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LiverPool University: Ranking, Fees, & Requirements

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Liverpool University

Liverpool University, United Kingdom

Liverpool University is one of the best universities in United Kingdom. This article will discus the university’s ranking, tuition fees, admission requirements, application procedure etc. Applying and gaining admission to study at any University is one of the fantastic events that can happen in a student’s life. It calls for celebration and many families and friends will get together to celebrate the admission. Although gaining a place in the university is amazing, it mustn’t be forgotten the admission can only happen after going through the critical application process.

The application process is a normal phase students and institution have to go through to satisfy both ends. The process will help the University shuffle through the applicants and admit only those who meet its requirement- while the process is for applicants to show their capabilities.

Liverpool University also follows through the same process and its ranking is one of the first things you should know about the school. Hence, this article will show you the other basic things you should know about the university, with the ranking, of course.

The basic things you might need to know about Liverpool University include; qualification, how to apply, life in the city, tuition fees etc.

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About Liverpool University

Liverpool University is well known for its professional courses like dentistry, medicine, business, engineering, and law. The institution is a member of the elite Russell Group of research universities and contributes a lot to the research world.

The university has about 630 undergraduate courses meaning you may find your dream course in it. it provides several postgraduate, undergraduate courses and research program in a renowned discipline like humanities, engineering, health, science, management courses, and social science.

How to apply

Here is one of the basic things you should know about Liverpool University. How to apply and tender your application to the university differs according to the program you want to run in the institution.

To apply to Liverpool University, the UK and international students hoping to study full time as an Undergraduate will go through the universities & College Administrations Services (UCAS). Students will have to go to, apply for their desired course and fill the application form there. However international students don’t have to pay an application fee to apply for courses in the university.

For postgraduate students to apply to the University, you’ll have to go through the University Postgraduate Admission portal.

However, all applicants will be required for the country’s specified GPA. The University also requires applicants to have good general knowledge, and international students should have a worldwide recognized English language qualification.


All students applying to get into Liverpool University will need to have the required qualification to stand a chance. Hence, what are the qualifications to get into Liverpool University?

The qualifications required from UK students goes thus;

  • A-levels qualification
  • Extended project
  • Core mathematics qualification
  • BTEC qualification
  • Unit grade information
  • Reformed A & AS level qualification
  • Science practical endorsement.
  • Use of A* Grade

Although non-UK students will have to apply according to their country’s specified requirement and records. Students that are from countries outside the United Kingdom have their specified qualification which is according to the exams and grades available in that country.

When to apply

The management of Liverpool University encourages students to apply early to avoid late registration and unforeseen circumstances.  Moreover, programs with a high number of applicants might close around November or December; so, it’s vital to apply as early as possible. Still, August 31, 2021, is the application’s deadline for all courses.


Tuition Fees

The tuition fee for local students at Liverpool University is $11,250 while the fee for international students is $18,750. But the university mandate international undergraduate students to pay a fixed fee during their study. However, some professional courses are the exception to this rule and dentistry is one of them.

Below is the amount paid by students in some specified departments.

Department Amount payable
Law £18, 600
History £18, 500
Geography BA £20, 000
English £18, 500
Earth Science £22, 300
Computer Science £22, 650
Communication & Media £18, 500
Chemistry £23,000
Architecture £23, 750
Ancient history £19, 250
Ecology and Marine Biology £21, 300
Environment and Planning £19,500
Geography and Planning £19,500
Life Science £22,400
Management school £19,000
Maths & business studies £20,500
Irish Studies £18,500
Electrical Engineering and Electronics £22,650
Dentistry BDS+ £37, 100
Environmental Science £21, 300


Life in the City

The city is pregnant with an amazing and calm ambience that has a fantastic effect on the university. It’s known for its unique and mind-blowing nightlife that adds a touch of sophistication to the institution. Liverpool has a growing economy that’s full of various opportunities for students around it. The city is quite energetic, creative with its interesting museum, galleries and green space.

