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IELTS Exam: Fees, Dates, Registration, And Syllabus

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ielts IELTS exams have to be taken by any international exam, who wants to study abroad. It’s basically an English exam. The exam is to ascertain that the candidate has good English language proficiency, both in speaking and writing.


Developed and advanced countries, such as the UK, US, Canada, Germany and over 140 countries take the IELTS exam with full seriousness. The IELTS exam, test candidate English language proficiency, on four different skills, which include.


  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Reading


The exam is jointly owned by the British Council, Cambridge English language assessment, and IDP Education Australia. It’s surprising to learn that the record of IELTS exams taken grew to 3.5 million, in the previous 2 years, and the exam has become the king, among international exams. In addition to this, it’s also expected to be taken before you can gain admission into any University in the UK or Australia. Also, over 3400 universities accept the exams in many English-speaking countries including the United States.


Updates on IELTS exams

As of the 1st of April, the test fee for the exam has been revised to be $180

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Covid-19 Alert

In a bid to assist students who have been impacted by Covid-19 partake in the exam, at the comfort of their home or isolation center, the exam panel has set up a system to help students have the exam at the comfort of their home. The exam will assess candidates on their English language skills, based on the following, writing, speaking, reading, and listening. You can learn everything about the online IELTS exams here.


Why is the IELTS Exam Required?

The IELTS exam is required for several purposes such as Immigration purposes, academics, and so on. Before you can Immigrate to countries such as New Zealand, UK, Canada, USA, you will have to take the IELTS exam, or before you can study. Many students get confused on the verge of understanding what the IELTS exam score is all about. A major and vital explanation for this is that many foreign Institutions, won’t want you to have problems with communication during your studies. Also, IELTS is the only exam allowed before you can gain admission into any institution in the UK. This is to show you have good English communication control.


Another doubt, many students come up with, is doubting if IELTS is a compulsory exam or not. No! IELTS is not a compulsory exam, and not all Institutions will require the certificate before you will be offered admission. But bear in mind that, if you don’t take the IELTS exam, your student visa may suffer difficulty, and your chances of being approved by the Immigration officer that you’ve been offered admission may be minimal. So you should be offered admission to be on the safer side.


You can take the IELTS exam, with the British council for a week, and your score will be assigned to you.

Types Of IELTS Exam.

There are majorly two types of IELTS exam, which are IELTS general training and IELTS academics, speaking and writing, falls under the same section and are the same for both tests. Writing and reading tests belong to different categories of tests, which are meant to be taken for particular purposes.



The writing and reading test sections are completed on the same day.


IELTS Academics Test

This type of test is taken by those who are applying for a professional exam or planning to have a registration abroad.


IELTS General Test

This type of test is meant for those who are migrating to major English-speaking countries, such as the UK, US, Australia, Canada. In addition to this, the test is also taken by those, who are migrating for secondary education, or work purposes.



Oftentimes, many students find it difficult to decipher the difference between the TOEFL and IELTS exams. The exam you will like to take among the two is solely dependent on you, however, remember that the IELTS exam is mostly preferred by most international countries.


IELTS Eligibility

There is no special eligibility for the IELTS exam, the exam can be taken by anyone, regardless of your age, race, gender, religion, or nationalities. However, it should be noted that people below the age of 16 are not recommended for this exam.


What Is The Age Limit To apply For The IELTS Exam

There is no age limit to applying for this exam. Although the exam is not recommended for people below the age of 16, however, if there is a need for them to take it, and they wish to, they can take the exam.


What Is The Educational Eligibility To Give The IELTS Exam?

As of the moment, there is no special Eligibility to apply for the IELTS exam. Anyone from any nationality, who wishes to study or work abroad can take this exam. However, you should check if your preferred institution or work gives out some additional criteria.


IELTS Registration

Make sure your passport is always with you during the time of your registration as your passport will always be needed from time to time. In addition to this, your passport has to be with you, on your test day, the below are easy steps for IELTS Registration.

  • The first step to take is to visit the British council registration page
  • Proceed to create an account on the page.
  • You will be attached to the nearest test center.
  • After all, register for the exam, and pay the required fee.


If you are below the age of 18, you will need the help of a guardian or parent to sign the test for you. Once you have completed your registration, you will be emailed the date for your test.


IELTS Exam Fee.

The exam fee for the IELTS is  $180 for the registration cost, this has been in place from 1st of April 2020.

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What Is the Cancellation Fee For IELTS Exam?

  • If you cancel your IELTS five weeks before the commencement of the exam, your Registration fee will be sent back to you, however, it will come with a 25% decrease.
  • However, if you decide to cancel in five weeks less to the commencement of the exam, you won’t get any refund.
  • If you fail not to appear for the exam, you will get no refund.


However, if you can produce a medical report, which shows up the reason why you were unable to sit for the test, you will get a refund of your registration fee, but the administrative fee will be deducted from it.


What Is IELTS Rescheduling Fees

If the situation warrants that you won’t be able to sit for the test on the approved date, you can request a Reschedule exam, the administrative fee and rescheduling will be charged. However, this should be done, five weeks before the commencement of the exam. If not, you may have forfeited the exam, and register for a new test entirely. Also, make sure that the new date you are choosing is not above 3 months of the original test date, plus you will also have to pay an administrative fee and other attached taxes.


