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Dominican University College, Canada

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Dominican University College

The Dominican University College is a bilingual institute located in Ottawa, Canada; it was established in 1900  before earning a civil university charter in 1967. The university was initially the hub of graduate study for Canadian Dominicans. Today, it offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in philosophy and theology, and it has been a Carleton University affiliated college since 2012.

Dominican University college’s motto is “Discover Knowledge,” its current president is Dr. Brigitte Quintal, who took office in 2020. Based on the university’s statistical records in 2021, the college currently has about 190 undergraduates and 54 postgraduates, as well as about 25 academic staff members working diligently to instill philosophy and theology knowledge in their students.


Dominican University College has quite a good number of prominent alumni. Notable ones include; Hague Sweeney (Film Producer at National Film Board of Canada), Georges Henri Lévesque (Canadian Dominican Priest and founder of Quebec Superior Council of Cooperation), Leslie Armour (Philosopher and Author of The Faces of Reason), Benoît Lacroix (philosopher, theologian, and medievalist), among many others.

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Dominican university college rankings 

The Dominican university college is considered one of Canada’s best tertiary institutions, but the university ranking globally is not that convincing. According to several ranking publications, it is placed among the top 300 best universities in Canada but not among the top 1000 best universities in the world.

UniRank Rankings placed the university 8481st in the world and 96th in Canada for the year 2020. Another ranking publication, UniPage, ranked the university 258th in Canada for the year 2020. In the same year, QS Rankings, one of the world’s best ranking publications, placed the university between 200-250 in Canada. However, Webometrics developed its verdict concerning the university in 2021, putting the university in the 15309th spot globally and 267th in Canada.

These rankings were based on the institution’s academic reputation and how its effectiveness in recent times.

University Campus and Faculties

The university’s campus is located at the center of Ottawa, amassing a diverse and increasing multicultural and multilingual culture. With this, students can learn and experience a range of cultures around the school environment. The Legislative buildings, the Library and Archives, the Rideau Canal, and the Byward Market, as well as Ottawa’s main cultural facilities, such as the National Gallery and the National Arts Center, are all close to the campus.

The university has two faculties consisting of several Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs. Let’s have a look at them below;


Faculty of Philosophy

For Undergraduate Program in this field, it offers;

Bachelor of Philosophy honors

Bachelor of Philosophy honors with minor in Ethics

Bachelor of Arts honors with major in Philosophy and minor in Theology

Bachelor of Arts honors with a major in Philosophy

Bachelor of Arts honors in Philosophy with minor in Ethics

For Postgraduate program in this field, it offers;

Master of Arts in Philosophy

Doctorate in Philosophy

Faculty of Theology

For undergraduate programs in this field, it offers;

Bachelor in Theology

Bachelor of Arts with major in Theology and minor in Philosophy

For postgraduate programs in this field, it offers;

Master of Arts in Theology and Licentiate

Master of Theology

Doctorate in Theology (Ph.D. / Canonical Degree)

Tuition Fees and Cost of Living

Dominican university college runs on a trimester system consisting of spring, fall, and winter semesters. The tuition fees of each student are calculated yearly based on this system. The tuition fees vary depending mainly on the type of program and student you are- Whether a domestic or an international student. It’s pertinent to note that the tuition fee is not constant. Therefore, it is scheduled to change yearly.

Based on the university’s statistical records in 2021, the average tuition fee of a domestic undergraduate student in the institution is estimated to be $4,364 per year. The average tuition fee of an international undergraduate student in the institution is calculated to be around $13 120 per year.

For postgraduate students, the average tuition fee for domestic postgraduates is estimated to be $7 032 per year. In comparison, the average tuition fee for international postgraduates is calculated to be $19 680 per year.

As a student, the cost of living in Ottawa is quite fair.  Renting an apartment can cost between $700 to $1400 per month, depending on your venue. However, because of the existence of the nearby universities, cheaper accommodation is available. The cost of household services is often included in the rent. Also, getting groceries and food items proves to be costly, but all around, it is still an affordable place to stay.

Acceptance Rate

The university’s enrollment process is entirely online, and they have limited class sizes offering exciting courses. The admission rate is a bit high, and it varies from 60-70 percent, meaning anyone who has an outstanding academic background will quickly obtain admission to the University. The university is a lively, rich, and multilingual community which makes it perfect for international students interested in studying in Canada.

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Admission Requirements

The next thing aspiring students will like to know after knowing the school’s acceptance rate is their admission requirements. Having basic knowledge about it will make your admission process easy. The admission requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate programs are compiled below. Check out for them;

Here are the admission requirements for undergraduate programs

  • Letter of intent
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Passport size photo
  • Original Transcripts
  • IELTS test scores


Below are the admission requirements for postgraduate programs

  • Essay sample containing 1500 words
  • Letter of intent (particularly for theological courses)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Passport copy
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Two reference letters
  • Passport size photo
  • Original Academic Transcripts
  • IELTS Test scores.


How To Apply as an International Students

If you are looking forward to applying to this institution, the steps below will act as a proper guide for you;

Step 1 – Prepare your application documents in advance before submitting them online.

Step 2- Ensure you acquire your original transcripts, which you will have to mail to the registrar’s office.

Step 3 – To register for a full-time or part-time program, go to the university website and fill out the online form. You would be required to upload your necessary credentials. Ensure you submit a passport-sized photo which should be in a PDF format.

Step 4 – The next thing is to pay for the application fee, which is worth $50 online. The college will begin reviewing your application after payment is obtained.

Step 5 – You will be routed to a payment page after uploading your online application. Create a reservation and write down your entry number; you will get an email later confirming your submission. Using your username and password, you can verify the status of your request online.

Step 6 – Once the college collects all of the necessary credentials, it will continue to review the submission. A decision is usually reached in 2-4 weeks, and you will be sent a notice via email and your postal mail.

Step 7 – Finally, if you are admitted, you must accept the offer of entry. An approval form will follow your bid of entry. Ensure you fill out and sign the approval form, then email it back to the university.


Application Deadline

Dominican University College is proud of its diverse student body; it accepts students of different religions, backgrounds, traditions, and students from various parts of Canada and the globe. The Admissions Committee works on a rotating application system, which means that applications can be submitted at any point in the year. However, these applications are assessed in the order in which they are received.


International students, on the other hand, should apply before April 30th for the fall semester and August 31st for the winter semester to boost their chances of entry.

Scholarship Opportunities

Dominican University College offers scholarships for domestic and international students, especially those who have excellent academic records and lack financial needs. The scholarship aims to support them financially throughout their period in the university. Below is a list of scholarship opportunities available for students in the university;


DUC Foundation Grants

This scholarship is available to foreign and domestic undergraduates in the university, especially those lacking financial needs. The worth of the scholarship is estimated to be around 3,000 CAD per year


Bursaries for Post-Secondary Studies in French as a Second Language

This scholarship is open to Canadian undergraduates at the University, with particular attention extended to students from underrepresented communities and those facing financial hardship. The scholarship is worth $3,000, according to estimates.


SSHRC Scholarship

This Scholarship is funded by an external organization and offered to graduate students in the university and is available only for Canadian students. The value of the scholarship varies, so it’s not fixed.


Dominican University College has developed a good reputation in recent years and has continued to expand steadily. While it does not have a stellar reputation in global university rankings, it is still a place students should consider, especially those interested in philosophy and theology. As an international student looking forward to studying at the university, you will have a diverse, multicultural, and multilingual experience.

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