Summer jobs for college students

Full List Of Summer Jobs For College Students

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summer jobs for college studentsIn this article, we are going to see a full list of summer jobs for college students. If you are a college student, you can take up any of these jobs during summer. It will help you pay for your tuition fees and maybe living expenses.

As a college student, summer is the best time to look for seasonal job. You can earn some extra money and obtain real-world experience while you are away from classes. But, with so many summer jobs available to college students, how will you decide which one is best for you?

Here are a few ideas to get you started on your summer job search, whether you’re looking for something that coincides with your career aspirations or simply want to make as much money as possible.

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Top 10 Best Summer Jobs for College Students

The following are the best summer jobs for college students with their hourly wage:


Some vocations, such as food delivery, rideshare driver, or valet, put you in the driver’s seat if you have a car and prefer being behind the wheel. You can begin by working for rideshare companies such as Uber or Lyft, where you can determine your own hours and driving radius. Many ridesharing and food delivery apps even provide a sign-on incentive that gives you a boost right away. Another benefit is that you can continue to work part-time during the school year to supplement your income.

Non-Medical Caregiver

To provide care to persons in need, you must not be a certified health care provider. It is possible to work as a non-medical caregiver. As a caregiver, you’ll provide companionship and assist an elderly person with various tasks. For many college students, this is one of the best summer jobs and a position that is well worth their time.

Dog Walker

Rover and Wag are two examples of such websites that can put you in touch with pet owners seeking for summer dog walkers. You may even take on multiple dogs to fill out your calendar. You might just find the right job by asking friends and family back home if they know anyone searching for a pet sitter or dog walker.


With small children out of school during the summer, families are more likely to hire a summer nanny to look after their children. Nanny jobs are ideal for students who wish to work with children and want a family-oriented employment. It’s also easier than ever to discover nannying jobs, thanks to a plethora of apps and websites that connect you with folks looking for short or long-term childcare. To see if nannying is suited for you, go to

Food/Restaurant Work

Restaurant work has also become a popular summer career option for college students. The fast-paced and public-facing food service sector is a terrific way to make money throughout the summer, from serving to handling the back of the house. Restaurants hire all year, but especially over the summer, and will likely offer you a part-time schedule that fits for you.

Retail Employee

Another typical seasonal career is that of a salesperson. They can range from selling golf clubs or gadgets to working at a retail store. You’ll deal directly with the public, just like in customer service occupations. Retail jobs are physically taxing because most of them need you to stand for the most of your shift, but they also teach you how to operate in a fast-paced setting and assist customers with their concerns. While retail jobs are fantastic for college students throughout the summer, you can also try to pick up hours during the holiday shopping season during the winter break.

Local Social Media Manager

Starting a career in writing or social media for a local business is a smart method to earn steady summer employment that can last beyond your seasonal job. Many organizations prefer to hire young people to offer a fresh perspective to their marketing efforts because most college students are social media experts.

You might be able to uncover work-from-home options in your job search, so keep an eye out for employment that you could easily transition into and perhaps carry over into the next school year.

Office Assistant

You’ll help keep things running smoothly as an office assistant by managing schedules, procuring office supplies, and taking phone messages. These jobs pay slightly more than other hourly summer jobs and can help you build your CV by demonstrating that you have professional experience in an office setting.


You might be able to acquire a job landscaping depending on where you reside. You can join local businesses or create your own summer landscaping business in your area. Landscaping and related jobs can be lucrative, but it can also be difficult. Long hours, heavy lifting, and a little dirt under your fingernails are all part of a landscaper’s day-to-day duties. However, if you want a summer job where you can work outside and on your own (or with a small team), it’s a terrific way for college students to supplement their income.

Camp Counselor

A camp counselor is a classic summer employment for college students, so grab your canteen and whistle. Thousands of summer camps exist in the United States and overseas, and all of them require counselors to assist in the planning of activities and the organization of classes. Look for a camp that offers your favorite activities, such as outdoor excursions, quiet retreats, or even a comedy camp. In your major or minor, you might be able to tutor young children. Some camps may demand previous experience working with children and/or a CPR certification, and others may not.

Swim Instructor

Why spend your summer cooped up in an office when you can spend it outdoors? A summer job as a swim instructor is ideal for college students who want to earn money, get some exercise, and assist others gain confidence in the water. Check with your local community pool or beach to see if they are hiring instructors for the summer.

Online Instructor

Tutoring has long been considered one of the top summer jobs for many college students. Online tutors, on the other hand, may now educate students from the comfort of their own homes, thanks to the digitalization of nearly everything.
Online tutoring is a wonderful career for college students with a passion for and aptitude to teach youngsters, whether you discover your clients in your neighborhood or at a college or high school. The average hourly rate for online tutors is $17.96, according to PayScale.

Product Merchandizer

For college students, this is one of the best summer jobs. Essentially, you’d be in charge of replenishing grocery store shelves. For example, at a bookstore, you might be making sure that all of the stationery is in the right spot, or in a grocery store, you might be making sure that the beverages aren’t mixed in with the chicken noodle. This isn’t a difficult task, but it will take some time.

Sales Associate

During the summer, college students with the gift of persuasion and who are sociable, thrive and pursue sales associate positions in bookstores, outdoor shops, boutiques, and clothing stores. Marketing and sales majors, finance majors, and business majors all have a strong desire to work as sales associates. A sales associate job, on the other hand, is suitable for students looking for less physically demanding summer work.
Although the average hourly wage for a sales associate is $11.31, commissions allow them to make more. Because many sales associate jobs require interaction with clients, students must be prepared to improve their communication skills and gain confidence.


The number of people visiting salons and spas, hotels, beach resorts, and theme parks grows throughout the summer, increasing the demand for receptionists.

Working as a receptionist is one of your greatest options if you enjoy meeting and engaging with new people. When it comes to executing your responsibilities as a receptionist, you must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. It’s one of the most important talents you may learn for your future job. The average hourly wage for a receptionist is $13.23, making it one of the greatest summer jobs for college students.

Freelance Web Designer

A freelance job as a web designer is something you should explore if you are proficient with computers and web design. You’d be able to construct, manage, and design websites with WordPress if you studied web design.
This position permits you to work from home rather than in a traditional office setting. Web designers assist clients with increasing their online visibility, installing and updating widgets and apps, updating current web pages, and developing new websites. The average hourly wage for freelance web designers is $27.00, according to ZipRecruiter.

What Are The Benefits Of Summer Jobs?

Summer jobs can help you gain vital experience and skills that will help you thrive in the real world. Summer job applications can be time-consuming and demanding, but the advantages are well worth it. As a result of their summer employment experience, many college students have gained a fresh perspective and learned more about themselves.

Doing a summer job teaches you how to value your money. A paycheck-to-paycheck arrangement gives you practical experience budgeting, conserving, and maximizing your earnings until the next pay period.

You’ll meet and work with people of different ages and backgrounds at your new career. Summer jobs allow you to interact with more experienced people. During your summer job, you create your first professional network, and as a result, you have people who can point you in the right direction in a competitive job market. A excellent summer job can develop into a full-time employment as soon as you graduate!


As you can see there are so many benefits associated with taking up summer jobs. This article on Summer jobs for college students should help you get a summer job as a students.

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