How to get a full ride scholarship

How To Get a Full Ride Scholarship

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How to get a full ride scholarshipIn this article we are going to show you how to get a full ride scholarship, the different types of full ride scholarships and how to apply for it. Before we start, let’s briefly consider the meaning of a full ride scholarship.

What Is A Full Ride Scholarship?

If you’ve done your homework on how much college will cost you, you’ll know that tuition isn’t the only cost you’ll have to consider: you’ll also need to budget for housing and board, fees, textbooks, transportation, and personal costs. The total cost of attendance, or CoA, is the sum of all of these expenses. The cost of attendance (CoA) for a bachelor’s degree can range from over $200,000 depending on where you go to school.

Full ride scholarships are unique in that they cover all college-related expenses, including the complete cost of attendance. A conventional “scholarship” is given on the basis of merit rather than financial necessity, which means that a student could receive a full ride scholarship even if her family is not poor. However, there are alternative ways to earn a full ride besides traditional scholarship programs. Whether you receive it for merit or financial need, free money is still free money.

Different Types Of Full Ride Scholarships

Depending on their history, talents, and competence, anyone can be considered for a full ride scholarship. The majority of students receive full ride scholarships as a result of their academic record, athletic ability, leadership, or merit. However, schools may give other types of scholarships for a variety of reasons, and they may be offered by the school, the state or federal government, or private organizations. These are the different types of  full ride scholarships:


Some Division I and II schools provide full ride scholarships to students who demonstrate athletic ability. Football, men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball, tennis, and gymnastics are the only sports with full ride athletic scholarships.


Students who have exhibited achievement in leadership, service, or another field are eligible for these scholarships. Full ride scholarships are sometimes granted to students who show remarkable promise.

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State Sponsored

Some state programs will pay for students’ college expenses. State-by-state variations exist, and several are exclusively valid at specific public colleges.


Some students are eligible for full-ride scholarships from the government. ROTC students and students studying at a military academy are two examples of full-ride scholarships granted by the government.

Merit Based

Merit-based scholarships are one of the most prevalent types of full-ride scholarships, and they are awarded to individuals who have demonstrated academic distinction. GPA, SAT scores, ACT scores, or a mix of the three are commonly used to calculate this.

Financial Need Based

Some colleges offer full-ride scholarships to students from low-income families. There are also private full-ride scholarships that are awarded based on status, merit, or financial necessity.

Other Reasons

Full-ride scholarships are available for a variety of reasons. Some scholarships are based on a specific heritage, while others are based on a legacy. Almost every new college freshman could be eligible for a full-ride scholarship.

Tips On How To Win a Full Ride Scholarship

The following tips should help you apply for a full ride scholarship and get it. Just make sure that you follow and practice each of the steps.

Plan Ahead

For both college and scholarship applications, you’ll have a lot of deadlines to keep track of. Scholarship application deadlines can be all over the place, unfortunately. Many of the best scholarships have early deadlines in your senior year, so make a list of scholarships you’d like to apply to by the end of your junior year.

Giving oneself adequate time to complete applications is also vital, especially if you have to submit personal statements or essays. Also, bear in mind that if you need to submit letters of recommendation, you should give letter writers 10-12 weeks’ notice.

Do More Community Service

Schools and private scholarship programs alike prefer to invest in kids who will “pay it forward” or do good in the world. Demonstrate to funding them that you are this type of individual who has done community work in the past.

Quality, as with clubs and other extracurricular, takes precedence over quantity. Try to find something that interests you and stick with it. Participation on a weekly basis is ideal.

Develop Leadership Skills/Qualities

Private scholarship committees, in particular, aim to invest in future leaders and provide scholarships to individuals they believe will succeed in business, politics, academics, and other fields. Scholarship committees can only assess your future leadership potential by looking at your previous experience.

Be an active participant in the classroom in order to improve your own leadership qualities (teachers will be able to speak to your leadership potential in letters of recommendation). Raise your hand, volunteer to lead projects or groups, and, if possible, assist other students.

