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McCallie School: Tuition Fees & Requirements

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The McCallie School is a college-preparatory school for boys located on Missionary Ridge in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Since its inception in 1905, the school has grown to include 250 boarding students in years 9–12 and 669 day students in grades 6–12.

Spencer Jarnigan and James “Park” McCallie founded the school in 1905, and it remained under the family’s hands until 1937, when a Board of Trustees took over operation. McCallie began as an all-boys school, but after World War I, it became a military school, with pupils wearing uniforms and participating in military training. As a result of admissions hurdles during the Vietnam War, McCallie withdrew its military program in 1970.

While the school’s Board of Trustees agreed to allow African-American students to enroll as day students in 1969 and boarding students in 1970, David Chatman, the school’s first African-American student, was not admitted until 1972.

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McCallie School Academics 

The school has a college preparatory curriculum and employs 140 full-time faculty members. With an average class size of 14, the student-to-teacher ratio is 8:1. The school offers 19 Advanced Placement subjects in math, science, and English, as well as other classes at levels beyond AP.

In addition to standard English, math, science, history, foreign language, Bible, and related subjects, McCallie provides more than 20 music and art classes, with students obliged to take a set amount of arts and music classes in order to graduate.

The student body at McCallie is made up of 936 students in grades 6–12. Around 250 of them are boarding students from 22 different states and ten different countries. Students in boarding school are in grades 9–12. Students in grades 6–8 make up 268 Middle School day students.

McCallie School Ranking

McCallie was named the best private high school in Tennessee by Business Insider in 2016. In Niche’s 2021 high school rankings, McCallie was ranked the best boarding high school in Tennessee, as well as the third best among the four all-boys high schools. McCallie was ranked 28th best overall all-boys high school in the country, and 84th out of 399 boarding schools.


Football, cross country, track and field, basketball, golf, bowling, tennis, wrestling, baseball, squash, and soccer are among McCallie’s 15 varsity sports teams, which play in the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA). McCallie claimed state titles in tennis, cross-country, track & field, and football in 2021. Crew, lacrosse, swimming, diving, climbing, and ultimate frisbee are among the non-TSSAA sports that the school competes in on the varsity level.

McCallie School Tuition Fees

If you are looking for McCallie school tuition fees, you are at the right place as we are going to provide you with the schools tuition fees. McCallie schools has different tuition fees for boarding and day students. Boarding students pay an average of $58,350 per year, while day students pay $30,640 per year.

Acceptance rate

Acceptance rate shows how easy or difficult it is to get into a school. McCallie school’s acceptance rate is put at 87%, which means that almost all students that apply are accepted. When applying for admission into this school, ensure that you meet all requirements.


McCallie school’s admission process is very easy and is done online. Before we provide you with the link for application, let’s briefly look at what the head of school has to say about the school and it’s admission process:

We educate boys at McCallie to become courageous community leaders with strong moral character, deep knowledge, intellectual curiosity, and personal excellence. We challenge them to live up to our values of Honor, Truth, and Duty, as well as our motto, “Man’s chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.” We provide unparalleled guidance, mentorship, and partnership for boys as they navigate their adolescent years with us, learning who they are and what they value. We equip them not only to succeed at top universities across the country, but also to lead in a diverse and dynamic world.

Everything we do is geared toward boys, as we tap into and leverage their energy, adventurous spirit, and learning styles that are particularly appealing to them. The McCallie boys, as well as their teachers, coaches, advisors, and dorm leaders, form close bonds. The McCallie brotherhood is defined by their deep love for one another and their shared experiences of learning and growing up. We say the McCallie brotherhood stretches back to the founding of this great school in 1905 in a long blue line. Boys clasp arms as brothers at graduation, knowing that McCallie will always be a part of them and will be there for them as a resource and comrade throughout their lives.

The above statement was made by the head of McCalie school, A, Lee Burns. If you want to apply for admission into this school , all you have to do is submit an online application to the school, once your application is approved, an admission letter will be issued. Click here to apply for the day school and here for the boarding school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s consider some of the frequently asked questions about McCallie school:

How much does McCallie school cost?

Attending McCallie is viewed as a long-term investment in your child’s education. The current day school tuition is $30,640. The cost of boarding is $58,350 if you choose this option. To assist cover some of the expense of tuition, your kid can apply for honors scholarships and financial aid.

Who started McCallie School?

The McCallie School in Chattanooga was opened on September 21, 1905, with eight instructors and 48 children on a family farm on the western slope of Missionary Ridge, which was donated by Presbyterian preacher T. J. McCallie. James Park and Spencer J. McCallie, sons of H. McCallie.

When was McCallie School founded?

McCallie School, an independent boys school was founded in 1905 on historic Missionary Ridge, and offers a college preparatory education to boarding students in grades 9-12 and day students in grades 6-12.

Is McCallie a military school?

McCallie began as an all-boys school, but after World War I, it became a military school, with pupils wearing uniforms and participating in military training. In 1970, McCallie dropped its military program as a result of admission challenges during the Vietnam era.

What GPA is required for Baylor?

Baylor requires you to have a 3.72 GPA in high school and to be above average in your class. At the very least, you’ll need a mix of A’s and B’s, with more A’s than B’s. You can make up for a low GPA by taking more difficult classes, such as AP or IB.


Hope you enjoyed reading this article about McCallie school. If you want to study there, all you have to do is contact them and get more information or click the links provided in this article and apply to the school.


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