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Ghent University, Belgium: Fees & Requirements

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Postdoctoral fellowship at Ghent University – HETEROPOLITICSGhent University is an internationally recognized public university founded in 1817 by the great King William I of the Netherlands. Following the Belgium revolution of the 1830s, the Dutch handed over administration rights to the newly formed Belgium Government. In 1930, it was certified as the first Dutch-speaking university in Belgium, evolving from a French-dominated University called Universite de Gand. In 1991, the University received management independence, and the administration changed its name to Ghent University.

The University motto is Inter Utrumque (English meaning: In Between Both Extremes), which expresses the school’s support for learning in a peaceful atmosphere and not of discrimination or fanaticism. The school’s rector isRik Van de Walle, and he has been in leadership since 2017.  Furthermore, the school boasts a large number with its Academic staff of 9000, while the total number of students is 47000+, according to statistical records in 2020.

Situated in Flanders, the Dutch-dominated section of Belgium and the economic and cultural center of Europe, Ghent University is a consistent partner in local and international scientific, industrial, and most importantly, educational cooperation.

With a firm resolve to cooperate in research and scientific projects, many research institutes, centers, and groups have been developed over the years. Many of them have attained world-wide recognition in multiple scientific disciplines such as history, aquaculture, biotechnology, etc.



In national ranking, Ghent University was ranked 1st position by Academic Ranking for World Universities as of 2020. In the same year, Times Higher Education (THE) and US News and World Reports ranked them as the second-best in Belgium.

In Global rankings, Ghent University has been consistent in the top 100 university rankings by top world ranking organizations. In 2019, they were ranked as the 98th best University in the world by Reuters World. However, in 2021, Ghent University is seen charting 66th and 85th on lists published by Academic Ranking of World Universities and US News and World Reports, respectively.

QS – a body that bases its ranking on how much of a particular university graduate is hired, ranked Ghent University as 135th in the world as of 2021.


University Campuses

Ghent Area Campuses

The campuses around Ghent University are where most of the activities take place. All eleven faculties are duly represented here, offering students over 200 courses. It is an excellent research area as it conducts most of the research projects in both exact and social sciences. Given their set-up and structure, the campuses here can be described as the idealspot for any student to attain excellence in their studies.

Global Campus – South Korea

Ghent University marks itself as the first European University to hold a place at the famous Songdo Global University Campus in South Korea. The Campus offers three bachelor’s programs in Food Technology, Molecular Biotechnology, and Environmental Technology.

Campus Kortrijk

Located in Flanders, the Campus Kortrijk provides the perfect environment for students, mostly Flemish, to learn. The Campus offers three outstanding engineering courses: Circular Bio press Technology, Industrial Design, and Machine and Production Automation. The Circular Bio press Technology course is from the Bio-Engineering Sciences Faculty, while the other two are from the Engineering and Architecture Faculty.

Ostend Science Park

The first Belgian science park in the marine business is the Ostend Science Park. The extremely innovative park is a top-tech knowledge hub, with its operations bordering around a combination of science, business, and government. This park is the ideal spot for students to boost their knowledge of the blue economy.

ASDEU - Ghent University (UGent)

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Life on Campus

Sports Facilities

Ghent University is one of the few top universities in Belgium that can boast of a complete sports center. The popular sports facility called “GUSB” features two small and three large halls comfortable for indoor games. It also has an instruction pool, two saunas, a 25-meter swimming pool,and more. Specifically, the school devotes lots of time to giving disabled students the sports’ feeling. Besides, counseling and individual supporting services are available, especially for students who regularly particulate in top-level sports.

Some of the sports the facilities provide are Zumba, aerobics, water polo, basketball, tennis, cross-fit, swimming, badminton, five-a-side football, diving, krav maga, handball, kayaking, jogging in a group, aikido, yoga, Bujinkan bujutsu, volleyball, condition gym, judo, running, table tennis, BBB, rugby, hockey, mini football, karate, korfball, etc.


Ghent University provides convenient halls of residence for international students who would prefer to stay on Campus. The school’s housing office rent out studios, rooms, and standard flats to students, guests, and staff. Besides, they provide students with up-to-date information on the private housing market and offer advice on how best to secure a comfortable space.

The University’s housing facilities are available for short stays, given it corresponds with your admission into the University. There is unlimited access to electricity, internet, and water, with the fees being charged with the entire rental fee. Furthermore, students are provided with homes already furnished with quality furniture and sets of bed linen. When students want to explore their immediate surroundings, there is a common room to hang out, a bicycle park, and laundry space.

With 24/7 on-site support, students are sure to have a safe and convenient time at the houses. And the Campus is peaceful and quiet, especially at night and during exam times.


Ghent University boasts an enviable range of students’ restaurants. The restaurants offer high-quality meals at the most student-friendly price in town. With the restaurants situated in strategic points, students are just a light stroll away from getting their favorite meals. It may be called a students’ restaurant, but it’s not restricted to students alone; staff is also welcome.

Students are advised to bring along their personnel or student card with them for smooth and speedy service. Failure to do so meanstudents will have to pay higher fees for the meals. The restaurants feature large TV screens where prices are displayed; whatever appears on the screen is what students and personal are to pay. However, not everyone pays the same price; groups are charged at different rates.

