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Study In Estonia: Ranking & List Of Universities

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Study In Estonia

Today’s article will focus on study in Estonia, tuition fees, cost of living, rankings of universities and full list of top universities in Estonia.  Estonia is another small country located in Northern Europe. Although, like Slovenia, Estonia is one of the not-so- popular countries in Europe, the country has one of the fastest growing economy in Europe. Estonia can be described as Europe’s hidden gem.

Estonia is becoming a new destination for international students. The country is vibrant, attractive and it is easier to survive here because of the cost of living. Universities in Estonia are quite low tuition too.

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1.Some programmes are offered in Estonia

Although the official language in Estonia is Estonian, English is widely spoken by old and younger citizens of the country.  Learning Estonian is not a must, but it surely is a great advantage! Like we often say in our articles, studying aboard is an opportunity to learn a new language. It not only increases your sense of belonging while, but it also adds beauty to your CV after schooling.

Additionally, one super great advantages of learning Estonian is this:  all programs in Estonian are free for international students, even if they are not from the European Union.

  1. There are currently just about 16 universities in Estonia.

There are just few but good universities in Estonia. The country is well- recognized for the quality of its universities and of course, not quantity.


  1. Tuition Fee is not free in Estonia Universities, but it is quite cheap.

Even though universities in Estonia is not free, they are quite cheap.

Tuition fee for international students in Public universities is:

For undergraduate studies: Between 1,660- 7,500 EUR per annum.

For graduate studies (Master’s): Between 1,660 – 7,500 EUR per annum (same price as undergraduate studies)

Please note that tuition fee may vary from one program to the another, even though it is the same university.


The average cost of living for international students in Estonia is about 300-500 euro per month.


  1. University of Tartu
  2. Tallinn University of Technology
  3. Estonia Business School
  4. Concordia International University
  5. Tartu Medical University
  6. Nord University
  7. Tallinn University
  8. Estonian University of Life Sciences


Top Universities in Estonia

  1. Tallinn University
  2. University of Tartu
  3. Tallinn University of Technology


Low Tuition Fee Universities in Estonia

Tallinn University of Technology – Bachelors and Masters start at 0 EUR/year

Estonian Academy of Arts – Masters start at 0 EUR/year

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre – Bachelors and Masters start at 600 EUR/year

Tallinn University – Bachelors start at 1,960 EUR/year; Masters start at 1,825 EUR/year



1.Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech)

First on our list on low -tuition fee universities in Estonia is Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech).

TalTech is one of the best ranked universities in Estonia.

Tallin University of Technology Rankings:

Times Higher Education ranks it – #801

Top University Ranking (2021) -#651

U.S News & World Report Ranking (2020)- #1022

As the name of the university implies, TalTech is a technical university. There about 30 programs taught in English here.

  1. Estonian Business School (EBS)

Estonia Business School was founded in the year 1988 in Tallinn, Estonia.  It is a renowned private business school amongst other, worldwide.

Estonia Business School has international recognition/ accreditation for all its program.



  1. University of Tartu (UT)

We have arrived at the oldest, biggest and best ranked university in Estonia.  This low tuition university gained its ground as a university in the year 1919. Ever since then, the University of Tartu has proved to be the best university in Tartu, Estonia.

Top Courses offered in University of Tartu:

– Medicine

– Health Science

– Business

– Engineering Sciences

– Computer Sciences

62 programs are taught in English in the University of Tartu. That is, 3 programs in undergraduate studies, 24 international programs for graduate studies and then 35 PhD program. All 62 programs in English!


Rankings for University of Tartu:

ARWU (2020) University ranking – # 401 – 500

QS (2021) World University Ranking – #285

THE (2021) University ranking #251 – 300

US News & World Report (2021) -#289

Now that you know more about Estonia and its universities including its low tuition universities, the big question is: how do I apply?

We have outline 3 Steps to apply into any of the Universities in Estonia

Step 1:

You need to find a suitable degree program to study in Estonia

Step 2:

Get the required admission documents ready. Admission documents should include:

– result from previous school

– admission tests & interviews

– essays

Note: Admission requirements may differ depending on the program or university, you are applying into.

Step 3:

Submit your application online at the school’s website.

You can apply to as many universities in Estonia as you wish, with a single application.

Note: Some  Universities in Estonia established a non- refundable application fee. Application fee is about 0-120 Euros.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article on study in Estonia, ranking and list of universities. If you want to study in Estonia, we advise that you contact the universities listed above and start your application.

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