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Top Best PA Schools In New York

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PA schools in New York are ranked among the best in the United States and certificates issued by these schools are accepted globally. Today, we are going to consider some of the best PA schools in New York City that offer qualitative education. Before we go into that, however, let’s briefly consider who a PA (Physician Assistant) is and the responsibilities that go with it.

Who Is a PA( Physician Assistant)?

PAs are medical professionals who diagnose illness, establish and manage treatment programs, prescribe drugs, and are frequently the primary healthcare provider for their patients. PAs are adaptable and collaborative, with thousands of hours of medical training. PAs work in every state, in every medical setting and speciality, to improve access and quality of treatment.

In all 50 states and the District of Columbia, there are roughly 150,000 PAs who work in a variety of medical settings. Hospitals, medical offices, community health centers, nursing homes, retail clinics, educational institutions, workplace clinics, and correctional institutions are all places where they work. PAs also work for federal government agencies such as the Department of Veterans Affairs and serve in the nation’s military services.

What Requirements Do You Need For PA Schools?

To be considered for admission to any PA program, you must meet the following very critical requirements:

The addition of a high school diploma with a strong foundation in sciences such as biology, chemistry, physics, English, and others is the first step toward becoming a medical assistant.

In addition, this degree is one of the requirements for admission to a recognized PA school. Some institutions demand a GRE and GPA, while others do not take them into account.

Furthermore, you must complete an ARC-PA recognized master’s degree in order to become a physician assistant. This is one of the prerequisites for having a good time as a medical assistant. After completing a PA school, you’ll take the PANCE to get certified as a physician assistant, and then apply for state licensing to practice.

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Best PA Schools In New York City

The following are the best PA schools in New York City that offer qualitative education in the field of Physician Assistant (PA):

LIU Brooklyn

The New York State Education Department has approved LIU Brooklyn’s medical assistant program. Students who complete this program are eligible to take the National Certifying Examination. The Accreditation Review Commission on Education for Physician Assistants has approved the program. Students must complete 28 months of classroom and clinical study in total.

Pace University

A physician assistant degree from Pace University prepares students to work in medical facilities under the supervision of a physician. The school provides a PA online completion program, a Pleasantville physician assistant program, and a New York City hospital physician assistant program. The New York City program is 26 months long, with 14 months of didactic instruction and additional 12 months of clinical clerkship.

St. John’s University

Two physician assistant degree programs are available at St. John’s University in New York. At the university, students can get a Bachelor of Science or a Master of Science degree. Students gain knowledge through classwork and lectures, as well as work in outpatient settings and tests.

Hofstra University

A physician assistant BS/MS dual-degree program as well as an MS program are available at Hofstra University. Multi-modal approaches, such as hands-on simulations, case-based learning, and cadaver laboratories, are emphasized in the curricula. Students who complete the program successfully are eligible to take the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination.

Stony Brook University

Stony Brook University offers a physician assistant program that prepares students for careers in medicine. Upon completion, the program leads to a Master of Science Physician Assistant degree.

Touro College

Touro College’s Physician Assistant program is a combined BS/MS program. The accelerated curriculum can be finished in as little as 28 months. The non-traditional curriculum in Manhattan can be finished in just 32 months.

Weill Cornell Medical College

At the graduate level, Weill Cornell Medical College offers a 26-month physician assistants program. PAs learn about primary care, medicine, and surgery during the pre-clinical and clinical phases of the curriculum. Graduates are eligible to take the National Certifying Board Exam.

Mercy College

Mercy College’s Physician Assistant program prepares students to practice as licensed medical professionals under the supervision of physicians. During this program, students study for the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants exam. Physician assistants can work in a variety of medical settings, including outpatient medicine, OB/GYN care, neonatology, and other specialties.

Wagner College

A BS/MS in physician Assistant is available at Wagner College. Each year, only 40 students are accepted into the PA program, and those that are accepted must have a GPA of at least 3.0. Before enrolling in the full PA program, students must complete two years of pre-professional courses.

St. Francis College

Pre-health professions courses are available at St. Francis College. The PHPP program also prepares students for the physician assistant program. Students then transfer to another neighboring school, such as Mount Sinai or New York University, to finish their PA program.

Why Choose PA Schools In New York City? 

You can perform medicine as a PA as long as you are under the supervision of a physician. It’s a versatile vocation that allows you to work in a variety of fields. PAs, unlike physicians, receive training in a variety of medical fields.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the PA profession is predicted to rise by 37% during the next ten years. This program allows students to practice medicine while under the supervision of a licensed physician, and it is faster than becoming a doctor.

How Long Does It Take To Complete PA Program?

To become a qualified physician assistant, one must finish around 7–8 years of education. The first 7–8 years are devoted learning the various skills needed to become a full-fledged PA.

To begin, a bachelor’s degree is required, which takes about four years to accomplish. This implies that you must have completed your high school education with a respectable grade point average. The bachelor’s degree that you must have can be in any subject as long as it is relevant to the medical field.

A bachelor’s degree does not automatically qualify you to work as a physician assistant. You’ll need to enroll in health training to expand your expertise of health care. The medical training could be in the field of paramedics or in any other medical-related field. This training usually takes three years to complete.

After you’ve completed your health-care training, you’ll need to pursue a master’s degree. The master’s program does not take as long to complete as the bachelor’s program. A master’s degree program that leads to a profession as a Physician Assistant typically takes two years to complete. After that, you must take the Accreditation test. Only individuals who have completed the ARC-PA (Accreditation Review Commission on Education for Physician Assistants) program are eligible to take this exam.

Furthermore, even if a person has finished all of the challenges and has been licensed to practice as a physician assistant, they will need to take council tests on a regular basis to keep their license current.

How can I become a Physician Assistant In New York?

In order to practice as a licensed physician assistant in New York, you must first complete an approved PA degree program. The curriculum must involve at least 32 semester hours of classroom instruction and 40 weeks (1,600 hours) of clinical training, according to state legislation.


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