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Top 10 Online Esthetician Schools

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Online Esthetician schoolsOnline Esthetician schools is ideal for students who cannot go to physical schools for the training. They may be required to work full-time, live too far away from a school, or have other obligations that prevent them from attending more typical programs. Most state boards of cosmetology accept online instruction without penalizing students, making this a very appealing method of education.

Those who have never attended an online class before may be unsure if it is the appropriate fit for them, but online education, when combined with nail tech instruction, can be an excellent method to learn. Let’s consider some of the benefits associated with attending online Esthetician schools.

Benefits Of Online Esthetician Schools

It’s easier than you might expect to obtain esthetician certification online. Because you are not in classrooms with other students, the concept appears strange at first.

On a laptop or tablet, you can do some of your esthetics instruction. In actuality, you can accomplish a lot with online training while still having time to do other things. The rules set forth by each state’s board of cosmetology still apply to online esthetician schools. There are numerous schools that will accept students from all parts of Canada and the United States. However, you must demonstrate that you can remove that blackhead effectively or do a dermabrasion without harming your client.


Because online esthetician schools have fewer overhead costs than traditional colleges, they may offer their training at a lower cost. You can frequently use ebooks instead of traditional textbooks, which saves you a lot of money. These electronic textbooks also take up significantly less space and may be used anywhere by students. Some colleges also allow you to enroll in classes that you want. This may allow you to enroll in as many classes as you can afford.

Attend Classes Anytime

The time limits associated with traditional schools are not an issue because the online school curriculum comprises of videos, required reading, or even webinars. You can work at your own pace, even if some techniques or concepts take a little longer to master than others. Because the classes and coursework are all available online, students can access them at any time. This is especially useful for students who work during the day or need to be somewhere else during normal business hours. Laser schools, on the other hand, necessitate on-site training!

Different Learning Options

Students in a traditional educational setting often learn through lectures and application of what they have learnt. Discussion groups, forums, ebooks, movies, and webinars are all available through online schools. All of these strategies provide variation while also reinforcing what you’ve learned. You might also devote more time and effort to the format that appears to be the most effective for you.

What’s The Cost Of Attending Online Esthetician School?

According to Evergreen Beauty College, the average tuition for an online esthetician degree is between $3,000 and $10,000. The cost will vary depending on the program length, location, and state-mandated training hours.

Other costs related with an esthetician training online program, such as textbooks, registration fees, and equipment, can vary depending on the curriculum.

Top Online Esthetician Schools

Westside Tech

Westside Tech is an online esthetician school designed specifically for individuals interested in becoming estheticians. This institution is a technical center in Winter Garden, Florida. It was founded in 1933 and has continued to expand and evolve since then. Also, continually concentrating on enhancing the lives of students and having a good impact on Central Florida’s workforce needs.

The school is part of the Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) network, which includes four technical centers and five campuses in and around Orlando. Building construction technology, barbering, culinary arts, pharmaceutical technology, massage treatment, and advanced esthetics are among the 15 technical credentials offered by Westside Tech.

Each certificate program is designed to give students with the essential skills and certification to enter the workforce. Adult Basic Education (ABE), English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), and General Educational Development (GED) preparation programs are also available at the school.

Tuition Fees: From $3000

Penn Foster High school 

Another online esthetician school that provides a variety of online esthetician degrees is Penn Foster High School. So, if you’re considering your future and want to acquire the best education possible, Penn Foster is the ideal option.

Penn Foster High School is a distance learning high school in the United States. In 1890, the school was established. It is a fully accredited online high school that allows students to complete their graduation at their own speed from the comfort of their own home.

With approximately 50,000 students enrolled from all 50 states, the school is one of the largest high schools in the country. The school has received regional and national accreditation.

Independent study is offered to all Penn Foster High School students, with qualified instructors and support staff available through email and phone to answer questions and aid with schoolwork when needed. Students must be at least 14 years old and have finished the eighth grade to be eligible for this school.

Tuition Fees: $30 per course

West Tennessee Business College

West Tennessee Business College is a school dedicated to providing its students with high-quality, career-relevant education. It was founded in 1888. It is one of the most reputable esthetician schools available online.