IELTS Scholarship

One of the major challenges, many international faces, is having to pay high fees for tuition fees, coupled with high living expenses. For this purpose, many students have to abandon their dream of studying abroad and have to seek other alternatives. In regards to this, there are several IELTS Scholarships, and student loans, to ease the burden of students, who are having difficulties in furthering their education abroad. There are several education loans that students can as well apply for.


IELTS Important Dates

IELTS and the British Council are the two bodies behind the conduct of IELTS exams. Furthermore, this test is always available, several times within a year, so you can choose any date that will be convenient for you, among the available dates in a year. Also, students who want to take this international test are advised to choose an exam date 2-3 months before the commencement of the test, to avoid last-minute errors.


IELTS Exam Pattern And Syllabus

If you are applying for the IELTS exam, you need to understand the exam pattern and syllabus, for you to score well in the exam. Be reminded that the exam has four syllabus, which are, speaking, writing, reading, and listening.


You will be marked based on your performance on each syllabus. Your total score will be determined by the total score you had in all four sections. Also, the total duration you have for the test is 2 hours 45minutes.


How Is IELTS Score

The main purpose of the IELTS exam is to assess a candidate’s English language proficiency level, majorly in speaking and writing. Your score will be based on your performance on the four categories of the test.


How To Get your IELTS Exam Result

After you have done your exam, the next thing you will be concerned about is how to get your result. One good thing about this exam is that you will get your exam within four days you took the exam. In some cases, it may take a duration of 7 days, before you get your result.


  • Offline mode: If your exam was conducted and done offline, your result will be delivered to you, within 13 working days.
  • Online mode: If your exam was done online, you will receive a login ID, with which you can make use of, to login to your page, and assess your result after your exam. After your result has been made available, you will be allowed to constantly view it, for the next 28 days.


IELTS Score Validity

From the time your result has been released, your score will only be valid for a maximum of 2 years, after this period, your result will no longer be valid, for its purpose. This means we may have to take another exam if there is a need for another Immigration purpose.


IELTS Result

After your result has been released. You don’t need to wait for long before your result gets released, your result will be released within approximately 7 days, and will be valid for 2 years.


After your result has been released, you will be sent a mail of your result, and you can as well login to the IELTS official website to assess your result.



The IELTS exam is meant and designated to assess the English language proficiency of students, concerning this, students can’t fail this exam. The exam is ranked on a score of 1-9. All candidates should bear in mind that each institution has its own cut-off mark, which differs from one another. Your overall score is highly important, if you are making use of the result to apply for a job, or seeking admission into a University.


Colleges Accepting IELTS Exam

There are numerous institutions who make the IELTS exam their main admission requirements. Basically, all the Institutions in the UK, require an IELTS exam score before a student can be offered an admission.


In regards to this, having an opportunity to take the IELTS exam, will create a path for you to get admitted into an institution in developed and majorly English speaking countries.


This test will closely monitor the ability of students to speak English language. This is the most popular English language test, and the record shows that over 3million candidates take this test yearly.

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Countries Accepting IELTS Score

It will be surprising to learn that over 140 countries accept the IELTS exam, including, UK, Germany, USA, Canada. Regardless of the purpose you are applying for the IELTS exam, you can sit for the exam and come out in flying colors. However, you are strongly advised, to check the requirements of the country or institution you are applying for, before sitting for the IELTS exam.


IELTS Preparation Tips 2021

Before Applying for the exam, it’s important, you focus on preparation tips, as this is the only thing that can make you come out in flying colors.


Furthermore, there are basically two ways to prepare yourself for the IELTS exam, which are

  • Attending a coaching class
  • Self preparation.

Attending a coaching class

A good start, for a preparation to come out with flying colors from this exam, is attending a coaching class.


If you attend a coaching class, you will be taught by brilliant minds, who have known the in and out of the exam.


In addition to this, you will also be given frequent tests, which will make you familiar with exam patterns.


In addition, you can also resort to self study, if you have a sharp brain. You can make use of YouTube and several blog posts to enhance your learning.


You can download past questions and answers of the exam, and practice it frequently.


Exam Day Tips

Each exam has its own technique and preparation, knowing the in and out of the exam, will make you prepare adequately for the exam. Preparing for the exam early will enhance your assimilation and enable you to come out in flying colors from the exam.


Closer to reality, preparing for an exam a day before makes the student pass victoriously.


IELTS Sample Papers And Questions

Preparing for this exam won’t be complete without knowing your level and assurance of passing the exam.


Knowing how far you have gone in covering the syllabus, will help you know where to put more effort if need be. For this purpose, it’s important you go through IELTS Sample Papers and past questions, before sitting for the exam. This will help you make the exam confidential, this will help you know how well to tackle the exam.


IELTS Prediction For March

There has always been a report from candidates stating the IELTS exam is quite hard, following the IELTS that took place in February. For this purpose, here is the IELTS exam prediction for February.


  • The exam will be in 4 different sections, and each section will contain five different questions, you will have to answer 4 questions each from each section
  • The exam won’t be as hard as previous ones, and most of the questions will come from past repeated questions.



IELTS is a professional Exam, which is a core requirement for anyone who wants to travel to an advanced country to take this exam, especially, USA, Germany, Australia etc.


Based on perspectivism, the IELTS exam isn’t always hard for all those who have prepared adequately before the commencement of the exam. If you have questions to ask concerning the exam, kindly drop them in the comment box.

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