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Study In France: Fees & List Of Universities

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Study in FranceIf you are looking for a good country to pursue your studies will low tuition fees then make up your mind to study in France. Today’s article will focus on study in France, tuition fees, rankings and list of universities. France offers a diverse range of institutions at which you can study. And many of the universities in France rank high with the best universities in whole of Europe and the world.


France is one of Europe’s largest countries.

France is the most popular tourist destination in the world. This is no surprise. France has a wonderful climate condition, natural beauty, art museums and galleries to teach you history, a lot of out door recreational activities such as golf courses. International students in France love the country because of its diversity in natural life.


Apart from the natural beauty all around the country, France is recognized for its delcious dishes, cusine and wine.  Foods, however, vary from one region of the country to another.

The people in France are very formal and courteous. They take great pride in their appearance and clothing.

People in France are courteous and very formal.

The universities in France are reputable universities. Universities in France, consistently, are usually at the top list of of global university rankings.

The universities in France also readily accepts international students who opt to study here. Additionally, in some universities in Paris specifically, funds and scholarship opportunities are readily available for those who may need it.

Thanks to the remarkable reputation of French education, a degree from a university in France will open many doors for you around the globe. No doubt about that.

Some programs in French universities are taught in English while others are taught in French language.

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Universty of Paris

University of Brodeux

Claude Benard University

Charles-de-Gaulle University

University of Burgundy

Jean Moulin University

Le Cordon Bleu


Sorbonne University

University  of Montela

University of Val-de- Marne

University of Gieroble

University of Kent- Pans School of Arts and Culture

University of Metz

Pantheo- Sorbonne University

Paris-Sud University

Science Po

Paris- Dauphine

University of London

The American University

Panthern- Sorbonne

Université Francois Rabelais

University of Strasbourg

Tuition Fee

Tuition Fee for the universities in France varies as it depends on the program you choose.

Some universities in France are being funded by the Government of France.

But generally, the average tuition for undergraduate studies is about 170 EUR per annum. Also, as stated earlier, the tuition in France varies depending on the program of your choice. For example, the cost of tuition for Engineering degrees differ greatly from Medicine and other programs. For Engineering degree programs, the tuition is about 620 EUR per annum.

While for Medicine, the average tuition fees can reach up to 450 EUR per annum

For Master’s degree, however, tuition fee is about 260 EUR per year.

For PhD, the tuition fee is around 396 EUR per annum.

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List of Some Low Tuition Fee Universities in France

  1. Grenoble INP Institute of Engineering Univ. Grenoble Alpes
  2. University of Orleans
  3. University of Strasbourg
  4. University of Burgundy



  1. Grenoble INP Institute of Engineering

Grenoble INP Institute of Engineering was established in the year 1900. It is a public college in France.

University Rankings

#601-700 by ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) 2019

#349 Global Universities by US News and World Report (2021)

#256 Engineering and Technology by QS (2020)

Tuition fees: 122 – 470 EUR per annum.



  1. University of Burgundy

University of Burgundy, Dijon is a public university among the top 90 best universities of France.  The university was founded in 1722.


#32  in the country

#926 in the world.

Courses offered in the University of Burgundy include:

Medicine and Healthcare




Tuition fees: about 170 – 601 EUR per annum

  1. University of Strasbourg

The University of Strasbourg is a public higher education institution with a scientific, cultural and professional vocation.


QS Global World Ranking (2020)- #398

Tuition fees: about 184 – 610 EUR per annum

  1. University of Orleans

University of Orleans is one of the low tuition university in France. It was founded in the year, 1962.


Country: #57

World rank: #1226

Tuition fees: about 170 – 601 EUR per annum.


Cost of Living in France

The cost of living in France for international students, is not so high. Generally, the cost of living in France is moderate. You can expect to get by with about 850 – 1000 .

However, the cost of living in the capital of France, Paris, is on the high side. You can expect to live by with 1,300- 1,500 euros each month.

Student accommodation costs

Prices for accommodation are usually above the international average of 200 – 300 EUR/mont

Food costs in France

France has several mouth- watering and finger- licking foods. But the common conception about French food is that they are expensive.

For food, you may spend an average of about 250-300 EUR per month.

Language for Instruction in France Universities:

You can find programs that are  taught in English. For example, some programs taught in English are:


– Business

– Engineering

– Social studies, amongst others.

Hope you enjoyed reading our article on study in France, fees & requirements. If you want to study in France all you need do is contact the universities over there and request for admission materials and submit your application to them.

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