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flinders universityFlinders University is an internationally recognized public research university established in 1966, located in Adelaide, South Australia. The University’s name was coined from the word “Matthew Flinders” – the British navigator and cartographer who studied and examined South Australia’s coastline in the early 19th century.

The university’s motto is “Inspiring Achievement.” The current Vice-Chancellor of the university is Professor Colin Stirling, attaining this position in 2015, making him the 8th Vice-Chancellor of the prestigious university.


The University has over 25000 students currently, and there are over 1500 administrative staff members in the university, ensuring that students are well equipped with high-quality education and research.


Notable alumni in the university include Agnes Milowka (technical diver and author), Alex Frayne (film director), Noni Hazlehurst (actress), Victoria Hill (actress, writer, and producer), Craig Lahiff (film director), Sam Mac (radio and television personality), Zoe Bettison (South Australian state politician and Minister), Sudesh Mishra (poet), among many others.


Flinders University is a world-class university known for engaging students with high-quality education and innovative explorations. Ever since it was established, the university has grown to be one of the most prestigious universities globally within a short period. The university has a well-equipped library available on a 24/7 basis to aid students with their studies.

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In both National and Global rankings, Flinders University has attained a good reputation for itself. According to several top world ranking organizations, the university is placed among the top 500 best universities in the world and top 30 in  Australia.


As of 2021, some of these top world ranking organizations have given their opinion about the university. The QS World University ranking placed the university in the 423rd spot globally and 23rd spot in Australia. The Times Higher Education World University Ranking placed the university between 251-300 in the world and 20th in Australia. The U.S. News & World Report Best Global University put the university in the 435th spot globally and 24th in Australia.


These rankings were based on the University’s teaching, research, citation, income, and international outlook.

University Campuses

Flinders University has three campuses, all having the same vision of equipping students with high-quality education and research. They are;


  • Bedford Park Campus:

Located at Bedford Park, the southern part of Adelaide, it is the main campus of Flinders University. The Bedford Park campus is a convenient place for students to study and research, offering excellent facilities and services.


  • Tonsley Campus: The campus is located in Tonsley, about 3km from the Bedford Park campus. Tonsley campus is a center for students to be engaged in high-quality teaching and research in various fields like computer science, information technology, engineering, mathematics, and artificial intelligence.


  • Victoria Square Campus: The campus is located at Victoria Square, in Adelaide; this campus offers an available space for students and staff members, ensuring a comfortable zone for learning and exploration.


University Colleges

There are six colleges in Flinders University offering over 160 undergraduate and postgraduate courses. They include;


  • College of Business, Government, and Law: The college has a pretty good reputation in encompassing teaching and research activities in business, commerce, health care management, politics, international relations, law, and criminology.


  • College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences: The college offers high-quality education and researches in history and archaeology, social sciences, language, literature, and culture.


  • College of Medicine and Public Health: The college has a pretty good reputation for offering excellent teaching programs and high-quality clinical service to students.


  • College of Nursing and Health Sciences: The college has a pretty good reputation in nursing, midwifery, pathology, nutrition, and dietetics education, enriching students with excellent health education.


  • College of Education, Psychology, and Social Work: The college equips students with excellent skills to excel in their fields.


  • College of Science and Engineering: The college aims to train Science and Engineering students to create new technologies and progress to advance science.


Life on Campus

  • Getting to Campus: There are several ways to get to campus as a student. It could be by using public transports, walking, cycling or driving your car. For those who intend on using public transport, many buses come to each campus to pick students daily. The university has a parking space available for students with cars.


Those who will park their vehicles on campus will be required to pay for parking from Monday to Friday within the time range of 9 am to 5 pm. However, parking is free on public holidays, and also for weekends.


  • Accommodation: Getting accommodation at Flinders University depends on the students’ choice, whether he/she wants an on-campus accommodation or off-campus accommodation. Flinders University has campus housing in the Adelaide metropolitan area.


The university has two on-campus accommodations for students, one named University Hall, which is available for over 250 students. The other is called Deirdre Jordan Village, which is capable of occupying over 300 students. For the off-campus accommodation, the university runs a free accommodation service for students, enabling them to know the private accommodation lists available in the city.


  • Sports Activities: There are many sports teams at Flinders University in which students can join to engage themselves in several competitions. These sports teams range in the following sports activities including, athletics, badminton, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, squash, volleyball, and many others.


  • Job Services for Students: Most international students in Flinders University work part-time while they study. They are granted permission to work with their student visas, and they are only allowed to work up to 40 hours per fortnight at maximum. The reason is that working more than the time given might lead to the cancellation of the student’s visa.


