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Risk Management and Insurance Degree

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Do you intend to study Risk Management and Insurance degree, but don’t know how to go about it? This article is for you as we are going to provide you with all the information needed to pursue a Risk Management and Insurance degree. To get started, let’s see what Risk Management and Insurance entails.

What Is Risk Management and Insurance Degree?

Students who major in Risk Management and Insurance might pursue a profitable profession. The curriculum teaches students how to recognize, analyze, and manage financial and operational risks in both personal and professional situations.

Students in Risk Management and Insurance are prepared for work in three areas. The first is working for an insurance company, creating and servicing insurance products for both individuals and corporations. The profession of risk management is the second. A company’s risk manager foresees potential losses and devises a strategy to deal with them. The third type of job is working in an insurance agency, which entails selling and servicing insurance products.

Students who choose to focus on risk management and insurance can take the Ohio property/casualty and/or life/health insurance licensing tests. They can also achieve the credential of University Associate Certified Insurance Counselor (UACIC).

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Top Schools Offering Risk Management and Insurance Degree?

If you are looking for schools offering Risk Management and Insurance degree, you can contact the following schools and get started. The schools have good ranking and their certificate is recognized globally:

University of Pennsylvania

As part of its Business Economics and Public Policy program, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania offers an undergraduate Insurance & Risk Management concentration as well as an actuarial science concentration, where students examine the techniques used by corporations, organizations, and individuals to minimize the potential financial losses arising from risk exposures. Global risk management, regulation, estate planning, and related public policy activities are all included in the program.

University Of Georgia

The Risk Management and Insurance degree curriculum at Terry College dates back to 1965. Students must pass a standardized, multiple-choice evaluation of academic skills, maintain marks in certain economics, accounting, and risk management courses, and submit a statement of purpose in order to be accepted into the program.

More than 50 employers attend the program’s annual Risk and Insurance Careers Day. Commercial property and liability insurance, employee benefits, insurer operations and policy, corporate risk management, life insurance, and other topics are covered in the program.

St. Joseph’s University

The Risk Management and Insurance major at St. Joseph’s has risen in rank faster than any other institution, giving finance students a better understanding of policies, pricing, and underwriting.

Through the Haub Degree Completion program, students can earn a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Risk Management and Insurance. Students can join the college’s Gamma Iota Sigma chapter to network with instructors, students, and industry leaders.

University of Wisconsin, Madison 

The department of Actuarial Science, Risk Management, and Insurance in the school of business provides undergraduate degrees in actuarial science and risk management and insurance, as well as an MBA in risk management and insurance.

The RMI program, which began in 1938, is the second oldest of its kind in the United States. Every fall, the department holds a career fair that draws roughly 50 organizations, with full-time and internship positions available.

The Risk Management and Insurance Society at the school is the country’s oldest collegiate risk management society, with over 2,200 graduates. Each year, roughly 60 students graduate from the program. The school has won grants to assist industry-related research issues and is a globally recognized Center of Actuarial Excellence.

Temple University 

The Department of Risk, Insurance, and Healthcare Management at the Fox School of Business has over 300 undergraduate and graduate students and provides degrees in risk management and insurance, actuarial science, and healthcare management. Gamma Iota Sigma’s Sigma chapter is a hub of activity for students.

Georgia State University 

The Department of Risk Management and Insurance takes a wide view of the sector, providing a curriculum that covers financial concepts in all risk markets.

The program boasts one of the world’s largest full-time research faculties dedicated to the subject, with more than 20 articles published in commercial journals each year. The school’s two research centers, the Center for Risk Management and Insurance Research and the Center for Economic Analysis of Risk, assist faculty and students in their studies.

Florida State University

The Department of Risk Management/Insurance, Real Estate, and Legal Studies at Florida State University developed the undergraduate major in Risk Management and Insurance in the 1940s.

“Insurance Days,” a two-day placement program for RMI students focusing on internships and full-time jobs, is held by the department. Many training modules in their degree can be “fast-tracked,” and students can join the Florida State Insurance Society to meet with faculty and business executives outside of the classroom. Dr. William T. Hold, a 1963 graduate who went on to form the National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research, is one of the most famous alumni.

New York University

The university’s Stern School of Business offers an undergraduate degree in actuarial science. Probability, statistics, financial mathematics, actuarial mathematics, finance, marketing, accounting, management, and information technology are among the subjects covered by students.

The curriculum at Stern prepares students to take the first three examinations jointly given by the Society of Actuaries and the Casualty Actuarial Society, as well as the three fields of economics, finance, and applied statistical methods validation by educational experience.

The Actuarial Society at the Stern School of Business is organized by students and hosts seminars and gatherings. As part of the School of Professional Studies, graduate students can earn a certificate in Enterprise Risk Management.

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Here, students can pursue a finance degree with a focus on insurance and risk management. Students are exposed to business and government experts in the field through guest lectures and internships at organizations such as Allstate, A.J. Gallagher, Northwestern Mutual, and State Farm, as well as traditional classroom lectures and hands-on projects.

Students also participate in the University’s Office of Risk Management and Insurance Research, which allows corporate partners to assist in the identification and design of crucial challenges.

University of Texas, Austin

The Center for Risk Management and Insurance at the McCombs School of Business is a renowned independent research resource for public policy decision-makers in Texas on risk-related topics.

The study of credit scoring in insurance and its public policy consequences; environmental risks and their management; and the social, ethical, and financial implications of genetic testing for risk and insurance underwriting are among the research themes. The American Risk and Insurance Association’s main publication, the Journal of Risk and Insurance, is sponsored and edited by the Center. The center also offers professional programs such as ARM, CSP, and CPCU.

The Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management offers three academic degrees in information management, operations management, and risk management. A degree in actuarial science is also available from the Department of Mathematics.

What does Risk management and insurance graduates do?

Risk management and insurance experts concentrate on the role of executive leadership in addressing company risks. Individuals and corporations can work in the risk management and insurance industries to control (or predict) risk and protect themselves from catastrophic losses. These experts assist clients in comprehending their insurance requirements and possibilities.

When most people think of insurance careers, they think of sales, but that’s only one facet of the industry. Consulting, underwriting, asset management, human resources, customer service, actuarial, and legal services are among the other services offered. Some Risk Management majors pursue certificate programs such as the Certificate in Legal Studies or the Certificate in Actuarial Science. These credentials necessitate particular study and are closely related to the student’s job goals.


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