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Top 8 Best Online Film Schools

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Online Film Schools In this guide, we are going to consider some of the best online film schools. The popularity of online film school has never been higher. While traditional brick-and-mortar colleges and universities continue to be popular, many prospective students are either uninterested in attending one or are unable to do so due to other obligations or duties.

That is why, for aspiring filmmakers, online film school has become a necessary aspect of today’s higher education. Students can explore the medium and develop their skillsets within it from the comfort of their own homes. Remote learning can also take place on the train, at the office, or anyplace else with internet access, thanks to how easy it is for most people to get online.

This benefit, combined with the fact that many colleges and institutions have realized the value of remote learning for a diverse demographic, has resulted in a vast range of online film school options for students to choose from.

You are not alone in your desire to work in the film industry. However, in order to get there, you will almost always need some training. Filming degrees are pursued by people of all ages and walks of life, and as there is a movement in our media landscape to hear more diverse voices, now may be the moment for you to bring your unique viewpoint to news and entertainment by studying film, television, and digital media. Whether you want to watch movies and become a critic, market films, or work as a special effects artist, an online film degree will help you get started. Let us now consider some of the best online film schools with their tuition fees.

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8 Best Online Film Schools

The following are the best online film schools that offer qualitative education at an affordable tuition fees. Feel free to contact them and get more information about their program:

University of Massachusetts-Amherst

There is no application process for the University of Massachusetts-Amherst online Certificate in Film Studies, and anybody can enrol for the coursework required to finish the program. This 18-credit undergraduate degree provides students with a solid foundation in motion picture history, aesthetics, production, theory, and criticism. The certificate can be used to help students gain admission to prominent film schools, seek for positions in film distribution or production, or become independent filmmakers.

This program requires six courses, one from each of six different areas. African Films, Making Short Films, The Horror Film, TV Screenwriting: The Pilot Episode, The Western in Transnational Cinema, Advanced Filmmaking, and other courses are only a few examples. Students seeking a rapid credential comprised of compelling courses that will provide a strong basis for further study or professional career in the film industry might consider the UMass-Amherst online film certificate program. The tuition fees is $7000 for in-state students.

Tiffin University

The online Master of Humanities – Film Studies degree program at Tiffin University consists of 30 credits of in-depth courses in fascinating topics related to film history, theory, and aesthetics. Part-time students typically complete the program in two and a half years, although full-time students can graduate in one and a half years. The institution accepts transfer credits and is regionally approved. Classic Hollywood Cinema, Censorship, Cult and Independent Films, and a variety of other topics from the inception of the industry to the present day are covered in the courses. Students who want a distance education in film studies and want to teach at a 2-year college should consider Tiffin’s degree. Tuition fees is $17,000 for in-state students.

Savannah College of Art and Design

The online MA in Motion Media Design from Savannah College of Art and Design can give a great professional education for students interested in motion graphics, which is an in-demand field of expertise in film, television, and digital media. The core program requires 45 credit hours of work, but up to five extra graduate level intense courses may be assigned at the time of acceptance, bringing the total number of hours to 70. Contemporary Art, Visualization and Concept Storyboarding, Motion Media Cinematography and Editing, Studio Business Practice, Dynamic Topography, Media Theory and Application, electives, and a mandatory final project are just a few of the courses available.

The program promotes cross-disciplinary collaboration and educates students to create visuals for blockbuster movies, sports, and the mobile gadgets we use every day. The Savannah College of Art and Design MA program provides great preparation for students who know they want to work in a field that combines design, graphics, and moving pictures. Tuition fees is $38,000 for in-state students.

Regent University

Regent University provides two separate emphasis options for an online MA in Film-Television: Producing and Screenwriting. Each program consists of a minimum of 30 credits and concludes with a capstone project relevant to the emphasis. For individuals who want a terminal degree in film that will allow them to teach at the university level, Regent also offers an online MFA in Screenwriting. A minimum of 44 credits is required for the MFA. All of the online courses are eight weeks long, with eight different start dates throughout the year. In-state and out-of-state students pay the same acceptable tuition rate.