In precaution against the spread of covid-19, UGent offers students online delivery, and cash is not acceptable for payments. Students can pay with their personnel cards and also with their Debut cards.

Job service for Students

Securing a standard job as an international student is not a ride in the park. For most jobs in Belgium, especially Gent, proper knowledge of the Dutch language is necessary, sometimes required. With that in mind, the UGent Job Service for students prepared a comprehensive database designed to help students find an excellent job.

However, Dutch is the only language the database is developed with. Therefore, it is recommended students have physical contact with the Job service if they’re serious about getting a good job. Beyond helping you find a suitable job position, the school’s job service will also educate you more on your responsibilities and rights – a treasured piece of information for those who get it.

When a student secures employment, the contract they’re offered will indicate the total monthly wages. However, the money that the student receives will be lesser, putting social security charges and taxes into consideration.


Life in the City

Gent is a student-dominated area where there are many places students love to spend their time. The city is painted with youth, and students frequently visit places like Peanuts and Porter House on Mondays and Wednesdays, respectively. Furthermore, places like Overportstraat are fantastic for parties and hangouts – students love to do these a lot. When the weather is perfect and spring is on its way, most students swing themselves to Graslei.

Many things happen in Gent each day, helping students discover new and exciting things as they study. Everything you can imagine a student would want is right there in Gent; pubs, cafes, chocolate joints, etc. It’s a city with the ability to steal the heart of any student.


Admission Requirements

Getting into Ghent University has been made more comfortable, especially for international students. The school enrolls students only based on a Diploma and a Language requirement. This means an international student only has to present valid documents to be admitted into the University.

Bachelor’s Program

When applying for a Bachelor’s degree at Ghent University, there are few requirements every student must meet before being considered for admission. The process begins where applicants upload their Diploma Certificateonline. Afterward, the school will assess the information and reply with an email stating what the applicant should do.

Applicants must be proficient in or at least understand Dutch because it’s the primary language for lectures except for students enrolling for Bachelor of Social Sciences.

Furthermore, a student can apply for admission if already been admitted into a standard university in their country. Ghent University is willing to offer such students the same program they’ve been admitted for in their home country.

Before beginning any application process, every applicant must go through the requirements and course catalogs clearly stated on the University’s official website.

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Masters’ Program

In Ghent University, the Masters’ program is broken into two types: The initial master and the advanced master. Both types require different documents for admission, and the entire process is illustrated on the school’s website.

Pre-Doctoral Training

When a foreigner applies to obtain a doctoral degree, the University may require the applicant to undergo pre-doctoral training that is put together to assess the applicant’s qualification for the degree. Students will undergo the training under close supervision from a senior tutor. If the applicant receives approval at the end of the training, they will be enrolled for the Doctorate.

Doctoral Degree

The requirements for a doctorate are stated below:

  • Applicants should have booked a potential Ph.D. Supervisor before beginning the application process.
  • Master Degree Holders and students with a minimum of four years of study are the only ones who can apply.
  • The school’s administration will evaluate applicants’ documents with a specific focus on their academic background and competencies crucial in deciding their success in scientific research.

Doctoral Training Program

Students who have been accepted for the Doctorate are automatically enrolled for the training. This means there’s no need for students to apply separately.


Application Deadline

The application deadline of Ghent University applicants is very fair. Once the online application process is completed, the school’s administration will forward an email to the applicant stating the documents that must be sent in physically. The application deadline applies to submitting the hard copy certificates. Therefore, it is not enough to finish the online process before the deadline, but also to send the printed documents to the authorities.

The application deadline is divided into two: students who require a visa and those who don’t. Students who need a visa are expected to round up their online application process between October and February and deliver the hard-copy documents before the 1st of March. Existing UGent students submitting new applications and Dutch program applicants also should submit before the 1st of March. On the other hand, students who don’t need a visa should finish the online process between October and May and hand in their documents before the 1st of June.


Tuition fees and Cost of Living

The Tuition fees for the programs in Ghent University differ. For most programs, the standard tuition fees for Non-EEA students are fixed at €247.90 fixed amount + €14.00 per credit. On the other hand, EEA students must pay €247.90 fixed amount + €11.90 per credit. However, the Flemish community offers a study allowance that requires students to pay only €113.20 for all credits.

Students’ average cost of living in Gent is between 500 to 1000 euros monthly. Moreover, most students go by fine and well with 450 euros a month.



Top-up Grants for New Master Students

Ghent University offers some students top-up grants. These grants do not include the tuition fees and transport costs. Students selected for the grants will be given a €1000 allowance every month and an all-in insurance package on health, repatriation, and civil liability.

International Training Program

These are short training programs that last between one to four months. They are put together for students from developing countries with a certain level of professional qualification and experience. The training aims to teach new skills, transfer knowledge, and create possibilities for networking and cooperation.



It is noteworthy to state that Ghent University is a well-structured school that gets tons of applicants every year. However, given the school’s friendliness to international students and their rather seamless application process, you have an excellent chance at getting admission provided that you put in the required effort.

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