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Top Schools Offering Online Masters In Political Science

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An online masters in political science is a graduate degree program in political science that may be completed entirely online. It will broaden your understanding of civics and government structures in the US and around the world. In political science, graduate work entails a mix of studying political theory and conducting advanced research. This degree emphasizes discussing and writing about political analysis. Learning public policy skills might be a part of additional work.

A graduate political science degree can help you advance as a qualified professional and open up new job prospects. You’ll almost certainly have a lot of experience in situational analysis, as well as research and writing. Experience in creating an opinion and knowing how to defend it can be useful in a variety of disciplines. The financial investment required to complete this type of graduate degree varies. Costs vary widely depending on the country in which the school is located and the length of the chosen program.

A master’s degree in political science can help you find work in a range of sectors. This degree’s emphasis on analysis and writing is generally a bonus for people looking to advance to supervisory jobs. In a variety of businesses, specialized understanding of government institutions and how they work can be beneficial. Graduates can work in government, business, NGOs, the media, and academic research.

Enrolling in an online Master of Political Science program demonstrates that you are a professional who is prepared to put in the time and effort to improve your skills. Fill out the lead form to contact the admission office of the school of your choosing directly.

What Are The Careers In Political Science?

Policy Analyst

Because political science majors study how public policy is made, the profession of policy analyst is a natural extension of their studies. Policy analysts, like political science majors, must develop a strong thesis and present a compelling case for or against a particular policy initiative. Analysts also use their knowledge of the political and legislative processes to solicit the cooperation of persons who can assist in the advancement of initiatives.
The average policy analyst pay is $59,135, according to PayScale. The top ten percent of earners earn $82,000 or more per year, while the bottom ten percent earn $42,000 or less per year.

Legislative Assistant

Senators, assembly members, representatives, and other elected officials at all levels of government recruit aides to assist them in performing their responsibilities.
They gauge constituent interest in current political topics and convey their elected representatives’ viewpoints in a favourable light. Legislative assistants answer constituent questions and aid residents in resolving problems within their jurisdiction.

Legislative assistants conduct research on policy issues, keep track of legislation, and poll other legislators on pending legislation. They put together briefings for their legislator and other office personnel.
Legislative assistants earn an average of $40,299, according to PayScale, with the top 10% earning $67,000 or more and the bottom 10% earning $31,000 or less.

Public Relations Specialists

Public relations professionals try to influence public opinion about their clients by placing stories in the media. Political science majors learn how to write convincing press releases and how to persuade others to cover an issue. As they explore current events during their studies, they also understand how opinions are formed and the function of the media.

In order to gain media attention and get the word out about their client, public relations professionals frequently organize and publicize press conferences and other events. Students studying the mechanics of organizing campaign events and public appearances by government officials receive some insight into this process as political science majors.

Public relations professionals made a median annual pay of $61,150 in May 2019, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), with the top ten percent earning $115,430 or more and the bottom ten percent earning $34,590 or less. Jobs in the field are expected to expand at a faster-than-average rate of 7% between 2019 and 2029, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Social Media Manager

Social media has a growing influence on public opinion. Political candidates, officials, parties, and interest groups all require social media managers to keep track on public opinion on their administration and current topics.

Social media managers must be familiar with a variety of social media platforms and plan campaigns to influence their users’ attitudes. Political science students understand how various media shape and affect public opinion, and they may help develop and implement these strategies.

Social media managers make an average of $50,815, according to PayScale, with the top 10% earning $78,000 or more and the poorest 10% earning $35,000 or less.

Political Consultant

Political consultants use political science students’ understanding of the political process to help candidates develop tactics for influencing people and gaining support in their campaigns for office. Political consultants assist in the branding of candidates as well as the restoration of damaged reputations.

They try to influence candidate coverage in the media by providing good tales and assessments of the candidate’s previous performance. These workers may conduct polls of potential voters to learn how they feel about a candidate and what motivates them to vote that way. Political consultants are paid on average $77,368 according to Glassdoor.

These are some of the jobs you can take up as a Political Science graduate. We now want to consider top schools offering online masters in Political Science.

Top Schools Offering Online Masters In Political Science

The following schools offer online masters in Political Science degree. All you have to do is contact them, apply for admission and start your studies online. It’s as easy as that!

Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech is one of the most well-known universities in the United States, with a reputation for academic achievement and teaching. The student-to-faculty ratio at this college is 17:1, ensuring that students receive individualized instruction.

Virginia Tech’s online degrees are becoming more popular, including a top master’s in political science online; VT started its political science degree in 1969 and has subsequently modified its curriculum to match current theories and job opportunities. Graduates of the University of Vermont’s online master’s in political science find work in government agencies, research institutions, political groups, and non-profits, among other places.

Northeastern University

Northeastern University is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country. Northeastern University offers a 100 percent online MS in global studies and international relations for students interested in pursuing an internationally focused degree; this degree is a great choice for online political science master’s students, especially those who want to specialize their career.

Northeastern has a large global network, which can help you find opportunities for field study, post-graduation job placement, and advice, among other things.

University Of Nebraska at Omaha

The University of Nebraska at Omaha features a high-achieving faculty and students, and it is both affordable and military-friendly. Students can choose between a thesis or non-thesis program for their political science masters online.

Students studying political science can choose to specialize in international politics or acquire graduate certifications in intelligence and national security or global information. Students typically complete the top political science master’s programs in two years, and Omaha accepts up to 12 accepted transfer credits.

Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University is a nationally renowned academic institution that offers a wide range of courses. This well-known university provides more than 300 academic programs, many of which are available online. CMU offers an online master’s in public administration degree, which is designed for people seeking a low-cost political science degree. This top political science master’s degree includes courses in public policy, organizational theory, program analysis, and public service, among other topics. Online public administration students also get to do a hands-on internship in government and politics, which is an added benefit.

Norwich University

Norwich University, the country’s oldest private military college, places a premium on hard work, loyalty, and trust. Norwich University offers an eighteen-month MA in diplomacy for students interested in an online master’s in political science. This demanding degree program includes courses in diplomacy history, law and the international system, cross-cultural management, economics, and more.

Norwich’s diplomacy master’s program culminates in a mandated campus stay, which allows students to network, engage with classmates, and attend graduation ceremonies. Norwich’s faculty is diversified, with experts in a variety of fields.


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