Oregon University acceptance rate

Oregon University Acceptance Rate

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Oregon University acceptance rateIn our article today, we shall be considering Oregon University acceptance rate for students, it’s current ranking, tuition fees, admission requirements etc.

The University of Oregon (UO, U of O, or Oregon) is a public research university in Eugene, Oregon. The Willamette University’s 295-acre campus, which was founded in 1876, is located along the Willamette River. The University of Oregon has been controlled by the Board of Trustees of the University of Oregon since July 2014. The university has 19 research centers and institutes and is designated as “R1: Doctoral Universities – Very High Research Activity.” In 1969, the University of Oregon was accepted into the Association of American Universities.

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Oregon University Acceptance Rate

Oregon University has an acceptance rate of 82% , meaning that 8 out of 10 people that apply for admission actually get in. The average SAT score for students admitted to Oregon is 1100-1310, and the average ACT score is 22-28. Oregon has a January 15 deadline for ordinary admissions applications. Early action is available to interested students, and the Oregon early action deadline is November 1.

Oregon University Tuition Fees

For the regular academic year, the Office of Financial Aid provides an estimate of full-time educational costs for attending Oregon State University. Students’ tuition costs differ based on their residency status, course of study, and degree level. The budget’s Room and Board section is based on a national average for students who live on campus, off campus, or commute from home.

Actual costs can differ depending on a student’s personal preferences and course of study. The costs listed below are typical financial aid budget items, and they reflect an average of how much students can expect to spend on tuition and fees, books and supplies, room and board, and personal and miscellaneous expenses. On the student’s billing account, only actual direct charges will appear.

International students are expected to pay between $29,403 to $33,063 per year, while residents should budget between $12,444 to $15,576 per year. Annual living expenses is put at $18,000 to $25,000

Oregon University ranking

Oregon University is one of the top ranked public universities in Eugene, United States. According to the 2021 QS Global World Ranking, the university is ranked on #601-650. By subject it’s ranked #101-120 and #94 in the United States.

Oregon University scholarships 

At the University of Oregon, international students can apply for financial aid at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. International students receive more than $2.5 million in financial aid and scholarships each year from the University of Oregon. For international students, a list of financial aid and scholarship opportunities is provided on the university portal. Incoming students (local and international) who apply by January 15 will be considered automatically for the General University Scholarship Program.

Students must apply for admission by January 15 to be considered for scholarships and work-study opportunities. By February 15, all application documents, including test scores, must be sent.

Scholarship Basis for Award Additional Application? Deadlines
UO Excellence Academic (limited awards) No Apply for Admission to UO by January 15. All admission application materials must be received by the Office of Admissions by February 15.
Summit 3.90 GPA or higher on a 4.00 scale No Apply for Admission to UO by January 15. All admission application materials must be received by the Office of Admissions by February 15.
Apex 3.70 GPA or higher on a 4.00 scale No Apply for Admission to UO by January 15. All admission application materials must be received by the Office of Admissions by February 15.


How to apply for admission

Oregon University accepts online application. Ensure that you have all your documents ready, including test scores, certificates as they will be needed during the online application process. To start your online application, click here and follow the instructions on the university’s admission page.

What GPA is needed for Oregon?

University of Oregon needs you to have a 3.59 GPA and be in the middle of your high school class. You’ll need a mix of A’s and B’s, with a few C’s thrown in for good measure. If you have a poor GPA, you can make up for it by taking more difficult courses such as AP or IB subjects.

What SAT is required for Oregon?

Students that get into Oregon have an average SAT score between 1100-1310 or an average ACT score of 22-28. The regular admissions application deadline for Oregon is January 15. Interested students can apply for early action, and the Oregon early action deadline is November 1.

Does University of Oregon have Greek life?

The Greek-Letter organizations at the University of Oregon operate as a values-based community that values Scholarship & Learning, Community Service & Philanthropy, Brotherhood & Sisterhood, Leadership Engagement, and Community Awareness.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article on Oregon University Acceptance Rate. If you want to study in the university, you can visit the school’s homepage and get all the information. You can also ask any question using the comment box below.

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