. University of Peloponnese
  29. University of Piraeus
  30. University of Thessaly
  31. Yorker International University, Athens

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