Online Internships for high school students

Online Internships For High School Students

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Online internships for high school studentsAre you a student, looking for online internships for high school students? You are at the right place as we are going to provide you with a full list of online internships for high school students.

Internships are a great way for high school students to get experience. They not only make your CV stand out to admissions committees and potential employers, but they also show that you spend your free time researching about and delving into your love outside of school. They also teach you crucial abilities that you’ll need in your chosen industry in the future.

COVID-19 has, however, harmed a variety of possibilities and experiences, including internships. Due to social distance restrictions, many high school students who planned on working in a workplace and receiving hands-on experience will no longer be permitted to do so. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend your summer twiddling your thumbs. Here are nine distant high school internships that are still taking applications to keep you learning and interested.

Let us now consider some of the top online internships for high school students.

Online Internships For High School Students

Virtual NGO & Social Support Internship

Do you fantasize of assisting individuals in an other country? To get started without moving abroad, sign up for the virtual NGO and Social Support internship. You’ll help at-risk kids, HIV sufferers, and other minority groups by donating to non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

You’ll complete administrative chores, design workshop activities, and learn about case management while working from home. Check out this opportunity and the free application if you wish to work as a social worker or psychologist. It’s a popular technique to get a foot in the door of a humanities career.

AmeriCorps Summer Teaching Fellowship

If you prefer whiteboard lessons and classroom decor, the AmeriCorps Summer Teaching Fellowship might be for you. It’s a two-week virtual internship where you can organize and co-lead lessons from the convenience of your own home. You will receive a $2,800 scholarship for your future college career in exchange for your time and hard work.

Kung Fu Tea HR Internship

Human Resources is a field where many people find a lifetime of rewarding work (HR). Working at Kung Fu Tea remotely is a terrific way to get your feet wet. You’ll file paperwork, organize appointments, and complete various administrative jobs for the department for an hourly wage.

For a variety of reasons, this internship provides a range of opportunities. In your application, you must first compose a letter of interest. Because both are opportunities to promote yourself, it’s wonderful practice for when you write your college application essays. If you’re still undecided what you want to do after graduation, you can leverage your HR experience to find part-time work throughout college or a job after graduation.

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SMOC Various Internships

The South Middlesex Opportunity Council (SMOC) is a non-profit organization established in Massachusetts that campaigns for the rights of disadvantaged and low-income people. High school students can participate in a variety of internships, ranging from administration and finance to homelessness services.

Their virtual positions are unpaid, but some universities may accept them for college credit. It’s a personal choice whether or not to intern for a stipend. Before you apply for anything, assess the benefits and drawbacks to see which option is best for your financial and situational needs.

NASA STEM Engagement Internship Program

NASA intends to encourage high school students to pursue jobs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). During the summer, fall, and spring semesters, they have a variety of possibilities. You may devote your time to creating a celestial mapping system and leave your imprint on the universe. Look into any specialty internships you may complete from the comfort of your own home.

These kind of unique roles will help you prepare for specialized careers following graduation. They’re especially useful if you live far away from NASA centers and desire to work for them one day. You’ll gain experience and learn how to enter the workforce for any ambition you’ve created based on your passions.

Smithsonian Science Education Center Internship Program

Have you ever marveled by the Smithsonian Institution’s numerous treasures? As you prepare to teach, you might share the delight of learning about history with pupils. The Smithsonian Institute hires high school students for internships in a range of fields.

You can choose a program that suits your interests after learning more about what they have to offer. You may spend the next six months breaking down barriers in the STEM sector or learning how to manage the internationally recognized brand’s digital channels. Because the Smithsonian is regarded for credible, ground-breaking work, your resume will impress any potential employer.

EnergyMag Internship

Do you want to contribute to making the world a better place? You may obtain experience working in the renewable energy business through EnergyMag’s internships, which are open to high school and college students. Internships can be half-time (2-8 weeks, 20 hours per week) or quarter-time (1-9 months, 8 hours per week) to obtain research and analytical abilities as well as work experience.

PHC Group, LLC Mary Miller Summer Program

Through this paid internship, rising high school seniors and new grads can build leadership skills and pursue autonomous interests. You’ll work on social media and community projects, as well as social trend research, under the direction of the public health director.

Upkey Leadership & Career Readiness Internship

Each quarter, Upkey offers 1,000 new virtual internships to help students develop leadership and job ready skills. High school seniors and college students can obtain skills and explore ideas such as financial literacy, multichannel marketing, understanding social equity, and more through project-based learning and micro-internships across various company departments.

Geosciences Bridge Program

The Geosciences Bridge Program is a 6-week paid internship for students interested in ocean sciences, atmospheric sciences, and geographic information systems at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Interns earn college credits while participating in the program, which includes lectures, exciting field trips, and hands-on activities. The program also includes lodging, meals, and transportation to and from the University of Maryland East Shore.

Spikeview Social Media and Product Strategy Internship

Spikeview is a mobile app that allows teenagers to share their personal stories and accomplishments. It’s similar to LinkedIn, but for teenagers. To provide experience in marketing and business/product strategy, Spikeview is giving unpaid internships and ambassadorship programs to high school students around the United States. Working with outreach teams and even the CEO will be a part of this Social Media and Product Strategy Internship.

United Planet Virtual Internship

United Planet is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to build global community through volunteerism. Internships in global health, environmental sustainability, and children and education are available to students over the age of 16. Students will be able to improve their understanding of diverse cultures throughout the world while also increasing their network by working in groups with similar interests.

U.S. Department of State Pathways Internship Program

The Pathways Internship Program of the United States Department of State provides students with paid opportunity to explore various Federal career options. Pathways Internship Student Trainee with the Department of Health and Human Services is one of the current positions. Administrative Trainee, Public Health Analyst Trainee, and Information Technology Trainee are the three alternatives for this position.

How To Find an Internship Program

Search Locally

An internship does not always have to entail working for a large corporation. In fact, because of that local connection, it will most likely be easier to locate an internship at a nearby company.

Another advantage of working for a small business is the potential to make a meaningful difference. Local internship options can allow you to learn a lot and contribute to the company’s development because there are fewer employees and you have more direct contact with the owner/CEO. In many cases, there are no internet listings for internships at small businesses. As a high school student, personally emailing the company you want to intern at or texting the small business owner on LinkedIn may be your best choice.

Be Adaptable

With COVID-19 still having an influence on businesses around the country, finding an internship may necessitate adjusting your preferences to match jobs that allow you to work remotely. In comparison to mechanical engineering and healthcare, it is more easier to pursue options such as journalism, software engineering, and marketing in a remote setting.

While finding chances in a field you’re interested in can be challenging, it’s crucial not to give up hope and to be resourceful in your search. Ask your professors, counselors, and family members if they know someone who works in your industry. Look up business owners on LinkedIn and try cold messaging them.

Improve Your Interview Skills

Interviews can be nerve-wracking for a high school student. The more you practice your interview skills, though, the more prepared and confident you will feel when the time occurs. Doing mock interviews with individuals you know is an excellent method to practice.


This is how far we can go on this article: Online Internships For High School Students. You can contact the various agencies posted here and get more information about their internship programs.

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