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Oak Grove School Ojai: Reviews, Fees & Admissions

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Our study guide today will focus on Oak Grove School in Ojai, California. We shall consider this school’s fees, programs, how to apply for admissions etc. If you are looking for a good high school to send your child to, we recommend Oak Grove School in Ojai. As you read this article, you will understand why many parents choose to register their children in Oak Grove School. Let’s start by giving a brief overview of this school.

Oak Grove School Ojai

Oak Grove School is a day and boarding school in Ojai, California, that is private and co-educational. Jiddu Krishnamurti founded it in 1975 as part of the Krishnamurti Foundation of America. Oak Grove School’s objective or missions is to help children develop the qualities of mind, heart, and body that will enable them to participate in the modern world with excellence, care, and responsibility. In addition, the school hopes to provide a space where the entire community can come together to explore a holistic, aware, and intelligent approach to living.

Oak Grove is a school that emphasizes inquiry and self-awareness as a foundation for learning. The school culture is loving, inclusive, and comprehensive, and each member of the school community is recognized and valued. You are cordially invited to join us for an upcoming Orientation Tour to learn more about Oak Grove School.

Oak Grove doesn’t have a “typical” student. Students and families from various backgrounds, talents, and interests are encouraged to apply. The match between school, family, and student is crucial in the decision-making process. The admissions procedure is designed to guarantee that the 240 students in Preschool through 12th grade reflect the school’s worldview as broadly as possible.

Oak Grove School Programs

Oak Grove cultivates an atmosphere in which students are encouraged to ask meaningful questions that arise from a place of truth inside them. The 150-acre woodland campus, combined with the school’s emphasis on self-awareness, provides a safe environment for serious inquiry, affectionate conversation, and openness in the face of adversity, all while filling our days with a sense of comfort and joy.

The Art of Living and Learning highlights a number of underlying ideas that run across the school’s culture, curriculum, classroom practice, and student learning goals.

The school has the following programs available for students:

Early Childhood

The Oak Grove experience begins for many families in the Early Childhood Program. The large indoor and outdoor classrooms are filled with open-ended items that encourage inquiry and creativity. Play is early childhood’s work, and that is taken seriously.


The elementary program takes a progressive approach to teaching, emphasizing collaboration and teamwork, as well as creativity, imagination, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Middle School

The Middle School program recognizes the delicate, but often difficult, transition from childhood to adolescent. Oak Grove school’s teachers strive to tap into each student’s unique interests by encouraging students to explore their innate creativity, ask deep and probing questions, communicate clearly, and think creatively.

High School

Oak Grove High School, which features day and boarding alternatives, combines a rigorous college prep program with a focus on self-awareness and a sense of shared responsibility to the larger world. The school’s interesting curriculum tests students’ material understanding as well as their ability to build skills. Project-based learning and small, discussion-based classes provide the opportunity to delve deeply into topics. The four-year course sequence fulfills or exceeds the admissions requirements for major colleges and institutions.


Oak Grove’s residential program reimagines boarding school for high school students. Oak Grove is a flexible 7-day boarding school for domestic and international students in 9th through 12th grades, located in the serene and scenic Ojai Valley, about 90 minutes from Los Angeles.
The school’s family-style boarding facility provides a safe and welcoming atmosphere for living and studying. Weekends can be spent with family if desired, as several boarders reside within an hour or two of Ojai.

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Oak Grove Admission Process

A campus tour, online application, teacher assessment forms, previous school transcripts (if available), a parent interview, and, in most cases, a student visit are all part of the application process. Priority is given to applicants who have completed the admissions procedure by February 1, 2022. For more information, please contact the Admissions Office at 805-646-8236 x109.

Student interest and character, academic aptitude and success, recommendations, and interviews are all part of the admissions process. Aside from individual merit and the appropriateness of an Oak Grove education for each student, the composition of each class and what a student will bring to that dynamic are also taken into account. Throughout the campus, there are a limited amount of spots available. Some classes may only have spots available dependent on attrition.

Campus Tours

Oak Grove is looking forward to showing parents around the gorgeous, sprawling campus. Parents should only attend tours if their children are in grades Preschool through Fifth. The tour is open to students entering grades 6 through 12. Tours are available on a variety of weekdays and can be found at the link below. Reservations are essential because space is limited. If an other date is required, please contact the Admissions Office.

Evaluation Of Transcripts & Forms

Your child’s present school must complete teacher evaluation forms and transcripts for youngsters applying for grades 1 through 12. These forms will be made available to you once your application has been started. They can either be emailed or mailed back to Oak Grove School.

Parent Interview & Student Visit

After you’ve toured the school and filed your application, an admissions representative will contact you to set up a parent interview and a student visit.

Both parents are encouraged to attend the parent interview whenever possible. Parents will meet with the Director of Admissions and, on occasion, a Program Director to learn more about Oak Grove’s philosophy and instructional method, as well as what an Oak Grove education might entail for their family.

Your child(ren) in grades 1-12 will have the opportunity to visit with their present peer group and spend a full day on campus, including lunch and specialist sessions, if possible. In February, candidates for preschool and kindergarten will be asked for a parent-child visit. This one-hour visit gives you the chance to meet our outstanding teachers and witness how they assist children’s play, resolve conflicts, and lead a group circle.

Application Status

Acceptance letters are given out in mid-March for the following school year’s enrolment. If space becomes available after February 1st, applications received after that date will be considered. To reserve a spot for your child, we require a non-refundable tuition deposit, a signed enrollment contract, and a completed set of enrollment documents.

The school keep an active wait pool since they are unable to grant enrollment to every candidate. A family must have fulfilled all application criteria and obtained a wait pool decision from the Admissions Committee to be placed in the wait pool. The wait pool accepts applications on a first-come, first-served basis, with the goal of balancing class groups. The wait pool, on the other hand, does not automatically carry over to the following year.

A completed enrollment contract must include proof of immunization. California schoolchildren must be completely vaccinated, have a physician-signed plan to become current with immunizations, or have a valid Medical Exemption, according to new state legislation.

Oak Grove School Scholarships

The goal of these scholarship possibilities is to recognize Oak Grove School students who exemplify the school’s principles. We urge students to use their minds, bodies, and hearts well through The Arts of Living and Learning, a framework inspired by our founder J. Krishnamurti’s mission and philosophy.

The emphasis on inquiry and self-knowledge, as well as the relationships among students, instructors, and parents, provide a rich learning environment for High School students. Every year, not every scholarship is available. All scholarships are based on financial need and require a financial aid application. When contemplating applying for a scholarship, please contact the admissions office.

The Spirit Of Oak Grove Scholarship

Patagonia Diversity Scholarship

Oak Grove School Tuition Fees

Oak Grove School Ojai charges a moderate tuition fees parents can afford. If you want to know the exact tuition fees to pay, we advise that you contact the school or visit this link where all the fees for all categories of students is clearly stated.

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