Universities in Lithuania

Universities In Lithuania: Ranking Plus Full List

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Universities in Lithuania

In today’s article we are going to provide you with a full list of Universities in Lithuania, so it will be easy for you to contact them and start your admission application. Lithuania is a country in the north region of Europe.  Small though, the country has a unique blend of multicultural influences. Studying in Lithuania affords you an opportunity to explore some of the uniqueness in Lithuania. Besides that, the educational system in Lithuania is one of the best. Here are a list of some universities in Lithuania



  1. ISM University of Management and Economics
  2. Kaunas Medical University
  3. Klaipeda University
  4. Vilnius Technical University
  5. Vilnius University
  6. Vytautas Magnus University
  7. Lithuanian University of Agriculture
  8. Lithuanian Police Academy

9 . Siauliai University

  1. LCC International University
  2. Kaunas Medical University
  3. Vytautas Magnus University
  4. Lithuanian Institute of Physical Education
  5. Lithuanian University of Educational Science
  6. Vilnius Academy of Arts

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  1. The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius
  2. The largest city in Lithuania is Vilnius
  3. Most people in Lithuania are bilingual.
  4. Lithuania gained its independence in February 16th.
  5. The official language in Lithuania is Lithuanian. Lithuanian is one of the oldest language spoken in the world.
  6. Other languages more spoken in Lithuania are Polish, English and Russian
  7. Basketball is the most loved sport in Lithuania.
  8. National currency in Lithuania is Litas (LTL).
  9. The last country to be converted to Christianity in Europe is Lithuania.
  10. The quality of amber is from the Baltic sea of Lithuania



  1. It is easy to get a visa To Study in Lithuania

Lithuania is one of the easiest country to get a visa. For example, in 2018, according to SchegenVisainfo.com, only 1.3% of short-term visa application were rejected.In addition, Lithuania receive fewer application for admission than other European countries like France and Germany. So why not consider studying in Lithuania, where your chances of getting admitted is really high?


  1. You can Work while Studying in Lithuania Universities

Also , you can work while studying in Lithuania. Some international , do not allow its students to work while studying. On the hand, Students in Lithuania are allowed to work for up 20 hours per week while studying.

  1. Study in Lithuania Amongst Friendly and Welcoming People.

It is easier to concentrate on your studies when you are amongst friendly and welcoming. International students in Lithuania Universities confirms that Lithuanians are one the most friendly and welcoming people in the world. Studying in Lithuania, affords you the opportunity to be around the Lithuanians and to learn from them.

Courses Offered in Lithuania Universities



– Aviation Engineering

– Business and Entrepreneurship

– Civil Engineering

– Mechanical Engineering

– Public Governance

– Vehicle Engineering

– Electron & Electrical Engineering

– Nanotechnologics

– Renewable Energy



  1. ISM University of Management and Economics
  2. Kaunas Medical University
  3. Kaunas University of Technology
  4. Lithuanian University of Educational Science
  5. Vilnius Technical University
  6. Vilnius University
  7. Klaipeda University
  8. LCC International University
  9. Lithuanian Veterinary Academy
  10. Saiulilai University
  11. Lithuanian Institute of Physical Education
  12. Lithuanian Police Academy
  13. Lithuanian University of Agriculture
  14. Military Academy of Lithuania
  15. Lithuanian Academy of Music

Top Universities in Lithuania

  1. Vilnius University
  2. Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
  3. Mykolas Romeris University
  4. Lithuanian University of Health Science
  5. Klaipeda University
  6. ISM University of Management and Economics
  7. Utena College
  8. Kaunas University of Technology
  9. Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy
  10. Lithuanian University of Health Sciences



1.Vilnius University


Country rank: #1

World rank: #937

#458 by QS Ranking (2020)

#801 by Times Higher Education Ranking (2020)

#601 ARWU Ranking

  1. Kaunas University of Technology


#151  by QS Ranking (2020)

#1001 by Times Higher Education Ranking (2020)

  1. Vilnius Gediminas Technology University

#591 by QS Ranking (2020)

#1001 by Times Higher Education Ranking (2020)

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  1. Saiulilai University
  2. Vilnius University of Applied Sciences- $2,605- $3,434
  3. Vilnius Gediminas Technical University -$3,197 – $4,144
  4. Kaunas University of Technology – $3,315
  5. Lithuanian University of Health Science – $4,144 – $15,984
  6. LCC International University – $4,387
  7. Lithuanian Sports University – $2,368 -$3,907
  8. Vytauatus Magnus University Agriculture Academy – $2,368 -$8,256
  9. Mykolas Romeris University – $2,557 – $3,410
  10. Vilnius University – $ 2,841 – $15,345

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Admission in Lithuanian universities is very easy. Simply follow the steps below to apply.

How To  Apply For Admission in Lithuanian Universities

Step1 – Choose a study program

Step 2 – Apply online

Step 3 – Pay application fee

Step 4 – Prepare yourself for an interview or exam

Step 5 – Get confirmation of admission

Summary: Ultimately, Lithuania is a great place to study. Some Lithuanian universities are top-ranked in world like Lithuanian University of Health Science, Klaipeda University and ISM  University of Management and Economics. Even more, there are also, some low tuition universities for international students like: Vilnius University, Kaunas University of Technology, and Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Applying for an admission in any of the universities in Lithuania is easy.

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