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Top 10 Best Universities In Canada

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Entry Requirements for Canadian Universities

When it comes to Education, Canada is the home for many international students. Canada comprises the 3 best universities in the world, which makes them a desirable place for any student who wants a solid foundation. In this article, we shall make a list of the best universities in the world, but before then, are there any processes involved in the school in Canada? Yes there. There are some processes involved.

Furthermore, bear in mind that the cost of education in Canada could be quite high, before making any attempt to go to school in Canada, make sure you have a good financial source of income.


How Can I Study In Canada?

It should be noted that Canada comprises the top 500 universities in the world, this is quite amazing, right?

Also, Canadian universities offer the best study programs, and most of the leading research facilities and academic institutions are encompassed in Canada.

If your dream has been to study abroad, then Canada is a top choice for you, kindly proceed further with us, to learn more about the best universities in Canada, and how to study in Canada.

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Below are the processes involved to studying in Canada.  

  • Understand the requirements: Before you can decide to study in Canada, you need to have an understanding of the requirements of each program. There are different requirements for each program, knowing the right one for your program will make the process easier for you.

Also, candidates need to be aware of the rules and regulations that are attached to student study permits.


In addition, there is a great need for you to start the process of studying in Canada, a year before the commencement of a new academic session. General requirements to study in a University in Canada include.

  • Proficiency in either French or English
  • Valid means of identification
  • Updated passport
  • Proof of taking a professional language test.
  • And lastly, it a proof that you are financially buoyant enough to go to school in Canada.

Of course, there are different requirements for each province, this is why it’s highly needed for you to make sure the process is carefully done.


  • Choose Your Course And Institution: before you begin to think of studying abroad. You need to make sure you’ve chosen the right Institution, for that desired course you have in mind.

Also, before you commence your journey, you will be asked to decide on a major course on which you want to focus upon. However, based on the Canadian academic set-up, it gives room for students to switch between different courses, regardless of this, you are advised to decide on a particular and focus on it majorly.


  • Take the language proficiency test: To confidently gain admission into the best University in Canada, you need to demonstrate a solid Language Proficiency, in either French or English. IELTS is the most preferred test exam by most Institutions in Canada, some institutions in Canada do accept Cambridge exams.

Also, to showcase and prove your French language proficiency, you can take the TEF exam as this is the most preferred option but in most Institutions in Canada, however, you can opt-in for DEF, DALF,,,, or TCF exams, as alternatives.


Choose the required and desired test, pay for the fees and sit for the exam. However, to avoid your application getting rejected, endeavor to brush up on your language skills.


Apply for a study permit: We shall talk about the best universities in Canada in this article, after going through the list of the best universities, we are quite sure you will fall in love with one of the schools. However, after choosing the desired one you want, what comes next? You are to apply for a study permit. You have two options as a means of application for your study permit, the first is by applying online, and the second one is by applying via your local visa application center. An endeavor that your application is accompanied by proof of financial capacity to study in Canada.


As a case study, let’s assume you apply for a study permit at the province of Quebec, you will as well be given an acceptance letter, Certificat d’acceptation du Québec” (CAQ), you are expected to include this in the application of your study permit.


Travel Time: once you begin your application process, the Immigration officers will decide upon the time you will depart from your country. Once your application gets accepted, you can begin to prepare for your departure.


The time for your departure will be stated on your study permit that will be issued to you, also, bear in mind that you are not allowed to enter Canada, before the stipulated time for you to enter Canada, for this purpose, you are expected to plan your travel time accordingly.


Study time: once you have been granted a study permit, the next permit is to start having a plan for your study time. At the Port of entry, an officer will make a confirmation on your documents, and ensure if they are valid or not. If your documents are valid, you will be allowed to enter Canada.


Having learned all this, let’s quickly talk about things, you may be curious about things that will likely happen after your studies.


What Happens After Your Studies Is Completed

Bear in mind that the Canadian government sees International students as prospective permanent residents of the institution.


With Canadian policy, students who graduate from any University in Canada can make use of a post-graduate work permit, to search for work in the country. Due to the recent changes in express entry policy, it’s now easy to convert student visas to Permanent residence.

Without taking much time, let’s quickly head on to the best Universities In Canada.


Best Universities in Canada


10) Queen’s University

Queen’s University is the 10th best university in Canada, and it has maintained its position as the 239th best University in the world. The University is situated in Ontario. The University was founded in 1841, which makes it one of the oldest universities in Canada.


9) University Of Calgary

The University of Calgary is the 223rd best University in the world, and it’s the 9th best University in the world. The University was built in 1944, and it comprises 5 campuses.


8) Western University

According to the 2020 ranking, Western University ranks as the 211th best University in the world and maintained 8th position as the best University in Canada.


7) University Of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is new in Canada, however with a fast-growing education system. The University of Waterloo is the 173rd best University in the world, and it’s also the 7th best University in Canada.


6) McMaster University

McMaster University is the 6th best University in Canada, and it has as well maintained the position of the 140th University in Canada.


5) Universite de Montreal 

This university is a French-speaking university in Canada. The University is the 137th University in the world, and it has also emerged as the fifth-best university in Canada.


4) The University Of Alberta

This is the fourth-best University in Canada, and it’s as well the 113th best University in the world. The University is largely situated in Edmonton.


3) University Of British Columbia

The University of Columbia happens to be the 51st best university in Canada, and it’s as well the 3rd best University in Canada. The University Is known for its high academic excellence and a good environment for learning.


2) McGill University

Here comes in place the second-best university in Canada. McGill University ranks as the 35th best University in the world.


1) University Of Toronto

Here comes the overall best University in Canada. The University has tried all in its best, to stay as the top best University in Canada. The University of Toronto is the dream University of many international students.

Now that you have gone through the list of best universities in Canada, what comes next? It’s time for you to choose your favorite Institution.


Choose your University.

It could be quite confusing when it comes to choosing a University in Canada. However, endeavor to prepare for your application fee, which could range from $100-$250.

Also, do not apply to different universities at random, rather compare the universities and choose the one you.



This is a comprehensive list of the best universities in Canada. Do we hope you’ve been able to find the right University for you? If yes, kindly help, by sharing with friends.

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