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Top 10 Best Law Enforcement Colleges

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If you are looking for the list of best law enforcement colleges, you’re at the right place as we are going to provide you with the full list of good and reputable law enforcement colleges and a brief overview of their law enforcement program.

Starting a career in law enforcement offers a diverse range of progression options as well as solid employment that is unlikely to disappear anytime soon. There are now 808,700 people employed in law enforcement in the United States, therefore the industry offers a diverse range of opportunities. You could work as an investigator, police officer, or intelligence officer, among other crucial roles in any well-functioning society.

Let’s now consider some of the best law enforcement colleges….

10 Best Law Enforcement Colleges

The following are the best law enforcement colleges and the law enforcement programs the offer to students:
The law enforcement concentration on Purdue University Global’s BS in Criminal Justice is one of five criminal justice concentrations available. Purdue Global provides a variety of online learning alternatives, as well as a generous transfer credit policy and individualized support. Purdue Global’s online criminal justice degree program focuses on the criminal justice system in the United States, as well as applied research methods and procedures. During each 10-week term, coursework typically necessitates 15–18 hours of study each week.
Purdue University Global is a component of the Purdue University System and is a public, nonprofit university committed to adult students. Up to 25 credits toward particular criminal justice courses are available to certified law enforcement professionals. Purdue University Global accepts college credits for prior work experience or military training toward a degree program. The majority of the content is supplied via a versatile and convenient distance-learning platform that can be accessed from any location.
Florida State University
The BS in Public Safety and Security degree programs at Florida State University are entirely online. Law Enforcement Operations or Law Enforcement Intelligence are the two online law enforcement degree programs available to students. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools has recognized both police studies degree programs. Students graduate with a broad understanding of law enforcement theory and the ability to apply it to real-world situations.
The State University System of Florida has Florida State University as a senior member school. It is the state of Florida’s oldest continually running institution of higher education, having been founded in 1851. Florida State University is ranked as the country’s 26th best public university and one of Florida’s three most prestigious state universities by US News & World Report.
The online Law Enforcement Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program (LEB) at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is designed for current law enforcement officers with an associate’s degree and three years of experience. Full-time working students will benefit from online law enforcement degree programs like UWW’s. After completing their general education prerequisites, students typically complete the entirely online degree in three years.
The extensive credit for prior learning at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, as well as the autonomous online learning option, make a police studies degree inexpensive.
The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is a member of the Wisconsin System of Universities.
It was established as a “regular” school in 1868. (a teacher training program). The school’s rural campus, which spans 400 acres, is located in Wisconsin’s southeastern corner. A 100-acre preserve on the northeast corner of the university’s campus includes wetlands, forests, and a grassland. The institution has two campuses, one in Whitewater and the other in Rock County, with a total student population of over 13,000 students.
Florida Atlantic University
The Bachelor of Public Safety Administration (BPSA) degree program at Florida Atlantic University is offered by the School of Public Administration and takes 60 credit hours to complete. Graduates of this online law enforcement degree program can choose between a concentration in Law Enforcement and Corrections or a concentration in Disaster Management. Students can choose to complete both concentrations if their elective plan allows it. Although it is not obligatory, students are encouraged to apply for internships. Students must complete a capstone project in public safety administration.
Florida Atlantic University was founded in 1961 by a law passed by the state legislature. It has multiple satellite branches in Davie, Dania Beach, Fort Pierce, Jupiter, and Fort Lauderdale, as well as a major campus in Boca Raton (constructed on a 1940s Army Airfield). Florida Atlantic University is a member of the State University System of Florida and serves Broward and Palm Beach counties as the major university.
The BS in Criminal Justice Administration degree from Park University allows students to choose between three concentrations: corrections, law enforcement, or security. A general liberal arts education is combined with essential courses relating to the criminal justice system in the coursework. Park University’s online BS law enforcement degree programs need 45 course hours in a practical, philosophical, and theoretical criminal justice stance. The Criminal Justice Administration bachelor’s degree requires the completion of specified related courses for each emphasis.
