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Study In Denmark: Fees and List of Universities

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Study in Denmark: Tuition Fees and Living Costs - MastersPortal.comIf you are looking for the happiest place to study, then you should look closely at study in Denmark. The atmosphere in Denmark is very calm and safe. The educational system in Denmark is up-to-date, the facilities and technologies are if required standards.  If Denmark is your desired country to study in then we here to increase that desire. This article focuses on study in Denmark, tuition fees and list of universities.


– Studying in Denmark, can open minds to creativity and can boost you mental abilities to problem solving

– The universities in Denmark pay more attention to practical- learning or hand on experience. They give opportunities to study to practice whatever that requires practical during learning.

– Denmark cares about the Health of her students

In Demark universities, all international students in Denmark, enjoy free medical services, excluding Dental care. Those who are not entitled to this offer, can use their health insurance to cover up any medical services.

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– Your Right is Respected as a Student

Students have rights to ask questions and be clarified if in confusion or doubt. Denmark universities are very well of that. Thus, in Denmark it is not disagreeable or considered rude, if a student interrupt his lecturer. This reason alone, can help you be more expressive.

– Tuition in Denmark universities are quite affordable while it is free for some. For example, if you reside in Denmark as a permanent residence or you hope to obtain permanent residence, at the time of applying, you may be eligible to no tuition fee.

– Denmark is a clean country. The people of Denmark realize that plastic bottles can be recycled or reused. Hence, they do not throw plastic bottles on the roads.



  1. University College of Northern Denmark (UCN)
  2. Roskilde University (RUC)
  3. Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
  4. IT University of Copenhagen (ITU)
  5. Aarhus University
  6. Aalborg University

7.Naesgard Agricultural School

  1. Odense University
  2. Denmark Communications Academy
  3. Vejlby Agricultural College
  4. Tietgen Business College
  5. Odense University of Engineering
  6. International People’s College
  7. National Institute for Social Educators
  8. Royal Academy of Music
  9. Haderslev Statsseminarium
  10. Lyngby’ Uddannelsescenter
  11. Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, School of Architecture
  12. Southern Denmark Business School
  13. IT University of Copenhagen


  1. University College of Northern Denmark (UCN)

The University College of Northern Denmark, is situated in Northern Denmark.  This university in Denmark specializes on the following courses:

– Education,

– Business,

– Healthcare,

– Education, and

– Technology.

Language for Instruction:

English language (depending on your field of study though)

  1. Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

If you are interested in studying Business in Denmark, this is the university for you.  Copenhagen Business School is populated with over 20,000 students. This university is one of the most considered choice of universities for international students who wish to study in Denmark. This is because most of their program are taught in English. For example, out of eighteen (18) undergraduate programs, eight (8) are taught in English. Then also, out of 33 master degree programs a whole 11 are unreservedly taught in English.

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  1. Aarrhus University

Aarrhus University is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world. It is the oldest and biggest in Denmark.

The university has a whole a whole four faculties of health, science and technology, business and social sciences, and arts.



  1. IT University of Copenhagen (ITU)

IT University is the smallest university in Denmark . It was established in 1999.

This is one of the cheapest universities in Denmark. It is an IT university. It specialises in area of technology with its focus on research.

Tuition Fee: USD 7,400 per semester.



  1. Roskilde University (RUC)

Tuition Fee: About 3,900 EUR

Roskilde University really cares for international students. They have three bachelor degrees specially for international students, they call it International Bachelor Study Programs.  These programs are available in fields as: Humanities and Natural Science.

After studying here, the possibility of getting a job easily is almost 100%. This is confirmed because Roskilde University is linked with several companies including organizations, to offer jobs to their students.

  1. Tietgen Business College

Tietgen Business College is yet another business University in Denmark. As a matter of fact, Tietgen Business College is the third largest business school in Denmark.


  1. Aalborg University

Aalborg University is another university in Denmark.Aalgborg University conducts teaching and research to the highest level in the fields of Humanities, Engineering, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences.

Some Popular Bachelor’s degree programs offered in Aalborg University are:

-Applied Philosophy

– Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

– Computer Technology

– Applied Industrial Electronics

– Law

– Architecture and Design


8.. Lyngby’ Uddannelsescenter

Lyngby’ Uddannelsescenter is a business college in Kongens Lyngby, Denmark. This university specialises on IT and Business programs.

Language for Instruction in Lyngby’ Uddannelsescenter:

Most of the programs here, are offered in English.

We hope this article on study in Denmark was helpful. If you want to study in Denmark, we advise that you contact the university and start your application.

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