Ranking of universities in Netherlands

Universities In Netherlands Ranking

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ranking of universities in Netherlands

In our article today, we are going to take a look at universities in Netherlands ranking. We shall also look at the requirements needed to get admission into universities in Netherlands. Before we look at the ranking, lets try and answer a few questions people ask about studying in Netherland.

How Many Universities Does The Netherlands Have?

At the moment, there are  about13 Universities present in the Netherlands. A surprising fact is that, out of these 13 Universities, 12 out of them take bachelor’s degree program, in the English Language.

Are universities In the Netherlands Free?

No! A simple and straightforward answer to this question is no. However, the fee for University education is being subsidized by the Dutch government.

It’s well known that universities in Canada are known for their high academic achievement, high quality, and international approach. Among other universities in the world, the country owns the largest English-taught universities, this makes it very easy to study in the country.


Dutch Higher Education Explained

You will have to complete VWO or HAVO. Then you can proceed to get to study in a researched institution or University of applied sciences. This will enable you to get a bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree to continue your education in the country.

The degrees available in Dutch Universities.

  • PhD
  • Master’s degree
  • Postdoctoral degree
  • Bachelor’s degree.

Universities in Netherlands ranking

Below is a list of universities present in the Netherlands.


  • Delft University Of Technology

This university is located in Netherland, and it offers 16 bachelor’s programs, in the field of engineering, science, and design. In addition, this university ranks as the 13th best University in Netherland and also ranks as the 57th best University in the world.


  • United Business Amsterdam

When it comes to business teaching, this Institution is a global leader. The Institution is located in Amsterdam. For more detailed information about the school, you can refer to United Business Amsterdam official website


This university was founded in 1632, and it ranks as the 15th best University in Europe. In addition, it stands as the 61st best university in the world.


Other Institutions present in the Netherlands include


  • Wageningen University & Research

This university is present in the Netherlands. It was founded in 1918 and ranks as the 16th best University in the world, it also ranks as the 62nd best university in the world. Also, the University comprises 12,000 students, Studying different programs.

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  • Eindhoven University Of Technology

This university was founded in 1941, it’s the 44th best University in Europe, and it ranks as the 120th best University in the world.


  • Utrecht University of Technology

This university was founded in 1632, and the University is founded in Netherland. The University comprises 30,000 students. The University ranks as the fifteenth best University in Europe, and it’s the 52nd best university in the world.


  • Leiden University

Leiden university falls among the best 100 Universities in the world, and it’s among the top 20 best universities in Europe.


  • University Of Groningen

The University was founded in 1614. It ranks as the 69th best University in the world, and it’s also the 24th best University in the world.

Other Universities present in the Netherlands included.


  • Erasmus University Rotterdam.


The Ranking 2021 201  
QS Ranking 2021 72  
ARWU Ranking 2020 80  


  • University Of Twente


ARWU Ranking 2021 401
QS Ranking 2021 197
The Ranking 2021 201



  • Radboud University


ARWU 2021 101
QS Ranking 2021 214
The Ranking 2021 136



  • Maastricht University


The Ranking 2021 121
ARWU Ranking 201
QS Ranking 2021 234



  • VU University Amsterdam


ARWU Ranking 2021 101
QS Ranking 2021 106
The Ranking 2021 116


  • Tilburg University


The Ranking 2021 113
QS Ranking 2021 368
ARWU Ranking 2021 601


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So far, the above are the 13 Universities present in the Netherlands, as being stated at the beginning of this article.

As of the time of writing this article, 12 out of the Institutions present in the Netherlands, take their teaching in the English language.

Dutch Credit System Scheme (ECTS Scheme)

Just As it’s being done in most European universities. The educational system of Dutch Universities is being measured by ECTS (Dutch Credit System Scheme). If you are not familiar with ECTS, and you don’t know how it works, the below will be of help.


  • What does student workload mean? This is the average time a student needs to complete, and achieve the objective of a program, this includes, seminars, programs, Laboratory work, assignments, exams, independent study.
  • The credit system scheme is being made use of, to compare programs, courses, universities, students Qualifications, and even modules. The ECTS is also being made use of to evaluate them.
  • You will only be given credit after you have completed your program or course.


University Grading In The Netherlands

The grading system for universities in the Netherlands starts on a scale of 0-10. The 10 points is an outstanding score, while the 0 signifies very poor.


The minimum point a student is expected to have is 5.5. However, it’s very rare for students to score between 1-3, and 9-10. Students mostly maintain the point between 3-8.


As a reminder, your score greatly depends on your chosen course and the program you were being offered. As a case study, a score of 7.5 is okay for someone intending to go for a master’s program, however, this is not so for someone that wants to go for a Ph.D. program.


Entry Requirements For Universities In The Netherlands.

The first step, to gain entry into a University in the Netherlands, is by contacting your University of choice, if the program, you obtained in your home country is available in the Netherlands University, you want to gain entry to. Provided that the Institution admits that the course is a recognized one, then you will need to do the following.

  • You will need to obtain a residence permit if you are not from a European country or a Swiss citizen
  • You must have a good level of English proficiency. For this purpose, you are expected to take the IELTS exam.
  • You are expected to have a minimum of 7-7.5 in your foreign diploma.
  • Before you will be accepted by a University in the Netherlands. Bear in mind that your application can be rejected, and at times, you may be asked these questions, to ascertain if you are fully qualified to be accepted into a University in Netherland.
  • If you are after a study program in Dutch, you must have a good command of Dutch. Some universities can offer you a course in Dutch as a second language, for this purpose, you must ensure you have a good mastery of the language.


The average score required depends solely on the chosen University.


Do Universities In The Netherlands Teach In English?

Most of the universe in the Netherlands teaches in the English language, however, it’s not all. Most of the postgraduate degrees are taught in English, However not all undergraduate degrees are taught in the English language.


If you are a foreigner wishing to study in the Netherlands, you will find a wide variety of Dutch Universities available to you. Most of these universities take their teaching in the English Language.


If you need information in the English language, concerning education in the Netherlands, you can easily find it on the government portal.


Universities in the Netherlands, will help prospective students, be on the move to the country, and also help them to obtain a student visa, once such a student is deemed qualified to study in the institution. There has never been a case where a student is short of information on courses, or how to study in the Netherlands.


Furthermore, bear in mind that with a Dutch special visa, you can apply and work in the Netherlands for up to a year. You can only get this Dutch special visa If you study in the Netherlands or one of the best 10 Universities in the world.



Dutch University School Fees

The amount of school fees, you will have to pay as tuition fees, in Netherland University, is solely dependent on some factors, such as course, factor, age, nationalities, program, etc.


Also, there are fees that students from European countries have to pay. This fee is being slated by the Netherland government. Also, if you find it hard to pay the fees, you can apply for Dutch Scholarship, or you can apply for a student loan. However, bear in mind that the fees to pay for a private Institution can be very high. Do not think about schooling in a private Institution in the Netherlands, if you don’t have a strong financial income.

As a case study, if you are from the European countries, the minimum you can pay for tuition fee is £1,950, while non-European citizens, pays an average of £6,000 – £15,000 for a master’s program.


In addition to this, the cost of living in the Netherlands as a student is around £800-£1,100. All this should be adequately considered, before embarking on a journey to school in the Netherlands. However, a good option many less privileged students consider is Scholarship, however, you won’t be given a scholarship, if you don’t get good grades.


This article covers everything you need to know about universities in the Netherlands. Do we hope this article has been helpful to you? If yes, kindly help us, give this article, the widest publicity it deserves.

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