Park University is a private university that began as a work college in 1875, with students receiving free tuition in exchange for working on campus. Park is still known for creativity and inclusiveness today, with online degree programs allowing working people and other nontraditional students to show themselves. The graduate campus of Park University is located in downtown Kansas City. George S. Park donated a stone-built hotel overlooking the Missouri River as the school’s initial structure.
The BS in Police Studies degree program at Eastern Kentucky University is an online law enforcement degree program that needs 120 hours of study, 90 of which can be transferred from other approved colleges and experience. Students will be prepared to work as a policy analyst, a victim’s advocate, a resource officer, or a law enforcement officer in the private or public sector after graduation. Because of its blend of affordability and quality, Eastern Kentucky University is frequently regarded as a best value college for law enforcement degrees.
Eastern Kentucky University, formerly known as Central University, is a public research university in Lexington, Kentucky. The state’s general assembly created a normal school in 1906, which is currently known as Eastern. In recent years, EKU has established itself as a nationally recognized online educator with a reputation for excellence and ease. Eastern Kentucky University is ranked as one of the best public regional colleges in the South by US News & World Report.
Bemidji State University
The BS in Criminal Justice from Bemidji State University is a fully online degree completion program in which students finish the final two years of a four-year program entirely online. To be eligible for this law enforcement degree online, students must transfer a minimum of 24 credits. The criminal justice bachelor degree at Bemidji State University has been named one of the most cheap in the country by Nonprofit Colleges Online. Graduates are prepared for a variety of jobs, including Peace Officer, Sheriff, State Trooper, and police officer. A few hundred hours of internship are required for the BS in Criminal Justice degree program.
Bemidji State University is located in North/Central Minnesota on the beaches of Lake Bemidji. Originally, the institution was established as a teacher preparation program. The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system includes Bemidji State. US News & World Report has named Bemidji State University as a top Midwest university. In November, Lake Bemidji freezes over and does not defrost until the end of April; throughout the winter, it serves as a parking lot for the school.
The School of Law at North Carolina Central University offers a fully online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with emphasis in Corrections or Law Enforcement. The ACJS – the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences — has certified North Carolina Central University School of Law’s Criminal Justice bachelor program. Criminology, Corrections, Counterterrorism, Homeland Security, and/or Computer Forensics are among the criminal justice disciplines in which graduates are trained. An 80-hour practicum internship is required for NCCU’s criminal justice degree.
The University of North Carolina system includes North Carolina Central University as a member school. It is a public historically black university (HBCU) that is a member school of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. It was founded in 1910. Multiple sites have named North Carolina Central University School of Law as the best online and most cheap law enforcement degree.
Lindenwood University
The School of Science at Lindenwood University offers an online BA in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Candidates can choose between a generalist degree, which requires 51 courses, and a specialization on Law Enforcement, which requires 48 credits and a policy academy option. Courts, police departments, parole services, juvenile facilities, federal agencies, and private enterprises are all options for graduates.
Lindenwood University, founded in 1827 and linked with the Presbyterian Church, is a private university. Lindenwood University is located in St. Louis, Missouri, just west of the city. The school has the distinction of being the second-oldest college west of the Mississippi. Lindenwood University has been named the fastest-growing Midwest university for the past quarter-century.
Suny Canton
A Bachelor of Technology in Criminal Justice with a specialization on Law Enforcement Leadership is available at the State University of New York (SUNY) Canton. The law enforcement degree program at SUNY Canton can be done fully online. This program is for law enforcement professionals who want to improve in their jobs or prospective students who want to work as a ranking police officer. Students may earn a baccalaureate degree as well as the pre-certification necessary of a New York State law enforcement officer.
In 1906, the State University of New York – Canton (SUNY Canton) was founded. It is situated near the Canadian border in New York’s far northwestern borders. The beautiful Adirondack Mountains and the St. Lawrence River flank the campus. SUNY Canton’s focus on STEM, particularly applied technology, has made it one of the state’s most promising universities, and Canton’s criminal justice degree is consistently named among the best online programs in the country.

