Medical schools in California

Top Medical Schools In California

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Medical Schools in CaliforniaMedical Schools in California are top ranked in United States and the tuition fees for in-state students is reduced compared to other places. Today, we are going to consider some of the top medical schools in California with their resident and non-residents tuition fees.

Top Medical Schools In California

Please find below the list of top medical schools in California with tuition fees for both in-state and out-state students. Do well to contact them and get more information about their medical programs.

Stanford University School of Medicine

Stanford University School of Medicine is Stanford University’s medical school, located in Stanford, California. Its origins can be traced back to the University of the Pacific’s Medical Department, which was founded in San Francisco in 1858. In 1908, Stanford purchased this medical school, which was then known as Cooper Medical College. In 1959, the medical school relocated to the Stanford campus in Palo Alto, California.

Stanford Medicine includes the School of Medicine, Stanford Health Care, and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. Stanford Health Care was named California’s fourth finest hospital (behind UCLA Medical Center, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and UCSF Medical Center, respectively).

Stanford was placed fourth in the nation among medical schools for research in the U.S. News & World Report rankings for 2021. Stanford’s MD program is extremely competitive: 6,894 applicants applied in 2019, 422 were interviewed, and 175 were admitted for 90 slots. The multiple mini-interview approach, developed at McMaster University Medical School in Canada, is being used by various schools in the United States to evaluate candidates.

The Biosciences PhD Program, which was ranked first among graduate schools in the biological sciences by US News and World Report in 2019, is part of the Stanford School of Medicine, which also houses the School of Humanities and Science.

Stanford is ranked first in genetics, genomics, and bioinformatics, first in neurology and neurobiology, first in cell biology, third in biochemistry, biophysics, and structural biology, and fourth in ecology and evolutionary biology, according to U.S. News for 2019.

Tuition Fees: $63,000 for residents and non-residents.

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UCSF School of Medicine

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) School of Medicine is a medical school located on the Parnassus Heights campus in San Francisco, California, near the base of Mount Sutro. It is the oldest medical school in California and the western United States, having been founded in 1864 by Hugh Toland.

It is frequently listed among the top medical schools in the country. The school is linked with the UCSF Medical Center, which was named as the #3 best hospital in California (behind UCLA Medical Center and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, both in Los Angeles) and the #9 best hospital in the United States by U.S. News & World Report in 2021-22. Since 1873, UCSF faculty have treated patients and educated residents at the San Francisco General Hospital, and the San Francisco VA Medical Center for over 50 years.

With about $601,764,262 in NIH research funding, UCSF School of Medicine is the highest recipient among all public universities and public medical schools in the United States. UCSF School of Medicine is ranked #4 in research training and #2 in primary care training by US News & World Report.

Tuition fees: $36,000 for residents, $49,000 for non-residents.

UC San Diego School of Medicine

The University of California San Diego School of Medicine is the university’s graduate medical school, located in La Jolla, California. It was the University of California system’s third medical school, following those established at UCSF and UCLA, and it is the sole medical school in the San Diego metropolitan region. It has a tight relationship with the medical centers that make up UC San Diego Health.

The Healthy Student Program, the Office of Educational Support Services, the Careers in Medicine Program, Faculty Mentors, the Office of Student Affairs advisors, the Big Sib program, Senior Mentors, and Senior Faculty Advisors are just a few of the programs and services available to medical students at the School of Medicine. In addition, almost 40 active organizations are run by medical students.

The M.D. program at the UC San Diego School of Medicine is one of the most competitive in the country. 253 out of 7,456 applicants were accepted for the Fall 2015 class. This 3.4 percent acceptance rate ranks tenth out of 170 institutions nationwide reviewed by US News & World Report.

The average undergraduate GPA is 3.73, and the average MCAT composite score is 34.2 out of 45 for admissions who opt to matriculate. Internal medicine, anesthesiology, dermatology, obstetrics & gynecology, orthopaedic surgery, otolaryngology, pediatrics, psychiatry, radiography (diagnostic), and surgery are the most popular residency and specialty programs.

Tuition fees: $38,000 for residents and $50,000 for non-residents.

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UCLA David Geffen School Of Medicine

The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA (DGSOM), sometimes known as the University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine, is an approved medical school in Los Angeles, California, United States. In 2001, the school was renamed in honor of David Geffen, a media billionaire who donated $200 million in unrestricted money. It is the second medical school in the UC system, after the UCSF School of Medicine, and was founded in 1951.

Summer academic enrichment programs are available at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine. The Premedical/Predental Enrichment Program (PREP), the Summer Medical Dental Education Program (SMDEP), and the Re-Application Postbaccalaureate Program are among these programs (RAP). The PREP and SMDEP programs have deadlines of March 1, while the RAP program has a deadline of May 15.

Tuition fees: $39,000 for residents and $51,000 for non-residents.

USC Keck School of Medicine

The University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine educates and trains physicians, biomedical scientists, and other healthcare professionals, as well as doing medical research and treating patients. It is California’s second-oldest medical school, after the UCSF School of Medicine, having been established in 1885.

