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How To Study In University Of Tartu, Estonia

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Aune Valk: Why on earth are they coming to study in Estonia?

University of Tartu is situated in the second-largest city in Estonia. The city where the University of Tartu is located is regarded as the city of ⅞, or the city of the intellectual capital of Estonia. This University is known for its high academic excellence, traditions, and dynamic student life. According to the livcom 2019 award, Estonia receives an award as the best city conducive for students learning, and up to this moment, Estonia city is the best environment for students.

 However, are you doubtful about why you should study in Estonia? Here are convincing reasons why the University of Tartu is a good choice for every student.

Do you know the University of Tartu is among the top two best universities in Europe? We are quite sure you know what that means.

In addition, Tartu is the oldest University in Estonia, which was founded in the year 1632, and it comprises 4 faculties, which are:

  • Social sciences
  • Humanities
  • Medicine
  • Science and technology

There are a lot of English programs that are being taught in the school. Presently, the school admits over 13,000 students per one academic session, and 1,300 out of these students are always ensured to be international Students.

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You may be wondering what’s so special about this university. There are a lot of special things!


  • There are over 100 facilities in this University, which are among the top education buildings in Europe.


  • The University of Tartu, comprises prospective computer scientists, data analysts, statistics, mathematicians, and economists.


The University comprises of the following:

  • Library
  • Gym
  • Cafes
  • Music facilities
  • 10 Halls of residence
  • Botanical garden (10,000 species of plants)


  • 10 halls of residence


  • In addition to this, the University also consists of four museums (University of Tartu Art Museum, Old Observatory, Museum, University of Tartu Museum, natural history)


Furthermore, another vital reason why the majority of students choose to study at the University of Tartu is that it has the only teaching hospital in the city.

There is a wide range of support being provided for students by this Institution. UT faculty departments in conjunction with the admission office provide support for students when any students need any help concerning their admission. Also, the study abroad center comes to students’ aid when they need any help regarding visa-related issues, organizes orientation courses, health, and safety, study abroad opportunities, etc.

Also, the accommodation department provides housing and hostel opportunities for UT students. These are not all, there are also counseling centers, which include, counseling students with speech needs and psychological counseling. Student-to-student services are as well not left behind such as tutors, buddies, ESN, international student ambassadors, UT Student Council.

University of Tartu Ranking

University of Tartu is one of the top ranked universities in Estonia. According to the 2021 QS World university ranking, University of Tartu is ranked #285 in the world.


Student life

The biggest University in Estonia is the University of Tartu, with over 13,000 students currently studying in the University at different courses.

12% of the students currently studying at the University are international students, which means 1,600 of the students are international students. While the remaining percentage comes from within the city and its environs.

UT students stand to enjoy different groups in the school, we there are lot of organizations and groups, which helps student light off their burden, from informal groups to international groups such as ESN, start-up lab, International Student Ambassadors, etc.

Furthermore, as a student in Tartu, you will also enjoy several events, festivals, Estonia including festivals, movie nights, sports competitions, cultural and international festivals, etc.

During the holiday, as a student of Tartu University, you can travel around Europe and the city of Estonia. There are a lot of gym houses, sports houses, to enhance your muscles in the University.

Also, there are a lot of apartments, which you can live in as a student of the school, these apartments are not more than a 10-15 minutes walk to the school. You can pair with a student to live in a single room or an apartment.

There are internet connections you stand to use for free as a student of the school, also bear in mind that the cost of accommodation of a student can be as high as £150. It’s a choice if you want a room, or a whole apartment, this is based on choice and financial status.

At any campus in the school, there are a lot of eateries where you can find your best delicacy.

University of Tartu Tuition Fees

 Tuition fees charged by University of Tartu ranges from 3000 Euros to 12000 Euros per year depending on the study program. Medicine has the highest tuition fees of about 12,000 Euros per year. Click here to access  the University of Tartu’s tuition fees for different programs.


Once a year, students get admitted from every part of the world; the admission date is always the 30th of August. There is no restriction on anyone to apply for admission into Tartu University, you can pay for admission regardless of your nationality, religion, and entity, you can still apply for admission, however, you are to ensure you have completed your secondary school education, which is valid enough to apply for a bachelor’s degree, and if you are going to pursue a master’s degree, ensure you have valid bachelor’s degree result.

If you just graduated from an institution in 2021, or you just finished your secondary school education, you can still make use of your latest result to apply for admission.

If you want to apply for admission into the University of Tartu, you can do so by submitting an online application, you will as well need to upload certain documents via before the stipulated deadline.

You will have to pay an application fee of £50 before you can submit your application; however, if your previous education was completed in Estonia, you are exempted from paying this fee

Also, if you are applying for two programs, you won’t need to pay for two application fees, a single application fee will cover all. Also, the criteria for each program differ from one another, be sure you check the criteria for your particular program before applying for it.

Furthermore, before you start your application, make sure you have the below documents, as they will be required as part of your application processes.


  • You are required to present a copy of your previous education result, also if your result isn’t in English, ensure to upload it, with a certified English translator.
  • A valid means of identification, in most of these cases, a valid international passport is always expected to be presented.
  • In addition to this, you must also provide proof that you have strong English language proficiency. In most of these cases, the IELTS exam is always expected to be taken, and you present a copy of your result.

you will be placed on Scholarship if you present a very good outstanding result.

There is no need for you to apply for a Scholarship separately, you will be automatically considered for a scholarship, once you are found worthy of a scholarship. Once you are picked for a scholarship, you won’t have to pay for tuition fees any longer, as everything will now be sponsored by the Institution.

What is the deadline for the application?

  • Bachelor’s programs: For the bachelor’s program, you have from the second of January till the fifteenth of April to submit your application, after this period, you won’t be any longer allowed to apply anymore.


  • Master’s programs: For the master’s program, it starts from the second of January to the seventh of April to complete your application, however, there is a slight extension in the deadline for students from European countries.


  • D. programs: you have from the first of May till May fifteenth to apply for the Ph.D. programs.

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Based on the 2019 survey, most of the students who study at Tartu University were offered a job during their studies, amazing huh?

Every year, there is always career counseling conducted by the Institution, where over 8000 graduate students will be present to contribute to the enhancement of activities of the school.  Most alumni contribute to UT activities –

  • offering traineeship opportunities,
  • supervising graduation papers, or
  • answering professional questions.


Most of the University of Tartu graduates are always willing to help other undergraduates in their careers. Also, there are always international student ambassadors, who are in place, to help students get to know the hook and cranny of the school.



The University of Tartu is a standard school, with high academic excellence, there is no doubt that the institution is better by far University.  In. Additionally, this university is the dream of most students, it has everything needed for a student to assimilate easily.

Do we hope you were able to find the desired information you wanted? If yes, kindly share with others. If there is some information, you still want to know, kindly ask in the comment box, and we will surely provide an answer to them.

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