UK Universities ranking

List Of Top 30 UK Universities Ranking

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UK universities ranking

In this article, we will look at top 30 UK universities ranking, so you can tell which one has the best ranking. Universities in the UK are known for their proficient academic excellence and fantastic teaching methods. The universities there are highly-ranked institutions that you’ll most likely be glad to attend. Students worldwide prefer to study there because of the peaceful ambiance, world-class facilities and unique learning methods. The University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford are ranked highly among the universities in the UK.

Find below some list of the universities highly ranked in the United Kingdom.

1) University Of Cambridge

Here is the first university in the UK Universities ranking. This university is well-known in history as it has amazing buildings and colleges that fascinate many people. It’s a public research university in Cambridge, and it’s quite famous for its leading educational center and self-govern community of studies.

2) University Of Oxford

Oxford University or the University Of Oxford is a university of high prestige- it has several colleges governing themselves with the power to control their internal activities. The university has no main campus as its colleges are around the city with their buildings and facilities. Oxford University is ranked second among the universities in the United Kingdom.

3) University of St. Andrews

The University of St. Andrews was founded in 1413, making it the oldest institution in Scotland. It’s a public university, and it’s known for its expertise in the department of physics, international relations and computer science. The university, being public, tends to attract brilliant students regardless of financial restrain and offers several scholarships to aid the students.

4) London School Of Economics and Political Science, University of London.

London School of economics and political science is popular globally for its proficient teaching of social science and other related programs. It’s the kind of university whereby prestigious figures will like to attend its seminars and give a speech on specific topics. The university is famous for its efficient teaching in law, politics, economics, anthropology, accounting, finance and social science.

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5) Imperial College London

Imperial College London comes fifth in the UK universities ranking, and it’s a college that focuses mainly on business, medicine, science and engineering. It’s involved in doing research and getting answers that haven’t been gotten. It teaches all that exposes its students to opportunities to work amongst multi-cultural and multi-national environments.

6) Loughborough University

Loughborough University is known for world-class facilities and equipment that will aid students learning. It has about 100 research sections, 35 professional services, and about 22 academic schools and development. This university renders doctoral programs, undergraduate and postgraduate, although it has a postgraduate campus in London.

7) Durham University

Here is the seventh university in the United Kingdom Universities Ranking, Durham University. This university is a member of several international university organizations, and the Russell Group is one of them. It’s sometimes considered as a regular alternative to Cambridge and Oxford Bridge. Durham University is situated in North East England, a picturesque city in the UK.

8) Lancaster University

Lancaster University is one of the few universities in the United Kingdom that runs a collegiate system consisting of both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The university is famous for its flexibility in courses and has a lot of students. Moreover, it’s known for excellent research methods.

9) University Of Bath

The University of Bath provides a fantastic student experience and prepares its student for future opportunities. Although it’s known for engineering, humanities and MBA courses- it’s also efficient in its teaching and research method.

10) University College London (UCL)

University College London is a public university in London that’s popular for its law, science and medicine courses. This university was established in 1826, and it’s the oldest college in the whole of London. UCL encourages the idea of global citizens’ education.

11) University Of Warwick

This university was established in 1965 and quite popular for Economics, international studies and WMG courses. The university comes eleventh in the UK Universities Ranking and comprises science, social science, arts and medical faculties.

12) University Of Exeter

Founded in 1955, the University of Exeter is well-known for business, economics and IT courses.  It has about six academic colleges that offer undergraduate and masters’ programs with research systems in social science, humanities, and science courses.

13) University Of Birmingham

The university offers undergraduate masters, professional and postgraduate research programs. Some of the popular institutes are found in this university, and the Barber Institute of Fine Arts is one. However, this institute has artworks made by Van Gogh & Monet, and you’ll also find the Cadbury Research Library in the institute.

14) University Of Bristol

Here is the fourteenth university on the UK ranking, and it was founded in 1876. The University of Bristol is a research institution, and it’s the first university in the United Kingdom to accept female students. Its campus is near restaurants, shops, department stores and other stores with students’ necessities.

15) University Of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh was established in 1583, and it is popular for its efficient teaching and research methods in Scotland. It’s one of the oldest universities in the UK and is quite famous for its engineering, veterinary medicine and MBA courses. Its location can be considered as a world heritage site.

16) University Of Leeds

It’s a public university in Leeds, England. It was founded in 1904, and it’s quite big such that it can be considered as one of the biggest institution in England. The university is known globally for its excellence in teaching & research system.  The university is a member of the Russell Group, and it has world-class facilities to aid teaching and learning.

17) University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is known for its academic excellence and efficient teaching if both marketing and MBA courses. The university is based in England, and it’s a member of the Russell Group research system. It has several courses for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, and it is popular for academic and research expertise.

18) University Of Southampton

The University of Southampton is known for having the only Faculty of Engineering in the UK to receive a five-star rating in all courses related to trending research excellence. Its engineering, biology and business disciplines make the university popular among students.

19) University Of Glasgow

This university has two main campuses, and it is popular for its economics, law and MBA course. University of Glasgow was established in 1451- Moreover, its Faculty of Engineering is the oldest in the United Kingdom. Although the institution is home to about 26,000 students from 100+ countries around the world.

20) King’s College London, University of London.

Here is the most central university in the whole of London.  The university has about five campuses spread across Central London, and it’s relatively famous for Law, Medicine and mathematics courses.

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21) University Of Nottingham

Admission into this university is quite competitive. The institution is part of Russell Group and well-known for its economics, psychology and history courses. It’s a research university with one of the highest Undergraduate applications in the country every year.

22) University Of York

The University Of York was established in 1963 and popular for its economics, biology, business and psychology courses.

23) Newcastle University

Newcastle University is a member of the elite Russell Group involved in intensive research, and it’s known for its media, business and computer science courses. The institution was established in 1854 and is famous internationally for academic excellence.

24) Royal Holloway. University Of London

Here is one of the most beautiful institution worldwide. It’s well-known for its management, arts, and science courses. The university teaches students to explore their minds and change the world through numerous research.

25) University Of East Anglia, UEA

As a highly ranked university, UEA is internationally known for its academic excellence, and it has students from 100 and above countries worldwide.

26) University Of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen provides top-notch learning facilities for both students and teachers. It is known for its science, education and engineering courses.

 27) Queen’s University Belfast

The university is a member of the Russell Group and was established in 1845. It’s famous for its English, business and medicine courses.

28) University Of Sheffield

It’s a public university in Sheffield. The University of Sheffield leads other research universities in the study of engineering, stem cell technology, and smart material worldwide. Moreover, the institution is the abide of over 100+ students from different parts of the world.


29) Heriot-Watt University

The university is known for its art, business and engineering courses. It has more than one campus in Scotland, Malaysia and Dubai.  Moreover, the university also performs efficiently in physical science, business, engineering, etc.

30)  Cardiff University

Established in 1883 and it is popular for its law, psychology and MBA courses. Cardiff University is efficient in researches focused on social science, technology, etc.


Universities in the UK have gone through many transitions to become world-class and proficient institutions despite the establishment’s year (old or new).  This ranking will help you decide on the best university you should either go for undergraduate or postgraduate programs.

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