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University Of California: Tuition, Ranking & Admissions

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University of California

University of California, Berkeley is one of the best universities in the US. Our article today will focus on University of California, application, ranking, tuition fees etc. Acquiring a university admission is a lifetime experience most students celebrate with family and friends. While acquiring a university admission is worth commending, we should take note of the fact that the process which starts by picking an institution experiences goes through some significant stages.


All universities have application review processes and this directly influences the students who will gain admission upon application, the University of California is not different in this philosophy. If you want to study in the university, getting acquainted with the institution’s acceptance rate should be one of the major things of the mind, because you want to finish what you started.

Before considering the University of California’s acceptance rate, here are the basics you should know about its application system.

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How to Apply

If you intend on studying at the University of California, here are the basics you need to know;


  • The initial step is to create an account in the university portal. It requires an email address and password to generate the account. Ensure you use the email account you use for all applications, just to make it simpler to recall.


  • After creating an account, there is the need to choose the term you’re applying, i.e., the period you wish to begin at the university, and your applicant level.


  • You will then be directed to a section where you will answer some questions about yourself and your family. If you’re unable to answer some of them, you can decide to ask your parents or legal guardians for help on these inquiries.


  • After filling in the appropriate answers, you will be asked to choose which of the campuses you’re applying to and the program you’re keen on. In case you don’t know what you need to study yet, you can pick “Unsure” or “Undeclared.”



  • You will then be asked to enter the courses and grades from all schools you have attended while you were in high school. Ensure you refer to your academic records as you fill out any data. It’s imperative to record all of your schools, courses, and grades precisely as they would show up on your official transcripts.


  • You’ll have to submit your scores if you’ve already taken a test or indicate that you’re anticipating taking a test later on.


  • Thereafter, you will be required to state what you are generally pleased with outside the classroom. Ensure you focus on the exercises and rewards that are generally applicable to you.


  • The next thing is to select any scholarship categories that apply to you. Note that there’s no limit on the number of scholarships you can choose.


  • You will then be required to answer the personal insight questions. You’ll have 8 inquiries to look over, and you should respond to just 4 of the 8 inquiries.


  • Thereafter, you will be directed to the last page where you will submit and review your application. You will have to pay an application fee worth USD 125 upon submission. Note that the Application fee changes every year because it’s not fixed.


  • Once you have submitted your application, you will see an affirmation page with significant updates and your UC Application ID Number which you will use to get to your application portal. You can decide to print a receipt of your application fee or view and print the whole application.



 The university offers admission to both homegrown and International students, who meet the qualification criteria. In any case, International students need to meet some additional necessities while applying to the university. How about we look into the requirements below;

For Undergraduate Programs, the requirements include;

Official high school and college records




Check of financial support


Certification of Finances


Confirmation of monetary support


Letter of recommendation


Three PASS evaluation forms (PEFs)


Official Transcript Translations


Copy of passport


Essay or resume


For postgraduates programs, the requirements include;


An American baccalaureate degree or its equivalent degree from a well-acknowledged tertiary institution


Educational Transcripts






Work experience, depending on the program


Curriculum Vitae


Copy of passport


Letter of recommendation


Admission interview

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When to Apply

If you’re applying as a student at the University of California, you need to ensure that you complete each application step. The application normally opens on the first week of August and normally ends towards the last week of November. This implies that you should have applied before the expected deadline date.  From March upwards, admissions decisions begin to be sent out by the university admission board.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees at the University of California differ depending on the type of students you are or the course of study. Generally, international students tend to pay higher than domestic students.

The average tuition fee of homegrown students at the University of California is estimated to be around $14,100 while the average tuition fee of international students there is estimated to be around $43,900.

Life in The City

California, also called the Golden State, is an extraordinary area for students to study in. Its amazing nature, different city life, and merry sea-shores between the shorelines of San Francisco and San Diego are a couple of the reasons you’ll cherish it. Whether you decide to study in Los Angeles or San Francisco, each city in the state amazes you with its special features.


California is branded as a paradise for adventurers.  You’ll discover numerous public parks there. It likewise flaunts itself for its unimaginable coastline made ideal for road trips. The cost of living there is quite expensive because of the high standards of living.

Scholarship Opportunities For International Students

The University of California offers monetary support to both homegrown and International students that might be granted depending on the students’ needs, academic records, foundation, or explicit talents. Below are the scholarship opportunities available for international students;


UCLA Regents Scholarships

This is a merit-based scholarship and is awarded to students who have excellent academic records. Upon receiving the scholarship, scholars must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA during all quarters of participation. The value of the scholarship is worth $2000 per student.

UCLA Alumni Scholarships

This scholarship is granted to incoming first-year students and Community College Transfer Students. If you have shown scholastic excellence, influential leadership, and a passion to impact positive change, you can apply to be an Alumni Scholar. The estimation of the scholarship is worth between $6,000 to $20,000.


UCLA Achievement Scholarships.

The prominent UCLA Achievement Scholarship is accessible only in the university in acknowledgment of a student’s academic greatness. Arriving fresh students are selected based on an extensive review of their university admission application. Grants range from $500 to $10,000 each year and are offered for four years.


UCLA Chancellor’s Blue and Gold Scholarship

Each year, the university chooses successful students to get this lofty grant. After numerous fruitful long periods of greatness, the program presently supports approximately 350 students with budgets surpassing $1,000,000.  Presently, grants range from $1,000 up to $5,000 yearly and are offered for four years to fresh students and two years to college transfer students.

Writing a Stellar Essay For  Academic Scholarships

A scholarship application essay is a statement that aims at convincing the institution that you merit the grant. It is a phase where you clarify the purposes behind deciding to contemplate a specific course in the institution. You will convey your expectations, inspiration, career drive, motivation, and the effect that the course of study would have on your personal and career objectives.

Have a look at these guides that will be of good help to you when constructing a stellar essay for the university.


  • Hit every point

While illustrating your essay, make a point to dedicate equivalent space to each segment. Before editing, review what you have written and ensure your essay adequately addresses each point.


  • Organize in 3’s

Human thinking can be categorized into 3 classes: pathos, logos, and ethos, interpreted as feeling, logic, and morals. In essay format, you may consider them as stories, realities, and individual convictions. In your composition, guarantee you utilize every one of the three types of thinking.


  • Only use words you know

When forming an essay, it is enticing to snatch a word reference and locate the greatest words. Nonetheless, the second a word is abused, the appointed authority gets on to pinpoint the mistake. So, it’s advisable to use simple languages to construct your essay.


  • Seek feedback

Find someone who can survey your essay. This person might be a recruiting supervisor, proficient editorial manager, or a reliable friend. This is to guarantee you get a great yield.


University of California University Acceptance Rates

The acceptance rate of the University of California is relatively fair. Students arrive from all over the globe to attend the institution. In reality, part of what makes it incredible is the wide assortment of experiences and foundations the students bring to its campus community. Each year, the university admits students from almost 90 nations.

The University of California is a global foundation situated in one of the world’s most international urban communities. As indicated by statistical records in 2020, the acceptance rates for international students increased with a rate estimated to be 12.4%.


The University of California is known to be one of the best universities across the globe based on its high standards. Since the university embraces diversity and will like to admit excellent students, applying as an international student in the institution won’t be an issue. All that is needed from you is to work hard diligently because the institution is quite competitive.

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