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Lethbridge College: Ranking, Fees & Requirements

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Lethbridge college

Lethbridge College is a public liberal art college located in Lethbridge, Alberta, whose capital is Edmonton, Canada. It is the largest and highly ranked publicly-funded University in Canada, established in 1957.

Lethbridge College started as Junior College in 1957, and on 14th February 2007, the Board of Governors in the College voted to change its name to “Lethbridge College. Lethbridge College was the first publicly-funded community college in Canada and currently offers over 50 career-training programs.

Lethbridge College is one of Canada’s top public research colleges and focuses on applied research fulfilling industries and organizations’ needs. Its faculties are actively engaged in research and innovation, giving students the benefit of learning from their experience.

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This institution of higher learning offers a variety of career training diplomas, apprenticeship programs, certificates, and applied bachelor’s degrees on over 50 programs in different faculties and schools ranging from Business Administration, Nursing, computer and Information Technology, Academic Upgrading, Agriculture, Early childhood Education, Automotive, Interior Design, Educational assistance, General administration, and many others.


With over 64 years of experience, Lethbridge College offers admission to over 5000 students yearly. The College has four campuses with Lethbridge as the main campus and regional campuses in Claresholm, Vulcan County, and the Crowsnest Pass.


Lethbridge College is affiliated with CCAA, ACCC, AACTI, and CBIE. Students of this College can transfer to the University of Alberta, University of Calgary, and Athabasca University because of the College’sCollege’s transfer agreement with these schools.


Lethbridge college focuses on vocational and preparatory courses. It has maintained leadership awards and championships in sports like soccer, basketball, golf, cross country running, and volleyball. Men and women in various teams play these games.


The College participates in the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference. The basketball team featuring the women won the ACAC gold medal for the second time in 4 years. The men’s cross country team won the 2006 ACAC Championship and the National Championship, and the women’s team won the National titles in 2003 and 2004.

Dr. Paula Burns is the 8th and current President of Lethbridge College. He has been in the leadership position since 2013 till date. “What happens next matters most; be ready” is the motto of this College and its colors are blue, black, and grey.

Notable Alumni in the College include; Troy Reeb (media executive, a former journalist and vice president Corus Entertainment), Kalynn Park ( athlete, curler, and curling coach), Dusten Molekan ( professional Baseball pitcher with notable awards), David Earl Williams III ( Logistics specialist, former naval officer and 2019 electoral candidate for the Chicago city council), Kyle Yamada (professional soccer player).



  • Lethbridge College has been placed on national and international ranking categories in different publications, with a few listed below.


  • According to Research infosource, incorporated in 2020, Lethbridge college was ranked 26th amongst Canada’s top 50 research colleges.


  • According to Times higher education, Lethbridge college was ranked the 1001 university among the World’s Best universities.


  • It is also ranked the 36th institution of higher learning in Canada, according to US News.


  • According to UniRank, in 2020, Lethbridge college was listed as 33rd University in Canada.


  • Lethbridge College is ranked 500th in the World according to QS World University Rankings.


  • According to US News, it was ranked 1470th University Globally.


  • According to UniRank, in 2020, Lethbridge college was ranked the 1005th University in the World.


Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at Lethbridge College is 84%, fair enough to offer admission to students who meet their requirements every year. Lethbridge College accepts over 5000 students, locally and internationally.

The College accepts 2.51% international students and 81.49% local students in the 59 different programs. Lethbridge College is one of the best colleges to attend as an international or local student because the job opportunities are very high, backed up with enough school experiences.

Lethbridge College provides financial aid for international students via grants and scholarships.

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Admission Requirements

The Admission requirements of Lethbridge college do not depend on the course of study or program. The College has a general admission requirement for all applicants given below;


  • Transcripts and testimonials of the academic credentials.


  • English language proficiency test score with proofs from the platforms and scores. The following platforms and more are approved for the test, and the accepted cut-off marks are listed below.


  • IELTS Indicator: with a score of 6.0
  • TOEFL Special Home Edition: with a score of 80 on IBT and 550 on CBT
  • Pearson (PTE): with a score of 54.
  • Duolingo English Test: with a score of 105 taken within the last two years.



How to Apply for Admission

To apply for admission at Lethbridge college, students must first check all the information related to eligibility and requirements.


  • Sign in to Apply Alberta and send in the Pre-requisites (high-school transcripts and marks cards, English proficiency test scores) directly to the portal.


  • Fulfill courses as well as country requirements before applying for the College.


  • Check the program lists and choose the program you wish to apply for.
  • Apply for the College during the following terms:
  • Fall (September to December)
  • Winter (January to April)
  • Spring (May to August)


  • The application fee for domestic and international applicants is a non-refundable $90 through credit card.


Note: If the applicant faces any problem applying through online procedures, he/she can take the help of the printable application form. After getting the confirmation of admission to the selected programs, start the application for housing facilities if you are willing to stay on-campus.

Application Deadlines

Lethbridge College runs on a three-semester session. The application deadlines for each program have been fixed for the 2021 academic session. Below are the deadlines:


  • Fall: 1st June 2021
  • Winter: 1st October 2021
  • Spring: 1st February 2021


List of Programs offered by Lethbridge College

Lethbridge College offers a total of 59 programs under the levels listed below. These programs are coined out from the 18 fields of Study that come under the Academic programs of Lethbridge College. The study fields include; Sciences, General Studies, Education and Library Studies, Humanities, Languages, Social Sciences, etc.