Students studying at Liverpool University will have the chance to explore the city, view amazing plus fantastic sight and enjoy their selves while in the city.  Liverpool city is one of the most interesting cities in the UK. Moreover, it’s a perfect environment for the university’s students. The city is affordable, has a fantastic nightlife, friendly student bars and beautiful parks you’re most likely to fall for.

Liverpool also has alluring libraries stocked with books for students.

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Scholarships for international students

Liverpool University gives international students the chance to apply for several scholarships to get into the institution. Some of the scholarships for international students at Liverpool University are in categories- however, most of the Scholarship opportunities are for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. See them below:

  • General Awards For International Students

Chevening scholarship

LLB for Graduate scholarship first year of study

Vice Chancellor’s international attainment scholarship

University of Liverpool First Class Scholarship

Sport Liverpool scholarship

Malaysian Law Transfer Partnership Bursary

University of Liverpool International College Excellence School.

  • Country Specified Awards For International Students

FUNED Awards

Fullbright Scholarship

Marshall Scholarship

Aviva Scholarship


Sir Ratan Tata Scholarship

University of Liverpool Commonwealth Postgraduate Bursary

FUNED Awards


Vice Chancellor’s International Attainment Scholarship for China


  • Subject specified scholarship for international students

Management School MBA Scholarship and Study Awards

Management School MSC Scholarship and Study Awards

Liverpool Law School Hong Kong Scholarship

Scottish Power Scholarship

Hodgson Law Scholarship


Writing a stellar essay given pursuing academic scholarship

It’s most likely you’ll be asked to write an essay while applying for a scholarship at Liverpool University. This is because the odds of not writing any essay while applying for a scholarship is low. However, there are some tips you should keep in mind while writing the essay. Hence, unless you’re given different information, write your essay with the below guidelines.

  • Double spacing
  • Times New Roman Font
  • 12 font size
  • One-inch margin(top, side and bottom)

Tips to keep in mind while writing a stellar essay for a scholarship

1)Read and understand the instructions before writing

2) Brainstorm the content of the essay and put them into an outline before elucidating

3) Elaborate on the points in the outline

4) Use simple, precise and clear language for easy understanding.

5) Go through the essay question and our content again to make sure you’re on the right track.


Liverpool University Acceptance Rates

The academic calendar of Liverpool University is in the semester and the admission selection is based on academic records and grades. Hence the acceptance rate of the institution is around 13.9% or enrollment of about 22, 250 students.

Liverpool University Ranking

In the 2021 Times University guide, Liverpool University is ranked 29th. The University is ranked 59th in the Guardian University Guide 2021, 20th in the UK for research power in the UK Research Excellence Framework 2014 and 181st in the 2021 QS world ranking.

Similarly, Liverpool University ranked 146th in the Global Universities according to US News & Report 2021.

Frequently asked questions about the Liverpool University

1) I’ve been admitted to Liverpool University but I’ll like to defer my admission. What should I do?

According to the University’s policy, taking a gap year is allowed. Hence, you’ll have to send your request to bearing your UCAS personal ID. Although the administrator tutor, sometimes, considers this kind of request.

2) What do I do if I want to change courses after admission?

To change from one course to another Liverpool University, you’ll have to send a mail to bearing your UCAS personal ID.

3) What should I do if I don’t understand my supervisor and have an issue with him/her?

In case of problems with your supervisor, you have the chance to talk it out with the Department of PGR or discuss it with your supervisor.


Studying at Liverpool University might as well be a lifetime dream. But it can’t become a reality if you don’t go through the steps- that is, the application process. The application process of any institution can be crucial because you’ll need to meet up with the requirements, qualifications and make yourself worthy of the University.

Hence, Liverpool University Ranking is one of the most important things you should know about the school, amongst other things. So the article above has done justice to it and you can use it as a guide to applying for the school.

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