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Top Schools Offering Online Masters In Anatomy

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Have you been searching for schools offering an online masters in Anatomy? Your search has come to an end as we have decided to compile a full list of  schools offering online masters in Anatomy. Before we provide you with this list, let’s briefly see what the Anatomy degree entails, it’s career prospect etc.

What Is Anatomy Degree?

Anatomy is a branch of biology concerned with the identification and description of living things’ body structures. Gross anatomy is the study of major bodily structures through dissection and observation, and it is limited to the human body in its application. Microscopic anatomy is concerned with the study of structural units tiny enough to be seen only with a light microscope, while gross anatomy is concerned with the study of bodily components large enough to be studied without the need of magnifying devices.

All anatomical research requires dissection. The Greeks were the first to employ dissection, and Theophrastus dubbed it “anatomy,” from ana temnein, which means “to cut apart.”

The field’s other major section, comparative anatomy, evaluates similar body structures in different species of animals in order to comprehend the adaptive changes that have occurred through time.

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What Can I Do With a Masters In Anatomy Degree?

According to the Higher Education Careers Services Unit and Graduate Prospects, 16.9% of anatomy and physiology graduates chose to continue their education in 2009. To pursue a career in hands-on medical practice, the majority of these students choose to seek doctorates in medical school or master’s degrees in subjects such as speech pathology.

Those who pursue master’s or doctoral degrees in anatomy and physiology usually aspire to work as anatomy and physiology teachers or researchers. Advanced professionals can use these domains to produce new knowledge about the human body, improving our grasp of how the body operates and potentially contributing to health breakthroughs. These vocations are not only crucial for advancement and personal fulfillment, but they also pay well.

According to the Department of Labor, university professors earn an average of $76,000 per year, whereas medical research experts earn $84,810 per year.

On a full-time basis, a master’s degree in anatomy and physiology takes two years to complete and focuses heavily on laboratory work and research. A PhD can take 3-7 years to accomplish and is focused on a dissertation, which is an unique research topic that must be researched, written, and defended in front of an expert panel.

Top Schools Offering Online Masters In Anatomy

The following schools offer qualitative education in the field of Anatomy. Do well to contact them and get more information about their online program.

Capella University

Capella’s online master’s degree programs are created for working professionals like you who want to better their professions while simultaneously managing their time and money effectively. Isn’t it past time you pursued that advanced degree you’ve always wanted? Capella offers a relevant, comprehensive program that will help you go where you want to go, with accomplished faculty members and plenty of technical and academic support.

The majority of Capella’s online master’s programs are offered in two learning formats: GuidedPath and FlexPath, which allow you to continue living your life while working on your profession. You can acquire your master’s degree in 14 months for $14,000 through FlexPath.

Northern Illinois University

Northern Illinois University offers masters in Anatomy. A number of students have expressed interest in obtaining an advanced degree in the Department of Biological Sciences, with a focus on human anatomical sciences, in recent years.

Coursework in human anatomy and physiology, as well as completion of a special studies project incorporating any part of the anatomical sciences, are required for the degree. This project entails creating a teaching tool, such as instructional videotapes or a teaching book, such as a laboratory manual or CD-ROM.

You’ll take a final examination administered by members of your committee before completing your degree. The committee assesses your broad and detailed knowledge of human anatomy and physiology during the assessment.

You will be qualified to teach human anatomy and/or physiology in a community college context after completing this degree. Furthermore, you will be qualified to dissect human cadavers and teach a dissection-oriented human anatomy course.

University Of Florida

The non-thesis online Master of Science program in Anatomy is meant to deliver online courses in a learning format that address anatomical foundation knowledge, such as gross anatomy, microscopic anatomy, embryology, and cell biology, as well as introducing students to the foundations of pedagogy.

Furthermore, the program is flexible enough to allow students to take elective courses in neuroscience, neuroanatomy, and medical physiology. This MS degree program’s educational path is unusual in that it combines instruction in human anatomy with the development of pedagogical teaching and assessment methodologies.

Students with various interests will be able to seek extra training beyond their baccalaureate degree through this program. Teachers in secondary schools and community colleges can learn more about anatomy and how to teach and assess their students using best practices. Pre-professional students will be able to receive comprehensive training in all parts of human anatomy, preparing them to pursue health-care professional degrees such as medicine, dentistry, physician assistant, and physical therapy.

Many of the course requirements for PhD anatomical programs in biomedical research, as well as our PhD program in Anatomical Sciences Education, will be fulfilled by students who complete the Master of Science degree and choose to pursue biomedical research. Students with a master’s degree in anatomical sciences will also be competent to teach/assist in human anatomy and histology lab exercises.

Where Can I work With an Anatomy Degree?

The majority of anatomists work in medical schools, universities, or hospitals. They frequently educate as well as conduct research. They assist in the training of scientists, as well as physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, and other health-care professionals. Some work for government organizations, while others work for medical and scientific publishing companies.

Can an Anatomist Work In Hospital?

Anatomists operate in hospitals and laboratories, and they frequently collaborate with physiologists. In fact, most medical professionals have a science background that covers anatomy and physiology. Doctors, dentists, and even nurses are among the experts.



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