  • Clubs and Societies: There are varieties of clubs and societies in Flinders University which aim at connecting students on campus while they are studying.


The different clubs and societies include FUSA (Flinders University Students Association), Athletics Club, Book Club, Motorsport Club, Photography Club, Sketch Club, Cinephile Society, Computer Society, League Speleological Society, among many others. As a student, you tend to choose which one will be beneficial to you while you study.

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Tuition Fees and Cost of Living

The tuition fees at Flinders University depend on whether the student is a domestic or international student and the program the student enrolled.

Australian and New Zealand citizens are domestic students, while those from other countries are international students. The international student’s fees are always higher than the domestic student’s expenses.


For both undergraduate and postgraduate programs, the average tuition fees for domestic students are estimated to be 5,062 USD per year, depending on the study. In contrast, the average tuition fees for international students are evaluated to be 15,451 USD per year, depending on the program.


The cost of living as a student within the university environment is estimated to be between $19,830 to $25,850 annually, depending on its budget.


Acceptance Rate

Flinders University accepts over 25,000 students every year, out of which there are nearly 5,000 international students. Based on these statistics, the acceptance rate for international students is somehow fair.


The University accepts international students, provided they submit all relevant documents during their application. Because applying to a university in another country might prove tedious, international applicants are advised to begin their application at least six months before the start of the semester.


Admission Requirements

The admission requirements for both undergraduate degree programs and postgraduate degree programs are as follows;


Bachelor’s Programs

Flinders University offers a vast range of courses in Bachelor’s programs for both domestic and international students. Students must submit their high school transcripts, proof of English language proficiency scores to test their skill in the language, and attain a minimum ATAR score of 65.


International students must have a letter of recommendation, passport, student visas, and financial statements when applying.


Masters’ Programs

Applicants applying into the Masters’ programs should possess an Australian bachelor’s degree or its equivalent degree from a well recognized tertiary institution.

Applicants are also required to submit proof of English proficiency scores to test their language skills. In some programs, applicants might need to offer work experience and a reference letter from the employer.


Higher Degrees Research (HDR) programs

This degree program is for both Doctoral programs and Master by research degree programs. Generally, applicants applying for HDR programs must hold a university degree, including a postgraduate qualification (having a minimum AQF level 8 or 9). They should also demonstrate their capacity to undertake significant research in their proposed field of study.

It is essential to know that the criteria vary between HDR courses, so the need to see the admission requirements for your chosen degree program.


How to Apply as an International Student

As an international student willing to attend Flinders University, below are the procedures for the application;


  • Applicants are required to visit the university website to be able to select their programs.


  • Applicants are required to check the entry requirements for the various programs.


  • Applicants should then proceed to check their eligibility for credit.


  • After meeting these criteria, applicants can then proceed to apply online through the university website. Applicants can also apply through an authorized agent.


  • Applicants must obtain certified documents, which must be issued by either an Australian Embassy official or an official Flinders University agent.


  • Applicants should then upload all required documents and submit their applications.


  • If the application is responded to positively, an email confirming that the application has been received will be sent to either the applicant or the agent that processed it. The email will contain the applicant’s Flinders University Application Number (FAN), which will be needed while the application is being assessed.


Application Deadline

Flinders University runs on the two-semester session. The academic session is categorized into fall and spring semesters. As of 2020, the spring semester ran between February to June, while the fall semester ran between mid-July to November. The application for the current session lasted from November 1st, 2020, to January 15th, 2021.



Flinders University offers a wide range of scholarships for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs to domestic and international students to pursue their educational goals.

Below are some of the scholarship opportunities available to both international and domestic students;


  • Vice-Chancellor International Scholarships: This scholarship value is worth a 50% reduction in the selected students’ tuition fees until they finish their programs. It is for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Eligible undergraduate applicants are required to have a minimum ATAR score of 95. At the same time, qualified postgraduate applicants will need to have a minimum of 6.5 GPA.


  • Excellence Scholarships: This scholarship value is worth a 25% reduction in the selected students’ tuition fees until they finish their programs. It is only for undergraduate programs. Eligible applicants will need a minimum ATAR score of 80 to qualify for this scholarship.


  • Global Scholarships: This scholarship value is worth a 20% reduction in the selected students’ tuition fees until they finish their programs. It is for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Eligible Undergraduate applicants are required to have a minimum ATAR score of 70. At the same time, qualified doctoral applicants must have a minimum of 5.0 GPA.



In conclusion, Flinders University has attained a pretty good reputation over the years. The university aims at making a difference through innovative research and high-quality teaching so it could produce exceptional students in all fields. As an international student looking forward to studying abroad, Flinders University should be a good option.

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