The school is in Jackson, Tennessee, in the United States. In addition, the institution provides training in 31 different fields. Medical Assisting, Cosmetology and Medical Coding, Manicure, Cosmetology, Esthetician, and Medical Office Specialist are just a few of the courses available at West Tennessee Business College.

This is one of the online colleges where you can pursue a career as an Esthetician. The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools has accredited WTBS, and the Tennessee State Board of Cosmetology has licensed it.

Tuition Fees: $14,000

West Georgia Technical College

West Georgia Technical College (WGTC) is a Waco, Georgia-based online esthetician school. It was founded in 1966. After merging with West Central Technical College, WGTC became Georgia’s second-largest technical institution.

There are 18 associate’s degrees, 28 diplomas, 66 certificate programs, and continuing education courses available at the school. Esthetician courses are available at WGTC. Study abroad and internship possibilities, as well as licensure programs, online education classes, and independent study programs, are all available through WGTC. The School of Business and Public Services offers certificates in accounting, business management, cosmetology, criminal justice, culinary arts, and early childhood education.

Tuition Fees: Over $3000

W Academy of Salon and Spa

W Academy of Salon and Spa is a cosmetology and esthetician school in Danville, California. It is located at 520 San Ramon Valley Blvd. It is a modest college with only 16 undergraduate students enrolled. Cosmetology / Cosmetologist, General Cosmetology, Wellness Aesthetician / Esthetician, and Skin Care Specialist are among the programs available at the institution. Clean, Clear, Precise, and Consistent – both in your approach and in the manner your education is given by experts in the industry – are the focus of these programs.

Victory Academy of Cosmetology

Victory Academy of Cosmetology, one of the Esthetician online colleges, may help you pursue a profession as a cosmetologist. Victory Academy of Cosmetology is a school located on 1st Avenue in Kennewick, Washington. It was founded in 2001 with the goal of providing great service to students and the community in order to satisfy the high demands of our profession.

The objective of the school is to prepare students for careers in cosmetology, barbering, esthetics, massage, and as instructors in today’s workforce. Victoria Academy provides six different cosmetology arts and science career options, as well as a complete state-of-the-art massage school.

Tuition Fees: $11,000 to $18,000

VICI Aveda Institute

Another top online esthetician school in the United States is VICI Aveda Institute. The beauty sector is rapidly expanding. With so many different job options in cosmetology and esthetics, it’s time to get started on your path to a successful and fascinating profession.

VICI Aveda is a beauty school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Its address is 08th St. It first opened its doors in 1969. The Aveda Institutes are dedicated to influencing the direction of fashion, wellness, and beauty in the future. Cosmetology, skincare/esthiology, and massage therapy are among the student programs offered by Aveda.

Retail knowledge, business development, cosmetics application, nail care, texturing services, hair coloring, and haircutting are all included in the Cosmetology program. Courses on cosmetics application, hair removal, body treatments, facials, and skincare are included in the Esthiology program.

Tuition Fees: $16,000

University of Spa and Cosmetology Arts

The University of Spa and Cosmetology Arts (USCA) is a school in Springfield, Illinois. Its address is 2913 W White Oaks Dr. It was founded in 1978.
It is another certified online esthetician school that provides programs in cosmetology, esthiology, nail technology, teaching, and massage treatment.

Students at USCA learn in a professional environment and graduate knowing they have been prepared to meet the highest professional standards.
Students at USCA College are trained by allowing them to perform their services on guests, which helps them gain confidence.

Tuition Fees: $4000 to $20,000

Universal Career School

Universal Career School is an online esthetician school located at 10720 W Flagler St #21, Miami, FL. It was established in 1999. Professional training and hands-on experience are provided to UCS students.

Cosmetology, Barber, Full Specialist, Skin Care, and Nail Technology, Nursing, AS, Patient Care Technician, and Home Health Aide are among the programs offered by this esthetician online school. Furthermore, the school provides high-quality education and skills to career-minded individuals, resulting in marketable and responsible individuals.

Tuition Fees: $9000


These are the top online Esthetician Schools that offer qualitative education at affordable tuition fees. You can contact them through the links provided to get more information about their programs.

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