These online film schools not only provide comprehensive professional training in these areas, but they also provide a Christian perspective. Regent University is one of the top film production schools online for students from all over the world who aspire to become storytellers based on Christian beliefs. Tuition fees range from $21,000 to $31,000 per year for in-state students.

Northcentral Technical College

Northcentral Technical College offers a 62-credit online AAS in Video Production that can be done entirely online. Students who are self-motivated can study at their own speed using the virtual alternative. NTC gives credit for prior experience and has transfer agreements in place for graduates of this degree program to pursue a bachelor’s degree at other institutions. This curriculum provides not just a degree, but also a solid foundation in the technical, conceptual, and design aspects of producing excellent videos. Editing, audio, mathematics, sociology, 2D motion design, on-location production, and portfolio preparation are among the courses offered.

Northern Technical College’s AAS in Video Production is a terrific way to obtain all of the skills you’ll need to get started in professional video production, and you can complete it entirely online, giving you the flexibility to fit it around your work and family obligations. Tuition fees is $10,000 for in-state students.

National University

National University’s online MA in Film Studies, which was developed by veterans, focuses on the study of film through looking at history, directors, philosophy, international cinema, and more. Students can investigate and write about cinema theory, aesthetics, history, or specific directors with this degree. Students engage in critical debates on cinema theory and other film-related issues. Monthly start dates and accelerated courses are available for the whole 10-course curriculum, which can be completed entirely online.

Before beginning the capstone project, students must complete the seven core courses, which include producing a paper for publication in a scientific journal. Students who want a serious film studies education that involves both written and oral debates of American and international films may consider the National University film school online degree. Tuition fees is $19,000 per year for in-state students.

Los Angeles Film School

Los Angeles Film School’s online BS in Digital Filmmaking equips students with the abilities to work as a “preditor,” a producer/director/editor capable of executing all of the necessary duties in the production of film and video products. The 120-credit program is designed to be completed in 36 months and is entirely online and accessible 24 hours a day. Adobe Premier and After Effects are among the digital filmmaking tools available to students at the institution.

Basic cinematography, editing, screenplay, and production design courses are available, as well as more specialized courses like as location scouting, color correction, special effects, and documentary production. Many general education courses, including as mathematics, behavioral science, and leadership and organizational behavior, have direct applicability to the entertainment industry. The degree culminates in a series of film production capstone projects that allow students to demonstrate their abilities.

This good package from LA Film School includes a great all-around digital cinema program, and it is one of the finest universities for film for people who wish to write, produce, direct, and edit their own work. Tuition fees is $68,000 for in-state students.

Grand Canyon University

A BA in Digital Filmmaking-Production and a BA in Digital Filmmaking-Screenwriting are both available online from Grand Canyon University. Each online course lasts seven weeks, and each degree requires 120 credits to complete. The major requires 60 credits, with general education and elective courses completing the curriculum. GCU has a Christian foundation, with one obligatory course on Christian Worldview, however students are not obliged to sign any religious pledges in order to enroll. Both schools offer thorough training in cinema history, acting, editing, visual narrative, directing, and other aspects of the industry.

The programs are meant to provide students with a thorough undergraduate education as well as a foundation in the business so that they can go on to work in the film and television industry. The GCU programs are ideal for students who know they want to focus in either production or writing and are looking for a remote education program that emphasizes ethics and values. Tuition fees is $60,000 for in-state students.

Georgia State University

Students can easily progress to a bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Studies at Georgia State University thanks to the online AA in Film and Media Studies. Students will receive a solid foundation in 42 credits of core liberal arts curriculum, plus 18 credits in this specialized program, which is designed as a first step for students interested in careers in television, commercial production, film, webcasting, and more.

