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Top 10 Schools Offering Online Zoology Degree

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Zoologist Job DescriptionOnline Zoology degree is best suited for students who are so busy, and they cannot afford to get this degree by attending a physical school. In this article, we are going to consider some of the top schools offering online zoology degree programs.

The study of animal biology is known as zoology. Zoology programs are meant to teach students about zoology at all levels, from molecular and cell level organization to ecosystem level zoology. For upper-level courses, most programs allow students to select a focus area. Animal behavior, aquatic biology, genetics and evolution, and others are among them. Depending on the school and curriculum, a bachelor’s degree in zoology will typically take four to five years to finish.

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Introduction to biology, chemistry, physics, statistics, and calculus are all compulsory core courses for students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in zoology. Students can expect a wide choice of courses once they go into more advanced courses, such as animal behavior, cell biology, advanced human anatomy and physiology, and neurobiology.

In most situations, a bachelor’s degree in zoology or wildlife biology is required to secure an entry-level career in the field. A master’s degree is normally required for progression, whereas a Ph.D. is required to do independent research or teach at the university level. Zoologists do a wide range of duties in the field, but the majority of them plan and conduct research with animals in either controlled or wild settings. They also undertake study to better comprehend and know about wildlife species. In order to safeguard and conserve certain animal species, zoologists frequently collaborate with government officials or private organizations.

It’s vital to keep in mind that the field of zoology is very small, with fierce competition for available positions. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for zoologists is only expected to expand by 7% through 2020, which is slower than the national average. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, zoologists earn a median yearly salary of $57,430. Individuals in entry-level employment, on the other hand, will earn far less. The lowest 10% of workers in the occupation earned less than $35,600, according to the BLS. Keep in mind that your exact compensation will vary depending on your job, amount of experience, and other factors.

Top Schools Offering Online Zoology DegreeĀ 

University Of New England

The University of New England offers an online Zoology degree program with a B.S. in Animal Behavior. The University of New England prepares students to flourish in a rapidly changing world, empowering them to improve the health of individuals, communities, and the environment in the process.

Becker College

Bsc in Animal Science: A bachelor’s degree in animal science is a zoology degree that has equipped you with understanding of farm animal and pet behavior, biology, and physiology. Becker College offers this online degree.

Weber State University

The B.Sc. in Zoology is an online zoology program that teaches students the abilities they’ll need to succeed in the field. This opens up opportunities in local, regional, and federal government organizations, museums, national and marine parks, and zoos for those with the degree. The best element of this course is that the student and the scientific advisor develop the Bachelor of Zoology (BS) program together. Weber State University is a well-known university that offers this program.
Animal nutritionists, scientists, conservation activists, and veterinary technicians are all possible careers.

Breyer State University

The online B.S. in Equine Studies is a Zoology degree program that focuses on the study of horses (equine), with the goal of improving the care and well-being of the horses under their care. This online course is for horse enthusiasts, and it includes a thorough examination of the details that can help one become a good zoologist.
The university of Breyer State offers an authorized online zoology degree. So, if you’re a horse enthusiast, this is the university for you.

Liberty University

B.S. or M.S. in Wildlife Biology: This superb bachelor’s online zoology degree program prepares students for employment in which they study animal behavior, monitor populations, and manage environments. Students will gain actual laboratory knowledge and application through this online course. A master will assist someone in filling top positions in the field of wildlife biology.

The distinction between a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree is that a bachelor’s degree holder is heavily involved in fieldwork. Liberty University offers an online bachelor’s degree in zoology.

SUNY Empire State College

The online B.S. in Marine Biology is a program that focuses on the study of aquatic organisms. Students will gain a wide understanding of the biological sciences, with a specific emphasis on marine life, ecology, and oceanography.
This course will teach students how external issues such as pollution and overfishing have an impact on the marine ecosystem. SUNY Empire State College offers these online degrees.

Oregon State University

This online zoology degree program in environmental sciences allows students to study about the environment in a creative and intellectual way.
It’s a four-year environmental science degree with job opportunities in animal health and safety, animal testing, forestry, and geotechnics. The Oregon State University offers this degree.

Penn Foster College

The Veterinary Assistant Career Diploma Program is quickly gaining popularity. It’s a program that takes seven (7) months to complete.
Animal behavior, skeletal and muscular systems, neurological systems, nutrition, pathology, immunology, emergency care, veterinary pharmacology and practice, and veterinary administration will all be covered in this curriculum. Penn Foster College offers an online Zoology degree.

Canisius College

The online Master of Science in Anthrozoology is a zoology degree program that studies how humans interact with other species. It’s an interdisciplinary field that includes anthropology, ethnology, medicine, psychology, veterinary medicine, and zoology, among others.
Canisius College offers this online curriculum. Students are expected to attend a four-day course on campus to meet with the instructors, professors, and colleagues involved in the course as a supplement to the curriculum.

Are Zoologists Well Paid?

The lowest-paid 10% of Zoologists make less than $39,150 per year, while the highest-paid 10% make more than $98,540 per year. The most profitable job in zoology is with the federal government, which pays an average of $81,490 per year.

How long does it take to complete a degree in Zoology?

A bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Conservation, which is the most basic level of zoologist study, takes four years to complete. A Master’s degree normally takes an extra two years to complete and may need an additional 30-hours of practical, field-specific work.

Is Zoology a good career?

It’s an excellent job choice for those who want to learn more about biodiversity and are willing to take on new challenges. Because there are fewer applicants seeking for zoological jobs, completion in this profession is lower. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree in zoology and job experience can earn a good salary.

Do zoologists travel alot?

Zoologists and wildlife biologists operate in a variety of settings, including offices, labs, and the field. Others, such as zoologists and wildlife biologists, may not spend much time in the field. Zoologists and wildlife biologists may be required to travel to isolated regions around the world as part of their fieldwork.

What’s the highest paid animal job?

One of the highest-paying animal occupations is that of a veterinarian. Veterinary occupations come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Veterinarians that practice mixed practice work with both small and large animals, domestic and exotic. Others may specialize in working with dogs and cats as companion animals.

What’s the risk in being a Zoologist?

If zoologists who study animal genetics and diseases do not handle test materials properly, they may become ill. There are emotional risks since zoologists may form ties with the creatures they research or deal with and mourn their loss when they die.

How many hours do Zoologists work?

Most zoologists and wildlife biologists work a 40-hour or longer work week, spending the most of their time in laboratories performing research or in offices writing up the findings. A zoologist is frequently required to do extensive field studies in primitive living situations for long periods of time.


Hope you enjoyed this article on; Top 10 Schools Offering Online Zoology Degree. You can contact any of the schools and get more information about the online Zoology degree.

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