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How To Get A Cyber Security Degree

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Cyber security degreeIn this article, we are going to consider how to get a cyber security degree. A certificate in Cyber security will help you get job fast as more and more establishments are looking for people with this skills. Let’s show you how to get a cyber security degree and the institutions that award it. Before we start, let’s briefly look at a brief definition of Cyber security for the benefit of some who may not know much about this program

What Is Cyber Security?

The protection of computer systems and networks from information disclosure, theft of or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as disruption or misdirection of the services they provide, is known as computer security, cybersecurity, or information technology security (IT security).

Due to the increased reliance on computer systems, the Internet, and wireless network standards such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as well as the growth of “smart” devices such as smartphones, televisions, and the various devices that make up the “Internet of things,” the field is becoming increasingly important. Cybersecurity is one of the primary concerns in the modern world due to its complexity, both in terms of politics and technology.

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Which Sectors Need Cyber Security?

Cyber security is far more than just computer science or information assurance. After earning your cyber security degree, you can pursue a variety of job titles and career choices. Many cybersecurity professionals end up working for the military or the government. Many others will work in the private sector for large or small businesses. Cyber defense entails writing, education, administration, and other skills, as well as computer scientific knowledge.

Cyber Security and The Military

The military and government are two major sectors where cyber defense is critical. These specialists assist in the security of sensitive government information and collaborate with leaders around the world to protect the safety of our country. The importance of high-level security and privacy while dealing with government data cannot be overstated. For military security, cyber analysts, engineers, managers, and technicians all play important responsibilities.

Cybersecurity experts that are familiar with coding, network information systems, technological breakthroughs, and military standards are excellent candidates for military cybersecurity jobs. As the industry develops, military companies will require more cyber security expertise to assist protect data.

Cyber Security and Private Industries

Many more businesses entrust their data and network protection to cyber security experts. There are numerous career choices available in the private sector. Some cyber security professionals will choose to work with software and computer firms. These businesses are frequently the ones who develop the programs and technology that keep other businesses safe. Other cyber security professionals are engaged for specific firms in order to keep them safe. They build code, collaborate with software companies to choose the finest security solution, and then use that system and their own knowledge to protect their company’s data.

Cybersecurity engineers and architects play an important role in developing and testing solutions that keep businesses safe. Some cybersecurity occupations require auditors, testers, and ethical hackers to attempt to get into a company’s system in order to determine where security flaws exist. Other cyber security experts are in charge of maintaining strong cyber security procedures, writing new code, and keeping security systems current.

Whatever path you pick in cyber security, you can be sure that your career will entail research, continual education, and a constant demand for your abilities to assist ensure security.

Online Cyber Security Degree

Many people now prefer to get their degree online due to busy nature of the world today. You can get complete a cyber security degree completely online! Here are a list of schools that offer online cyber security degree:

Regent University Virginia Beach, VA

Regent University is a Virginia Beach-based private Christian university. Pat Robertson launched Christian Broadcasting Network University in 1977, and it changed its name to Regent University in 1990. Regent University provides both traditional on-campus and online degrees. Regent University offers associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in over 70 fields of study through its eight academic schools.

The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools has regional accreditation for the university, with specialized programs certified by other professional or national accreditors.

Robert Morris University Moon Township, PA

Robert Morris University (RMU) is a private university located in In Moon Township, Pennsylvania. It also has a branch campus in Pittsburgh’s downtown area. It was named after Robert Morris, who was a signer of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Articles of Confederation, as well as a slave trader and financier of the American Revolution. It has almost 5,000 students enrolled in 60 bachelor’s degree programs, 35 master’s degree programs, and 35 doctoral degree programs. The majority of students are from the Pittsburgh area, with only 16% of freshman from outside Pennsylvania.

Utica College Utica, NY

Utica College (UC) is a private university located in Utica, New York. Syracuse University began offering extension classes in the Utica area in the 1930s, and the college’s history extends back to that time. In 1946, Syracuse University’s name was changed to Utica College as a four-year university, and in 1995, UC became financially and legally self-sufficient. In 1999, Utica College began offering its own graduate programs, and in 2011, it began offering its own undergraduate programs.

Utica College has almost 20,000 alumni. The college had 3,084 undergraduate students and 1,379 graduate students enrolled.

Champlain College Burlington, VT

Champlain College, located in Burlington, Vermont, is a private college in USA. Champlain College Online, which was founded in 1878, offers on-campus and online undergraduate courses, as well as online certificate and degree programs and master’s degree programs, in more than 80 academic areas. Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont, has 2,200 undergraduate students from 44 states and 17 countries.

Champlain College Online, a division of Champlain College, was founded in 1992. The institution provides over 60 online degree programs, including associate, undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs in four in-demand areas of study: business, cybersecurity, healthcare, and information technology. The curriculum and accreditation for online programs and degrees are the same as for regular residential on-campus programs.

National University La Jolla, CA

National University (NU) is a private research university based in La Jolla, California. National University, founded in 1971, offers academic degree programs at campuses throughout California, a satellite school in Nevada, and a variety of online programs. Adult learners are catered to in National University’s programs. On-campus programs are often blended learning courses that last four weeks or are held on weeknights with Saturday classes on occasion. For its online programs, the university employs asynchronous learning and real-time virtual classrooms.

Benefits Of Getting a Cyber Security Degree

We want to look at the benefits associated with getting a degree in Cyber security. The truth is that, many people will want to go for a cyber security degree, but they are discouraged as they don’t know the advantages or benefits of getting a degree in this field. Let’s see some of the benefits associated with getting a cyber security degree.

Cyber Security Jobs are Growing Faster

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market for information security analysts is rising at a pace of 31%, which is “far faster than (the) average” for other occupations. While there are several opportunities and job openings in the cybersecurity area, the education level required to obtain these positions can be rather high.

According to CyberSeek, a graduate degree was required or desired by 25% of firms looking for a cybersecurity architect role (23 percent for a cybersecurity engineer; 21 percent for a penetration tester). Those with the necessary education and experience, on the other hand, have a plethora of options, with employment openings in nearly every state and in every industry, both private and public.

Investment In Cyber Security Pays Off

The cost of a master’s degree varies depending on the school, but a cybersecurity degree will normally cost between $20,000 and $70,000. While that is a substantial investment, the payback indicates that it is worthwhile. “If any college student asked me what vocation would best promise 30 years of solid, well-paying work, I would say, ‘cybersecurity,’” Alec Ross, senior adviser for innovation at the State Department, told the Washington Post.

Degree In Cyber Security Ensures Job Security

It has never been a better moment to start a career in cyber security. The demand for cyber security personnel is significantly surpassing the supply, as cyber threats and attacks become more frequent and sophisticated. This means that job security for qualified cyber security experts is virtually guaranteed.

According to Forbes, by 2022, there will be 1.8 million cyber security employment openings. By 2021, 3.5 million jobs will be unoccupied globally, according to Varonis.

Veronica Mollica, founder and executive information security recruiter at Indigo Partners, told, “The cybersecurity job market is on fire.” “Multiple organizations are making competitive offers to our candidates, with salary hikes averaging over 30%. Current businesses are scrambling to keep people on board, making counter offers such as 10% and higher salary hikes for information security team members.

So you can now see how hot a cyber security degree can be. You can now make up your mind to get a degree in Cyber Security. All you need to do is contact any of the universities listed in this article and start an online application for admission. The moment your application is approved, you can start your studies and prepare yourself for a life changing career.

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