Students can begin in the fall, spring, or summer semesters and must take courses in aesthetics and cinema history, but they can then choose from a variety of pathway alternatives, including film production, theater, history, cultural studies, and many others. The AA degree from Georgia State is an excellent way to begin started towards a career in cinema for those who desire a basic degree with a wide range of elective courses to fit their interests—and it’s all online. Tuition fees is $7000 for in-state students.

Asbury University

Students with or without prior media training can enroll in Asbury University’s online MFA in Film & Television Production. The degree can be finished in five semesters if studied full-time, however most students study part-time and finish in three to four years. For students who do not have a background in media, there are several prerequisites that can be studied as two-week intensives on campus during the summer. All students must attend a two-week media workshop in Los Angeles, but the rest of the coursework can be completed entirely online. Asbury also offers a Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting and a Master of Arts in Digital Storytelling.

To be accepted for the program, applicants must have a 3.0 undergraduate GPA and submit a demo reel. Students can transfer up to 12 credits from another degree and ask for credit for any professional media experience rather than taking a specific course. Asbury University offers outstanding academic and practical training within a Christian spiritual tradition, and the degree program teaches theory and practice. Asbury Campus has a quality film curriculum that appeals to students from many walks of life, making it one of the best film production schools for distance learners or those who live near the university. Tuition fees is $25,000 for in-state students.

Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University is an excellent way to get your online AA, BFA, or MFA in Motion Pictures and Television if you want top-notch creative degrees and specialized interactive platforms. The AA provides students with 66 credits of courses that will allow them to easily transition into the BFA if they so desire. A total of 132 credits are required for the BFA, which includes liberal arts, core, and major classes. Students in the MFA program work on more advanced topics and focus on “directed study,” or work on a significant project for their portfolio.

While all three degree programs assist students learn the fundamentals of filmmaking, BFA and MFA students can specialize in cinematography, screenplay, editing, directing, producing, or production design.

AAU programs offer many benefits in addition to excellent courses and experienced faculty: students have numerous opportunities to interact with peers from other programs, attend live streaming VIP events and presentations, receive career advice and mentorships, and have access to a wealth of online learning resources. For individuals who don’t require a degree but want all of the outstanding film instruction, AAU now offers a 120-credit film school online certificate program. Tuition fees range from $63,000 – $127,000 for in-state students.

Full Sail University

Full Sail University, founded in 1979, has a strong emphasis on the arts and, unlike other online film schools, offers a variety of programs to select from. A Bachelor’s in Digital Cinematography, a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing for Entertainment, and even a Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing are all available at the school.

Each of these programs is more specialized than those offered by Arizona State University or Academy of Art University. While other aspects of the film industry may be discussed on occasion, students who choose to pursue a Full Sail University online undergraduate or graduate degree should already have a strong interest in either digital cinematography or creative writing.

Because some people may only realize what speciality they want to pursue after completing a more general degree, these degrees may be suitable for those who already hold a bachelor’s degree in another discipline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you go to film schools online?

Yes! You can attend film school online and earn a degree that will allow you to pursue a career that you will enjoy. You can obtain an online film degree at any level, ranging from a short certificate to a terminal master’s degree.

How much can you earn as a film major?

Film majors earn an average of $27,800 after graduating with a bachelor’s degree. Film majors at UCSB take out an average of $18,363 in student loans while pursuing their bachelor’s degree.

Why are film schools expensive?

There are several reasons why film school might be quite costly. This is because if you train in a secluded atmosphere, you won’t be able to make any relationships or connections with people in the film industry, which is crucial for finding job.

How easy it is to get job in a film industry?

The film industry is infamous for being difficult to break into, and this is especially true behind the scenes. On a set, there are a lot of duties to complete, but getting the first one can be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to begin.

How long do you attend a film school?

Universities provide degrees that run anywhere from one to four years, with the bulk of them lasting three or four years. Film schools, on the other hand, concentrate on one- or two-year technical training.


Hope you enjoyed reading this article on the top best online film schools. You can contact them and get more information about their programs

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