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KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

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KTH Royal Institute of TechnologyIn this article, we are going to consider KTH Royal Institute of Technology, which is the largest technical university in Sweden. We will talk about the university’s tuition fees, ranking, courses offered etc. Many students choose to study in Sweden because the country is very conducive and boast of high ranking universities. Apart from this, as an international student, you can work while you are studying to support your expenses. In our other articles, we have reviewed a lot of good universities in Sweden, so go check the archives of this blog to read them. Today, we are going to review KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology is a public university in Sweden that conducts research and education in the areas of Engineering and Technology. The university which has five schools and four campuses in Stockholm and it’s the largest technical university in Sweden. If you are planning to study any engineering or technological program, you can enroll for studies in KTH. Now, let’s look at the ranking of KTH Royal Institute of Technology, so you can check and see if the school has good ranking.

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KTH ranking

KTH Royal Institute of Technology is the highest ranked technical university in Sweden. According to the 2020 QS World University Ranking, KTH is ranked #98 in the world. This is to tell you that the university has good standard and ranks among the best in the world.

Acceptance rate

Acceptance rate helps one know how easy or difficult it is to get admission into a university. Before applying for admission into any university, it is important that you first check the acceptance rate. KTH Royal Institute of Technology has an acceptance rate of 40% to 50%. So this means that about 4 to 5 out of 10 people that apply for admission actually get into the university. To stand a high chance of getting admission, ensure that you have applied with good results/diplomas and back up your application with enough supporting documents.

Tuition & Application Fees

Yes, we have to talk about tuition fees so you know how much to budget when you are making your preparations. The tuition fee in KTH is affordable when compared to fees charged by universities in UK, US, Australia etc. Applicants from EU/EEA and Switzerland are exempted from paying tuition fees and then students outside this region are charged tuition fees ranging from $17,000 to $25,000 per year depending on the program. Please contact the university tuition fees page to know the exact tuition fees for your program. KTH also charges application fees and it must be paid before your admission application will be accepted by the university. The university charges application fees of $108 per application. Please note that this fees is non-refundable and the university will not give you back if your application is rejected.

How to apply for admission

All admissions into KTH Royal Institute of Technology is done online. You will be expected to choose a program fill an online application form, upload supporting documents and submit your application. Please check the deadline for each program before submitting your application.

KTH scholarships

Not all students can afford to pay the tuition fees of universities, hence the need to apply for scholarships. If you have very excellent grades you can apply for KTH scholarships so tuition fees will be waived for you if you are selected. KTH awards scholarships to outstanding individuals who cannot pay tuition fees. Please refer to their scholarship page for more information on this.

Work and study in KTH

If you are planning to work and study in KTH Royal Institute of Technology, it’s not a bad idea as students are allowed to take up part time jobs to support their education. If you are an international student, you will need a residence permit to be allowed to work. We want to advise that you learn some bit of Swedish language. This will boost your chances of getting jobs while you are studying in the university.

List of other universities in Sweden

Sweden has over 40 top institutions of higher learning but we are going to list a few of the top universities here.

  1. Chalmers University of Technology
  2. Dalarna University College
  3. Gotland University College
  4. Lund University
  5. Mid Sweden University
  6. Linkoping University
  7. Stockholm University
  8. World Maritime University
  9. University of Karlstad
  10. Uppsala University

Cost of living in Sweden

Cost of living is the amount of money needed for ones living expenses in a period of time. In Sweden the cost of living is affordable. The amount needed is in the range of $800 to $1300 per month. This amount will cover the cost of feeding, transportation, buying of books, recreation etc. Please note that cost of living varies and depends on the individual spending habit. This figure only serves as a guide.

Let’s now consider some questions people ask about studying in KTH and Sweden as a whole.

Is it expensive to study in Sweden?

Yes, Sweden is one of the most expensive study abroad destinations in Europe. Tuition fees alone for most universities range from $9000 to $15000 per year while cost of living alone is up to $17,000 per year. If this is too high for you, consider studying in countries like Poland, Estonia, Turkey, Russia etc where tuition fees range from $3000 to $5000 per year for all study programs.

How much can a student earn in Sweden?

Student jobs in Sweden are very competitive. You need to be active and alert to get a job. As a student you can earn as high as $2000 to $3000 per month on part time jobs in supermarkets, restaurants, stores, home services etc.

What is the highest paying job in Sweden?

In Sweden, jobs that get one highest salaries are in the areas of banking and finance, insurance etc. In the year 2020, insurance managers working at the highest level earned as much as $17,000.

Is KTH a good University?

Yes, KTH Royal Institute of Technology is the best ranked university of Technology in Sweden. According to 2020 QS World University ranking, the university is ranked #98 in the world with overall score of 4.4 stars.

Is it hard to get into KTH?

KTH has an acceptance rate of 40% to 50% which means the university is somehow selective when it comes to giving admissions to students. However, if you apply with good grades you stand a chance of getting into the university.

Can I study for free in Sweden?

International students are charged tuition fees. However, if you come from EU/EEA, you will be exempted from paying fees. Also, all PhD programs are tuition free for students irrespective of their nationalities.

Is GRE needed for admission into KTH?

GRE means Graduate Record Exams. In KTH this test is only needed for students taking mobility option Unsteady Aerodynamics. Students must submit this test scores together with their application for admission.

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