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Deakin University

Deakin University is an internationally recognized public university founded in 1974, located in Victoria, Australia. The name of the university was derived from Alfred Deakin, who was the prime minister of Australia as of then. Deakin University became the fourth university in Victoria after it was established under the Deakin University Act 1974.

With over 45 years of experience, Deakin University has been one of Australia’s leading tertiary institutions and has seen over 230,000 students pass through it. The university has won numerous awards, teaching over 60,000 students across four faculties every year.


According to Deakin at a Glance, there are about 2,409 academic staff and 2,987 administrative staff in the university. The current Vice-Chancellor of Deakin University is Prof. Iain Martin, attaining this position in 2019. He is the 7th Vice-Chancellor of the prestigious university.


Notable alumni include Geoff Hunt (World Champion squash player), Rodger Corser (Australian actor), Simon Garlick (CEO of the Western Bulldogs), Emma Alberici (ABC journalist/presenter), Michael Klinger (Australian cricketer), Nitya Prakash (Bestselling Author), Isabella Rositano (rapper and multi-sport athlete), Anurag Singh (Pollywood and Bollywood director), among many others.

Deakin University is regarded as one of Australia’s fastest-growing research universities because it offers supportive and conducive learning in academic and professional programs within a vibrant research environment. It has attained international recognition in equipping students with high-quality research and innovative discoveries.

Deakin university operates on a trimester system, meaning that new students are admitted into their respective programs in each of the trimesters. This system gives students the room to complete their degree sooner if they opt to study for three trimesters in a single calendar year.

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Deakin University is seen as one of the most outstanding universities in Australia and the world according to several rankings. The university is known to produce top-notch graduates who have represented the university well in all endeavors.


In both National and Global rankings, different publications have given their verdict. Below are some of the rankings by different publications;

  • According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021, Deakin University is ranked between 251–300 in the world and 19th in Australia.


  • According to QS World University Rankings 2021, Deakin University is ranked 275th in the world and 21st in Australia.


  • According to the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2020, Deakin University is ranked 231st in the world and 10th in Australia.


Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate for admission to Deakin University is quite fair. Though the university is quite competitive, it offers an equal opportunity to qualified candidates to try their luck in getting admission. The university admits a considerable number of international students from more than 120 countries every year if they meet the criteria for admission.

As an international student aspiring to be a student in the university, there is a good chance you will be selected once you meet the criteria for admission.  Also, the application is usually done through a Deakin authorized agent or directly to Deakin either via online or mail.


Admission Requirements

Admission to all undergraduate and postgraduate programs at Deakin University is quite competitive and depends on the availability of space. To be considered for admission to the university, one must meet the general requirements, as well as the requirements which are specific to your desired program.

International students who intend to apply are required to meet the academic requirement, get an Australian student visa, and must be able to read, speak and write in English. Below are the admission requirements for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs;


Bachelor’s Program

Application into the Bachelor’s program at Deakin University requires that applicants must meet their language or academic entry requirements.


Applicants must have certified documents, including award certificates, academic transcripts, formal identity papers (e.g passport); and all documents must be in the English Language. Other requirements include CVs, personal statements, and proof of English proficiency.


Masters’ Program

The Masters’ program at Deakin University lasts for a period between 18 months to two years full-time, and up to four years part-time depending on the course of study. Application into the Masters’ programs requires that applicants must possess a Bachelor’s degree with honors (lower second class and above), or its equivalent degree from a well recognized tertiary institution.


Another criterion is that applicants should be able to demonstrate the capacity to undertake significant research in their proposed field of study, in this case, Deakin will provide supervisory expertise.


Doctoral Program (Ph.D.)

The Doctoral programs at Deakin University last for a period between two to four years full-time, depending on the course of study. This program is the highest degree available in academia. Application into the Doctoral programs requires that applicants must possess a Bachelor’s degree with honors (upper second class and above) or a Masters’ degree from a well-recognized tertiary institution.


Another criterion is that applicants should be able to demonstrate their capacity to undertake significant research in their proposed field of study, in this case, Deakin will provide supervisory expertise.


Application Deadline

As stated earlier, Deakin University operates on a trimester system, whereby students are being admitted into each of the trimesters. There are three applications set for 2021 which allows applicants to choose when to apply.


The application for Trimester 1 is now open and the closing date is February 21. For Trimester 2, the application opens in early April and closes in early July, while the application for Trimester 3 also opens in early April but closes in early November.


Tuition Fees

Tuition fees at Deakin University differ depending on the students’ course of study, the type of students, and the eligibility of students for recognition of prior learning.

The average tuition fees for undergraduate programs are estimated to be 20286 USD per year, while the average tuition fees for postgraduate programs are estimated to be 26496 USD per year.

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University Campuses

Deakin University has 5 separate campuses — four physical campuses and one online campus called cloud campus. Below are the  various campuses;


Melbourne Burwood Campus:  Located at Burwood, Victoria, this campus is the largest (by student population) in Deakin University. The campus provides accommodation with all the necessary facilities needed for the convenience of students. It has exceptional, purpose-built spaces combined with world-leading research institutes and centers.

Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus: Located at Geelong, Victoria, this campus was established in a rural setting, with surf beaches. The Campus is loved by students because it’s a unique and inspiring campus with some of the most advanced research facilities in the world.


Geelong Waterfront Campus- Located at Geelong, Victoria, this campus is home to classical architecture and design. It is a  beautiful location for students to study. The buildings were once in old wool stores before they were renovated to create a vibrant modern learning environment with advanced research facilities.


Warrnambool Campus: Located at Warrnambool, Victoria, this campus is home to a community of ambitious students and staff, it is regarded as a campus with spirit and heart. It consists of standard classrooms equipped with the latest design technology, providing open and friendly student services and an enrolment center.


Cloud Campus:  This campus is designed for teaching students who need to study from afar. Studying here means the students are in control of their learning. They opt to choose when and where to study with online classes. With this, students get to connect with their teaching team through discussion forums.


University Faculties and Departments

Deakin University comprises about 4 faculties, offering world-class courses across different departments. The various faculties and departments include;

  • Faculty of Arts and Education: The departments that fall under this faculty include the departments of social sciences, humanities, communication, and creative arts.


  • Faculty of Health: The departments that fall under this faculty include the departments of exercise and nutrition sciences, health and social development, medicine, nursing and midwifery, and psychology.


  • Faculty of Business and Law: The departments that fall under this faculty are law and business departments.


  • Faculty of Science, Engineering, and Built Environment: The departments that fall under this faculty include architecture and construction management, engineering, information technology, environment, and life science departments.


 Life on Campus

In Deakin university, student satisfaction ranks the highest among all universities in Victoria. With more than 60,000 students, the university tends to make life easy for the students through their hands-on approach to learning. Here are some of the services students get while on campus;


  • Getting to Campus: Students get to campus either by using public transport, shuttle buses, or private cars. There is an availability of parking spaces in each of the campuses for students who drive to school.


  • Sports Activities: The university takes sports seriously because it is one of their greatest strengths. There are varieties of sports facilities across all campuses, including gyms, basketball courts, fitness classes, and sports ovals. There are also several sporting clubs and societies on all campuses. With this, students get to engage themselves in different sports activities and make friends.


  • Housing: Deakin University offers good accommodation for its students. Students tend to choose either to stay off-campus or on-campus. Living on campus offers an exceptional opportunity for students to engross themselves in the Deakin experience.


  • Food and Shopping: There are several great places to eat around on all campuses. Depending on whatever you want, you tend to choose among the great places to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Shopping is straightforward, with lots of amenities to purchase in all campuses. There is also the availability of off-campus shops nearby.


  • Job Services for Students: There is the availability of part-time jobs for students who want to earn while on campus. Several suburbs offer students some kind of part-time job to manage their food and living expenses.


  • Clubs and societies: There are several clubs and societies across all campuses, ranging from sport, health to religious, political, and course-specific groups. As a student, you tend to join the one that suits your interest.


There is also a student association for all students in the university. It is called DUSA (Deakin University Students Association), headed by an elected group of students. The association ensures that all students are provided with a range of opportunities, activities, and services so they can all get a good life on campus.


Life in the City

Victoria is an area dominated by students where there are many places students love to spend their time. The big bonus of living in Victoria is the quality of living, and it is a vibrant multicultural city that attracts about 200,000 international students every year. Everything you will ever imagine a student would want is right there in Victoria.


Victoria provides safe and high-quality accommodations for students, including living in the cosmopolitan inner city, beautiful regional centers, and leafy garden suburbs. The city is an ideal location where students discover new and exciting things as they learn and study, with an unlimited variety of things to see and experience.

Deakin University PhD Positionsfor International Students in Australia

Cost of Living

As a student who wishes to study at Deakin University, Victoria offers a moderate cost of living compared to other major areas in Australia. Apart from tuition fees, there are several other costs students need to consider before deciding to study in Victoria. Costs differ depending on where the students live. For instance, living in Melbourne is slightly more expensive compared to Geelong or Warrnambool – towns within Victoria.



Scholarship at Deakin University is more than a financial boost, setting students on the pathway to success at the university. The university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships in several study areas to support students’ journey at Deakin. Here are some scholarship opportunities in the university;


  • Deakin Scholarship for Excellence: This scholarship is awarded to students who show excellence in their academic activities and extracurricular activities. Selected students are being paid $5000 per year.


  • Deakin Student Support Scholarship: This scholarship is for students who have financial, personal, or social barriers to contend with. Selected students are being paid up to $10,000 per year.


  • Master of Laws (LLM) Domestic Scholarship: This scholarship is given by the Faculty of Business and Law to students that enrolled for the Masters of Laws (LLM) program at the University. Selected students are being paid up to about $6000



In conclusion, Deakin University has proven to be a well-recognized university that has produced top-notch graduates over the recent years. The university is well-structured and organized. Being in the top 300 best universities globally is an outstanding achievement, not overlooking other universities’ standards. As a student looking forward to studying overseas, Deakin University should be a good option because of the standards the university has set.

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