  • 5 Bachelor Programs
  • 15 Certificate Programs
  • 25 Diploma Programs
  • 13 Certified “Journeyman” Papers programs
  • 1 Credential of Achievement program


The 5 Bachelor’sBachelor’s Degree Programs include; Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Applied Sciences (Ecosystem Management), Bachelor of Applied Science (Conservation Enforcement), Bachelor of Applied Arts (Justice Studies).


Tuition Fee and Cost of Living

The tuition fees paid by Lethbridge College students vary according to the study program and the year of study. Also, local students’ tuition fees vary from that of international students as the latter pays higher. However, the basic tuition fee for Canadian students ranges between $1,500 – $17,250 while that of international students ranges from $ 4,500 – $51,750.

The approximate value of the tuition fee for local and international students depending on program choice is given below:


  • For Certificate program:
  • Local students – 8,140 – 18,297
  • International students – $21,860 – $55,797


  • For Diploma programs:
  • Local students – $3,541 – $6,788
  • International students – $10,350 – $19,816.


  • For a Bachelor’s degree:
  • Local students – $4,604 – $7,576 3,541
  • International students – $14,890 – $21,571


Lethbridge College offers housing facilities for up to 1000 students. These facilities have their specific capacities and locations listed below.


  • 30th Avenue Residence: Cottage-style units of 4 bedroom suites with a capacity to hold 208 and a price of $2,890 per term.


  • Kodiak House: 109 single suites with 15 barrier-free suites suitable for students with walking disabilities at $3,645 and $3,445 per term, respectively.


  • Cullen Residence: 34 townhouses with 12 single rooms each at $2,640 per term.


  • Cullen Residence (two-bedroom unit): 44 two-bedroom suites to be shared by students at $2,640 per term.


  • Cullen Residence (family unit): 8 family units to hold a family of up to four at $3,845 per term.


  • Besides the housing rents, students have to pay a housing application fee of 30 CAD, a damage deposit of 350 CAD, and 200 CAD as an incidental deposit.

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Life on Campus


  • Getting on Campus: There are different public transportation options available for students on the various campuses. These include buses, cabs, etc. Getting a breeze card from the Lethbridge College students Association for $5 allows you to ride on the city buses for months or semesters, depending on your bus pass subscription. A monthly pass cost $ 77, and a semester pass cost $289.

Sex assault allegations at Lethbridge college | CTV News

Students could also get a bicycle that would be treated as a vehicle and obey all necessary vehicle registrations and obligations. Renting a car that can take them in and out of school for a specified period is also an option. Also, flights are accessible, especially when moving from one campus to another.


  • Feeding: This is made possible by the different restaurants set up by the culinary career program. All you need do is place your orders at the culinary service department or download the mobile app of these restaurants and place your orders. You can go pick up your food labeled with your order number at the restaurants. The restaurants include;


  • The Food court mall


  • The Garden court mall


  • Tim Hortons


  • Clubs and societies: There are lots of clubs available for students to join in Lethbridge College Canada. These clubs include;


  • Wildlife society student chapter


  • The games club


  • The conservation enforcement club


  • Business club


  • Aggie club (for agriculture lovers)


  • Badminton Club


  • The international students club


Scholarship for International students

Lethbridge offers a number of scholarships for international students. These scholarships are open to all programs and departments. Some of these scholarships include:


  • LCSA International Student Continuing Award – $1000


  • LCSA International Student Entrance Award – $500


  • Meszaros International Continuing Award – $5000



Scholarship Application Deadlines


  • Continuing students: March 1 thorough May 1
  • New/entrance students: March 1 through July 1


Note: After one full year of studies at Lethbridge College, international students may not be able to apply for continuing awards.


Lethbridge college also gives students the opportunity to work while schooling either on-campus or off-campus. All you need do is register in a full-time course with nine or more credit units and have a study permit and a Social Insurance number (SIN).

Students are permitted by the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) to work for the number of hours they choose on-campus and for 20 hours weekly off-campus during the regular academic year and full time during the semester breaks.

Lethbridge goes ahead to provide jobs for students interested in working both on-campus and off-campus  and also posts jobs at the portal of Student Employment and Professional Development.


How to get a SIN?

SIN is mandatory in order to work on-campus or off-campus in Canada and is valid until the end of your stay in Canada or a maximum of 5 years. To obtain SIN, kindly go to Service Canada office with a copy of your;

  • Passport
  • Study permit
  • Off-campus work permit/ co-op/internship program permit

Lethbridge also provides jobs to Full-time students via Alberta Careers. Alberta careers allows students to explore various jobs and internships, provides educational training before career helping students learn more about their desired area of interest and work environment.

It also allows students to prepare for interviews and create a perfect resume and cover letter through the portal.



Lethbridge College without no doubts is one of the best public institutions across the globe. With over 64 years of existence and experience, the college has produced notable and high profile alumnis. Moreso, Lethbridge focuses on innovations and  vocations, her students are open to job opportunities while schooling and thereafter. Lethbridge College is therefore considered the best place for learning, productivity, entrepreneurship, innovations, experience and enlightenment for both local and international students.

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