How Much Can You Make With Law Enforcement Degree?

“What is the wage of a police officer?” is a popular question posed by prospective law enforcement students. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual income for police officers in 2017 was $62,960. This is the equivalent of a $30.27 hourly rate.

Salary information for law enforcement officers vary depending on the role held within a police department. For example, police detectives earn an average of $79,970 a year, while game wardens earn $56,410. Correctional officers earn an average of $43,510 per year, while bailiffs earn $66,630 per year. Correctional treatment specialists, often known as probation officers, assist with parolees who have been released from prison. Probation officers in local government agencies earn an average of $54,990 a year, while state parole officers earn $50,030.

Not everyone with a criminal justice degree works for the government. Private investigators and private security guards are two examples of employment that require a police studies degree. Private investigators earn a median annual salary of $50,700. One of the few law enforcement degree careers that allows for self-employment and business ownership is private investigation (and may be available even if you have a prior conviction). Security guards work in a range of industries, with gaming surveillance professionals being the most paid. Casino surveillance professionals make an average of $36,600 per year and are in control of the casino floors.

Law enforcement degrees will prepare job seekers for any of the aforementioned positions. In addition, several police agencies include educational incentives in their contracts, giving officers with degrees a wage raise.

Best Law Enforcement Degree Programs

Let’s now consider a few of best law enforcement programs that’s very demanding now and will still be valued in the future.

Criminal Justice

Because it directly addresses pertinent topics, criminal justice is one of the greatest degree alternatives for law enforcement personnel. When you pursue a criminal justice degree, you will almost entirely focus your study on themes that you will encounter on a daily basis as a law enforcement officer. Criminal justice degrees cover a wide range of disciplines, including crime prevention, criminal psychology, and law enforcement agency management. You’ll also study about law enforcement ideas that are employed to make decisions in difficult sociological and political situations.

Criminal justice education is beneficial for beginning a career as a police officer, working in a correctional facility, joining the military, and investigating crimes. Criminal justice degrees can also help persons who want to work in private security, premises security, or private investigations in the private sector. Some persons can even utilize their criminal justice degree as a springboard for pursuing higher degrees as an attorney, psychologist, or military officer.

Because of the wide range of topics that criminal justice degrees address, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For example, many high schools offer criminal justice subjects or even certifications. Some criminal justice schools collaborate directly with law enforcement agencies to provide students with hands-on experience while they study. You can also pursue a criminal justice degree online, which might be an excellent alternative if you want to save time and money.


A psychology degree can help you comprehend the emotions, behaviors, and mental processes that lead to criminal behavior. Psychology graduates are in great demand in the law enforcement industry because they can assist law enforcement agencies in determining why crime happens in the first place. When law enforcement authorities understand criminal psychology, they can take proactive measures to avoid crimes while reducing their repercussions.

Many criminal psychology graduates are able to find work in practically any branch of the government that deals with the criminal justice system. You may work as a law enforcement officer, a court worker, a correctional officer, or even a mental health professional if you acquire a psychology degree. The majority of criminal psychology employment are in the public sector, however private clinics and privately held hospitals also have openings.

Another significant benefit of a psychology degree is that it prepares you for a wide range of professional opportunities following graduation. If you wish to work in another branch of law enforcement, having a psychology background is generally a prerequisite. People working in intelligence and investigations, for example, are normally required to have some psychology training before they can begin their employment.

As a criminal psychologist, you may expect to be highly rewarded for your efforts. If you work in a jail, for example, you could be able to assist in the counseling of inmates on how to prevent committing crimes in the future. Many criminal psychologists also have the ability to consult for law enforcement authorities or the business sector.


One of the most important roles of law enforcement authorities is forensics. Investigators must utilize forensics to prove that a crime was committed in order to prosecute it. As a result, law enforcement agencies rely heavily on persons with a forensics expertise. Your forensics knowledge will help you discover crimes while also ensuring that correct crime scene and evidence-handling protocols are followed.

Because of new technology that make forensics more effective, the area of forensics is rapidly expanding. Forensics technology that detects the presence of chemical components or unique identifiers that may be traced back to a specific individual is improving. Many forensics technologies today rely on artificial intelligence to increase the accuracy of investigations and ensure that the results are admissible in court.
When you work in forensics, you’ll spend a lot of time on a computer. As a result, some forensics tasks can be completed remotely from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, forensics and computer science are frequently linked. Your forensics experience will aid you in developing a strong foundation in computer programming and complex computer applications. As a result, as digital technologies progress, the field of forensics is anticipated to stay in high demand.
After earning your forensics degree, you’ll be able to use your talents in a variety of settings. Some forensics professionals operate in the field, conducting forensic investigations at crime sites or interviewing criminals. As a private investigator, you can do fieldwork on your own. You can also work in the lab of your local law enforcement agency or in a forensics research facility that specializes in specific sorts of forensics research.
In the subject of forensics, there are numerous prospects for progress. You can pursue a master’s degree in forensics, which will enable you to work on more difficult projects or advance in your law enforcement agency’s top ranks. You can also pursue additional education for a second degree that is particularly relevant to forensics job. Of course, as your career progresses, your compensation will rise as well.


This is how far we can go on this article; Best law enforcement colleges. Hope you enjoyed reading! If you want to pursue a degree in law enforcement, you can contact any of these law enforcement colleges listed in this article and get more information about their programs.

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