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Mohawk College: Ranking, Fees & Requirements

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Mohawk College was established in 1966, and it’s accredited by the Ministry of trading, universities, and colleges. The college is one of Canada’s best colleges and has more than 150 programs for local and international students.  The college is widely recognized as a leading health and technology education institution that impacts students, making them thrive in the outside world.

The institution’s primary department includes; technology, preparatory studies, graduate studies, continuing education, skilled trades and apprenticeship, health, communication studies, business communication arts, etc.

More than 1,200 international students from above 70 countries worldwide attend the college. The college also provide educational funds, scholarships and financial counselling for both domestic and international students.  Attending Mohawk College should be a dream, and making it a reality should be a priority. Here is the college’s review that contains the application process, scholarship, and all you need to know about the institution.

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Reasons to chose institution of learning Global Ranking

Mohawk College, Canada, has series of rankings around the world, and they alone serve as a reason you should choose the college. However, check out the rankings and other reasons to guide your decision.


– #6218 in the global ranking

– #85 in Canada

– #1392 in Continental

-Part of the top 20 in Canada for Applied Science

– Ranked in the top 10 colleges in Ontario, Canada.

Other reasons you should choose Mohawk College, Canada

1) The College accepts international students solely on academic results and grades.

2) The college has produced notable Alumni you can look up to.

3) Mohawk college is globally known for its impact on the health and technology education world.

4) The College has more than one campus to house and teach both the local and international students.

5) The college is located in a notable area in Canada.

6) Mohawk College accepts part-time, full-time, and apprenticeship students.


How to apply

Applying for any course at Mohawk College isn’t stressful. Local Canadian students can apply via the Ontario College Application System. However, international students will have to go through about three different stages before applying to the college.

The stages include; before the application process, application process, and after application. Each stage has a sub-stage that highlights the methods in which international students will follow to apply.


  • Before application

Here is the stage that precedes the application process, and it’s advisable students follow the process here.

– Decide on your academic goals and plan how you want it

– Check if your desired program is available in the college

– Get in touch with a market specialist at Mohawk college to put you through complex processes.

– Research more about Mohawk College

– Check out the admission requirements and understand them.

– Understand the application process

– Check out the college’s admission status, which includes; accepted, program filled-up, and accepted with conditions.


  • Application process

Here is the stage that will put you through the requirements, deadline, and submitting an application.

– Choose your course of study

– Fill your application form, which should include like passport, student permit, tuition deposit receipt.

– Turn in your application form through your market specialist or to

It’s also possible to fax your application form or deliver it by person/post to the college, International Partnership & Recruitment department.


  • After Application

– You’ll see the status of your application after a few days.

– The college might require you to take writing, maths/English language to be reassured you can thrive in the chosen program.

– You’ll get your acceptance letter via the college’s document portal.



To be qualified to study at Mohawk College,  applicants for post-secondary courses should have an Ontario Secondary school Diploma. Applicants must also be about 19 years as at the onset of the program. Besides, there are some general qualifications/ requirements, and they include;

  • Passport
  • Résumé
  • Letter of intent
  • Transcript from high school/higher education institute
  • Academic documents.
  • Valid student permit
  • Attendance from another school
  • IELTS/TOEFL result


When to apply

The Mohawk College offers admission to intellectual students starting from February 1st. The waitlist for oversubscribed programs will be drafted at the same date, and other offers will follow. Although applying for more than one program in the college makes you eligible for multiple programs. The college will continue accepting applicants after February 1st according to the date of students’ applications.

Moreover, the application deadline for courses can be either May 1st, 2020 or August 1st, 2020, or February 1st, 2021, depending on the intake & processing’s dates.

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Tuition fees

The tuition fees of local and international students differ in Mohawk College. International students pay around $14, 261 although fees depend on the course of study. However, undergraduate and diploma students pay an average of $12 479, while post-graduate students pay within $7,970-$20,080. Anyway, see the tuition fees of some students in the college.

-1st year students; $1,354.904 ( one semester), $2,708.08(two semesters)

-2nd year students; $1,354.04(one semester), $2,708.08(two semesters)

-Returning 3rd year students; $1,327.74(one semester), $2,708.08(two semesters)

-715-practical nursing students; $1,661.81(one semester), $3,323.62(two semesters)

-715-practical nursing returning students; $1,661.81(one semester), $3,323.62(two semesters)


Life in the City

Hamilton, Ontario is one of Canada’s largest cities, and Mohawk college is in a suitable environment. The fennel campus is the school’s main campus, and the city is home to about half a million people. Mohawk College offers admission to at least 10,000 students every year, and the city has the necessary amenities to occupy.

Hamilton has the arts, music, and cultural scene, meaning students will have the space to explore their favorite scene without restriction. The city is cold during winter, fall, spring, and hot summer. Amenities like housing, recreation, healthcare, educational facilities are widely spread across the city.


Scholarships for international students

Like most colleges, Mohawk colleges offer scholarships to international and local students, although this section will discuss international students’ scholarships. Most of the scholarships for international students pay for their studies throughout their stay at the college. Moreover, the college offers financial counseling, online training, bursaries, etc., to aid students with their studies.

An example of the scholarship is the educational fund, and international students will apply through the below process.


1) Students must be offering at least a course in the college.

2) Students must check out the document qualifications on the university page and meet all the requirements.

3) Students must also check the preferred requirements of the program.

4)Students might have to show the English language ability using the IELTS/TOEFL test.

Other scholarships for international students in Mohawk College include;

– Athletics scholarships

– Volunteer/other event’s scholarship

– Bursaries for students with financial help

– Scholarships on academic merits


Writing a stellar essay in view of pursuing academic scholarships

It’s pretty standard for scholarships to require applicants to write an essay before an award. It’s more like a tradition that has been on for some time, it’s no different for Mohawk College. Although there are some things, you need to keep in mind for your essay to earn you a scholarship. Here are some tips you should follow unless you’re given specified instructions.

Your essay must be

-12 font size

-One-inch margin(bottom, side, and top)

-Times New Roman font


Tips to keep in mind while writing a stellar essay for a scholarship

1) Be patient before writing and read the instructions carefully.

2) Research the content of the essay, arrange and  put them into an outline before elaborating

3) Explain your points.

4) Use simple words that your audience understand

5) Scan the question and skim through your content again to be sure you’re on the right track.


Frequently asked questions about Mohawk College.

What is the annual average cost I’ll spend if I attend Mohawk College?

The average accommodation cost for international students is $7,700, while the average price for tuition fees is $12,479. The feeding routine will probably be around $2 800 per year.

How can I get into Mohawk College?

Gaining admission into Mohawk College is purely on academic merits. Hence, you must have all the listed requirements, and you must update your documents to stand a chance in the acceptance process. Although the college accepts the direct application and its minimum grade for TOEFL score is 80, IELTS is at least 6.



Gaining admission into the Mohawk college can be your dream, but the odds of it becoming a reality is low- if you don’t understand the institution’s review and guidelines. The application process is one of the most vital things you must know about this college; the requirements are also important. The method of applying to any institution can be fragile and look uncertain, especially if you’re not confident.

However, it’s no problem as the college management is flexible and you can tender your worries if you’ve got any. This article should serve as your review before taking the big step of applying for any course in Mohawk College, so make sure you adhere to all the instructions and tips.

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