Demonstrate Academic Excellence

It’s not just about having a high GPA; it’s also about taking difficult classes. Take as many advanced or AP classes as possible to make a strong impression. If you’re having trouble with a particular subject (everyone has flaws), seek extra aid from teachers to avoid lowering your marks.

Aim for the top 10% of your class rankings if you want to achieve absolutely exceptional academic results. If you want to be considered for some of the most prestigious full scholarships (such as the Gates Millennium), you’ll almost certainly need to be at the top of your class.

List Of Full Ride Scholarships

These are some of the top full ride scholarships you can try out:

Boston University Trustee Scholarship

The Trustee Scholarship is awarded to students who have excelled academically. The majority of Trustee Scholarship recipients have a perfect 4.0 GPA in high school. This prize is awarded to students who display innovation, experience, and achievement. Each year, roughly 20 students are awarded this scholarship, which is renewable for four years.

Deadline: Early December.

Loyola Marymount University Trustee Scholarship

The trustee grant is available to all entering freshmen and is awarded to 10 students over the course of four years. Full tuition and housing & board are included in the scholarship. This scholarship is given out based on academic merit.

Deadline: Early February.

Texas Christian University Chancellor’s Scholars Program

Chancellor’s Scholars are invited to special retreats, luncheons and dinners, social activities, and more, in addition to receiving a full tuition stipend. Although there are no minimum qualifications, students who receive this grant typically have SAT and ACT scores of 2150 and 33.

Deadline: Early December.

Wake Forest University Nancy Susan Reynolds Scholarship

The Nancy Susan Reynolds Scholarship pays students tuition, lodging and board, as well as $3,400 in personal costs per year. This award is given to students who pursue the most difficult courses and earn among the highest GPAs and/or test scores in the country. Up to five awardees are chosen each year.

Washington University in St. Louis John B. Ervin Scholars Program

The John B. Ervin Scholars Program combines academic success, leadership, and service with Washington University’s diversity commitment. This scholarship includes full tuition and a stipend of $2,500, and it is renewed each year.

Agnes Scott College Goizueta Foundation Scholarship

The Goizueta Foundation Scholarship, which is largely for Hispanic/Latina women who demonstrate great financial need, has a four-year value of $208,000, which is more than enough to pay tuition, housing, and board. Students who have demonstrated academic and/or leadership excellence are also given preference.

Deadline: Mid January.

Davidson University Charles Scholarship

The Charles Scholarship, which covers everything from tuition to personal expenses, is given to up to three students each year. These are available to Chicago public school graduates who have excelled academically but have a substantial financial need.

Deadline: Early January.

Soka University Soka Opportunity Scholarship

After other grants and scholarships are taken into account, the Soka Opportunity Scholarship covers any additional educational fees up to the cost of tuition. This award is for students who have never attended college and whose families earn less than $60,000 per year.

Deadline: Late March.

University of Miami George W. Jenkins Scholarship

The George W. Jenkins Scholarship is given to students who have overcome obstacles to excel. It is based on financial need. Tuition, accommodation and board, health insurance, a meal plan, and a laptop stipend are all covered by the scholarship, with the possibility of additional stipends for books, transportation, and personal expenditures.

Deadline: Early December.

University of Rochester Alan and Jane Handler Endowed Scholarship

The Alan and Jane Handler Endowed Scholarship is awarded to students who have demonstrated academic distinction as well as outstanding character. This grant, which is awarded to students in financial need, covers all college costs, including travel and personal expenditures.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Gates Millennium Scholars Program

The Gates Millennium Scholars Program is open to students interested in computer science, education, engineering, math, public science, or health. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.3 and be diverse. This scholarship covers all tuition costs, including graduate school.

Deadline: Late November.

Flinn Foundation Flinn Scholarship Program

The Flinn Scholarship is available to students who want to attend an Arizona public university. Tuition, accommodation and board, as well as any study abroad trips that students are interested in are all covered by the program. All students are welcome to apply, but they must be residents of Arizona.

Deadline: Late November.


Hope you enjoyed reading this article on how to get a full ride scholarship. If you want to apply for any full ride scholarship, do well to contact any of the awarding bodies listed here and submit your application.

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