It’s in northeastern Los Angeles, near the Boyle Heights and Lincoln Heights districts, on the university’s Health Sciences campus. 34 The average GPA for the physician class of 2024 was 3.8, and the average MCAT score was 517.

As of 2013, USC Health featured three hospitals, some campus-based specialty clinics, five community-based ambulatory care clinics, and USC Care Medical Group, which is the medical practice of doctors who are on the faculty of the Keck School of Medicine. The USC Keck Hospital and the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, which USC bought from Tenet Healthcare in 2009 for $275 million after three years of litigation, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and the USC Verdugo Hills Hospital in Glendale are among their hospitals and clinics.

The institution provides a variety of combination degrees, including MD/MPH, MD/PhD, and MD/MBA, in addition to a medical degree (MD). In many biological specialties, the institution provides separate master’s and doctoral degree programs. It also offers nurse anesthesia and physician assistantship programs. The dual MD-PhD program is part of a collaboration with the adjacent California Institute of Technology. USC also provides a graduate certificate program in engineering and medicine that is open to both PhD and MD students.

Tuition fees: $69,000 for residents and non-residents.

UC Davis School of Medicine

The University of California Davis School of Medicine is affiliated with the University of California, Davis, and is one of six University of California medical schools in the state of California.

The School of Medicine’s faculty are experts in a variety of basic and applied research areas, including neurology, cancer biology, vascular biology, genetic disorders and functional genomics, health services, infectious diseases, nutrition, telemedicine, and vision science. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) funds the school to the tune of $90 million per year. Approximately half of UC Davis medical students participate in research as part of their education.

The admissions process is extremely competitive. In 2011, the school got 4,792 applications and interviewed 460 of them, with 100 of them matriculating. Applicants at the University of California, Davis School of Medicine have a 1.8 percent acceptance rate. According to US News and World Report, UC Davis School of Medicine is ranked #9 in primary care and #30 in research for 2019.

Tuition fees: $41,000 for residents and $54,000 for non-residents.

UC Irvine School of Medicine

The University of California, Irvine School of Medicine (UC Irvine School of Medicine or UCI School of Medicine) is an LCME-accredited medical school in Orange County, with campuses in Irvine and Orange. U.S. News & World Report ranked the school 43rd in Research and 61st in Primary Care among the medical schools reviewed for its 2013 edition (published March 13, 2012). A.C. Moore started the institution in 1896, and it is the oldest continuously running medical school in the Los Angeles area.

There are 19 clinical and 6 fundamental scientific departments at the School of Medicine, as well as various graduate degree programs. PhD programs in epidemiology, cellular and molecular biosciences (CMB), the Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program (INP), pharmacology and toxicology, and MS programs in environmental toxicology and genetic counseling are among them.

Tuition fees: $37,000 for residents and $49,000 for non-residents.

UC Riverside School of Medicine

The School of Medicine at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) is one of six University of California medical schools in the state of California. Its first class was enrolled in 2013. On June 9, 2017, the first class of 40 medical students obtained their diplomas.

The Division of Biomedical Sciences and the Division of Clinical Sciences make up the school. The school provides and co-sponsors residencies and fellowships in a variety of specialties in addition to undergraduate medical education.

The medical school features a tuition-free program for students who commit to practicing in pediatrics, family medicine, emergency medicine, general internal medicine, OB-GYN, general surgery, or psychiatry for five years. Dr. Deborah Deas, MD, was appointed as the new Dean of the School of Medicine in June 2016. Deas was previously the temporary dean of the Medical University of South Carolina’s College of Medicine and a professor of psychiatry. She served as senior associate dean for medical education, chief academic officer, associate dean for admissions, and chair of the Liaison Committee for Medical Education’s accrediting committee for the College of Medicine during her time there.

Tuition fees: $38,000 for residents and $51,000 for non-residents

California University Of Science and Medicine

The California University of Science and Medicine (CUSM) School of Medicine is a recently accredited medical school in Colton, California, which is located in San Bernardino County. In February 2018, CUSM acquired preliminary LCME accreditation and began enrolling students in coursework leading to an M.D. degree in July 2018. The new CUSM site has two lecture halls, nine college rooms, 15 clinical skills rooms, and three labs and was opened in 2020. More than 2,400 students applied to CUSM’s first class, and 64 students were accepted into the 2022 cohort. More than 5,300 students applied to CUSM in 2019, and 98 students were accepted into the class of 2023. Over 5,300 students applied to CUSM in 2020, with 130 students accepted into the class of 2024. Accepted students have an average GPA of 3.6 and an MCAT score of 513.

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center serves as the principal teaching hospital for the California University of Science and Medicine. The majority of the students in the classes of 2022 (80%), 2023 (80%), and 2024 (98%) are from California.

Tuition fees: $58,000 for residents and non-residents.


The medical schools listed here are just a few of the many medical schools in California. We just decided to feature the top medical schools there. Kindly contact them and get more information. We have provided links to the university’s website which should asist you in contacting them.


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