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Top Best Online Accounting Certificate Courses

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Online accounting certificate coursesIn this article we are going to consider the best online accounting certificate courses and where you can get it in an affordable rate. Many people now prefer to get certificates online since it’s easier than attending physical school. If you have a very busy schedule, why not think of getting your certifications online.

Before I provide you with the best online accounting certificate courses, let us consider some of the benefits associated with getting an accounting certificate online.

Benefits Of Getting an online accounting certificate

The average pay for persons with an accounting certificate is $54,735, according to Although you may not earn much in your first job, the chances of earning a solid wage with an accounting certification are substantially higher than with simply a high school certificate. A certificate program’s instruction is oriented toward abilities that are needed on a daily basis in all types of workplaces, from tiny firms to major corporations. You can work as a tax preparation assistant, an accounts receivable clerk, a bookkeeper, an accounting assistant, and many other jobs with an online accounting certificate.

People who participate in accounting certification programs may have recently graduated from high school and are looking for a way to improve their work prospects. Others may already be employed in an office but want to improve their accounting skills in order to take on greater responsibilities or change careers. Employers of all types seek the abilities taught in the best online certificate programs, and they are skills that will benefit you throughout your career in any industry or small business.

Accounting certificates obtained through online programs can demonstrate to an employer that you have mastered all of the necessary abilities to be hired for an entry-level accounting position. When determining which online certification is appropriate for you, check with your State Board of Accountancy to determine if there are any requirements in your state that you must meet. In most circumstances, a State Board of Accountancy certification is not required for employment, but becoming state certified as a bookkeeper or tax preparer may be required. Some online accounting certificate programs will prepare you to take national certification examinations, which will help you acquire a job even faster.

You might have heard the letters “CPA,” which stand for “certified Public Accountant,” and wondered whether CPA is a degree or a diploma. Although this may be a career path you want to pursue in the future, becoming a CPA requires a bachelor’s degree. You can begin with a certificate and gain some work experience to assist you determine whether or not you want to pursue a career as a CPA in the future.

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Let us now consider some of the best online accounting certificates.

Top Online Accounting Certificates

There are some many online accounting certificates, but we are going to start with the ones offered by Udemy. Incase you don’t know, Udemy is a marketplace for online learning and teaching with over 155,000 courses and 40 million users. You will learn alot about programming, marketing, and data science, among other topics. Their fees are very affordable, starting at $90 per course.

Colorado Christian University

The 12-credit online Certificate in Accounting from Colorado Christian University is an excellent way to gain practical skills that can be applied in the workplace or to earn credits that can be transferred to a bachelor’s degree in accountancy, business, information systems management, organizational management, HR, or project management. CCU offers unique tuition prices and support services to military-connected families, as well as great programs.

The program covers a variety of topics, including values-based decision-making, corporate financial accounting, budgeting, and taxation. Students can personalize their certificate program by selecting two electives from a list of options. The CCU certificate is a good choice for job-related skills, a Christian viewpoint, and military people.

Coastal Community College

Coastline Community College’s online Intermediate Accounting Certificate of Specialization is nine credits of instruction that covers the areas evaluated on the CPA exam’s Financial Accounting and Reporting section. The Advanced Accounting Certificate of Specialization is a 10-credit program that offers more advanced accounting topics for students. These short certificate programs are ideal for students who have some experience with accounting and want to improve their skills in reporting and evaluating financial data.

Penn Foster Career School

Penn Foster Career School’s online Accounting Essentials Certificate is self-paced, mobile-friendly, and includes help from success coaches and instructors. This curriculum comes from one of the most well-known career education programs, and it includes goal-setting and plenty of support to keep you on track as you learn the skills you’ll need to succeed in the job.

Tuition includes unlimited support and all of the study materials you’ll need, as well as discussion forums where you may connect with your classmates. Because you can study whenever you have time because you can move at your own pace, this is an excellent curriculum for kids who don’t have consistent study time each week.

North Central Technical College

The online QuickBooks Certificate program at Northcentral Technical College is a great—and quick—way to get a basic foundation in accounting. It prepares students for the QuickBooks Certified User test in just 6-7 credits. Northcentral does give credit for prior learning, so if you’ve already completed an accounting class, you might be able to skip one of the classes. Northcentral also offers Bookkeeping Technology and Small Business Bookkeeping certificates if you want something a little more involved. This class is ideal for students who only need to learn QuickBooks and a basic understanding of accounting.

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Shoreline Community College

Shoreline Community College has a variety of online accounting certificate programs to choose from. Choose from the Accounts Receivable Clerk or Payroll Clerk certificates, both of which are 20 credits long, for short and inexpensive certifications. You can also choose for the Tax Preparer Certificate, which requires 15 hours of study. Accounting online students pay relatively low tuition for these extremely useful credentials, and any of them can be used to Shoreline’s AAS in Accounting. These programs are an excellent approach to receive the exact skills you need right now while also considering pursuing an associate’s degree later.

Broward College

The online Accounting Specialist Certificate is the first stage in Broward College’s associate’s degree program for students interested in starting their study in these in-demand business skills. The certificate comprises core courses in English composition and speech, as well as accounting and computer technology foundations. Broward also provides an online accounts payable specialist certification that includes an exam fee.

McHenry County College

McHenry County College’s online Bookkeeping Certificate program provides students with practical vocational training in QuickBooks and Peachtree. This program can be completed in 16 weeks with only 12 credits of work. McHenry offers “stackable” career track programs that can be added on to this certificate to provide extra accounting education, such as an associate’s degree, tax practitioner certificate, or the lengthier accounting certificate program. The online bookkeeping course is an excellent method to swiftly prepare for a job as an accounting clerk, bookkeeper, or entry-level accounting position in a variety of accounting departments.

Washtenaw Community College

The online Accounting for Business Certificate from Washtenaw Community College is ideal for people seeking accounting training for entry-level positions in a range of contexts. Payroll, QuickBooks, spreadsheets, taxes, computer information systems, and accounting fundamentals are all covered in this 21-credit curriculum. This solid foundation in accounting is ideal for individuals wishing to get started in the field or who may want to use these courses toward an associate’s degree later on.

Lone Star College System

The Lone Star College System’s online Accounting Assistant/Bookkeeping Assistant Certificate may be just what you need to learn the essentials of accounting. The non-credit fast-track program includes classes in computer basics, QuickBooks, Excel, and accounting operations, and is designed for students who want to get to work without having to worry about admissions exams.


These are the top online accounting certificate courses you can use to develop your career. You can contact the schools and get more information or get the courses at cheap rate on Udemy.

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