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Comprehensive List Of Tuition Free Online Bible Colleges

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Today, we are going to focus our attention on the top tuition free online bible colleges you should consider if you don’t have money to pay for a Bible college. Most people want to study and get a Bible College degree by they are hampered by resources to pay for the tuition fees. For this very reason, we have decided to put together top class tuition free online bible colleges in this article.

Which Is The Best Online Bible College?

There are a number of online bible colleges available nowadays. While some of these universities are accredited, the most are not, they all strive to provide excellent biblical teachings in order to strengthen their students’ Christian faith.

In fact, there is no universally accepted grading system for determining which bible colleges are the best and why, but the best online bible colleges on the internet today, in my opinion, are those that are accredited while also providing tuition-free education and free online bible courses with completion certificates.

Let’s now take a look at some of the top free online Bible colleges that offer qualitative education.

Top Tuition Free Online Bible Colleges

Biblical Training Institutes

Biblical Teachings is one of the most prominent free online pentecostal bible colleges on the internet today. While some of their online courses are free, you must pay a fee to receive a diploma from the institute.

The Foundations Bible Diploma offers an organized approach to learning the Bible on a basic level. It takes a 33-week commitment at a cost of $495, with successful participants receiving a diploma of completion certificate at the conclusion.

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Christian Leaders Institute

Based on random reviews, Christian Leaders Institute is one of the best free online pentecostal bible colleges available today. The institution claims that their bible school will equip believers with the skills, confidence, and credibility they need to reach out to the world for Jesus Christ. As a result, this bible college provides a number of free online bible school courses to the general public.
The school’s database has over a hundred distinct biblical courses, and it has successfully graduated students from practically every country on the planet.

The school makes sure that all of its courses and classes are free, and they rely on freewill donations to fund their operations. You must own or have access to an internet-enabled device, such as an Android or iOS device, or a laptop, in order to register for this online bible college. Registration and the registration of a student account are both required and free.

Prophetic Voice Institute

The prophetic voice institute is a free online pentecostal bible college dedicated to teaching the Bible and preparing students for ministry work.

Dr. Joseph Kostelnik, the institute’s director, claimed that he founded the free online bible college to fulfill a vision God gave him to teach one million Christians for ministry, with the goal of them passing on what they’ve learned to others. Although this institute is linked with Dr. Joseph’s church, you do not have to be a member to benefit from the college.
Anyone who want to access the courses must first register as a student and create a student account on the site.

AMES International School of Ministry

AMES International School of Ministry is a free online pentecostal bible college that has trained thousands of bible scholars throughout the world since 2003. The school offers over 20 distinct free online bible courses to people all around the world.

With over 80,000 students from all around the world, AMES International School of Ministry is considered one of the largest online bible colleges on the internet.

Once you’ve been approved into the school, you can enroll in one of their many free online bible courses and print your diplomas at the end. You may get transferable college credits and a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies from this college for about $20.

Jim Feeney Pentecostal Bible Institute

The Jim Feeney Pentecostal Bible Institute is an online penticostal bible college that teaches the Bible from a Pentecostal-Charismatic perspective and includes various ready-to-use online bible teachings that may be accessed by anybody, anytime. Pastor Jim Feeney started the institute in 2004 and it is associated with his church since his sermons and church teachings are included in the courses on this platform.

Northpoint Bible College

Northpoint Bible College is a free online pentecostal bible college that exists solely for the aim of teaching and training students for Pentecostal ministry in order to spread the Christian gospel.

This bible institution offers its bible courses through the Classcentral online learning platform, although there is currently only one of their courses available on this platform for reasons unknown to them. Despite the fact that the training is free, it focuses on developing leadership capacity rather than solely on biblical principles.

Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology

Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology is a tuition-free online pentecostal bible school that offers a variety of master’s and doctoral degree programs. The school also offers a number of free ebooks and a number of free online bible courses that students can access from anywhere in the world, without having to make an account with the school in some situations.

Trinity Bible Seminary is a nondenominational, Bible-based, New Testament pattern Bible seminary where Baptists, Pentecostals, Charismatics, and Christians of all persuasions are welcome to apply and study if accepted. While tuition at Trinity is completely free, as a new student, you will be required to pay a one-time registration fee.

These is the list of top tuition free online Bible colleges. We’ve also compiled a list of free bible colleges that are not online and you can find these schools below:

List Of Other Tuition Free Bible Colleges

College of the Ozarks

College of the Ozarks, located in the lovely town of Point Lookout, Missouri, provides free tuition to students through a combination of state and federal grants, scholarships, and its own work education program. The university, which bills itself as “Hard Work U,” is known for its work education program, which comprises over 100 occupations that students can use to pay for their education.

Students are required to labor at least 15 hours each week at on-campus locations such as the childcare facility, computer lab, or museum. During their time off from classes, students must also complete two 40-hour work weeks. Working for six weeks during the summer semester can help students pay for housing and board in addition to tuition.

Bible study groups, mission trips, and ministry-related retreats are all available at College of the Ozarks. The Presbyterian Church is the school’s religious affiliation.

Barclay College

Barclay College is a Quaker-affiliated Christian college based in Haviland, Kansas. Barclay, which began as the Kansas Central Bible Training School in the early twentieth century, keeps loyal to its roots by preparing graduates for Christ-centered leadership and service positions.

The school offers associate degrees in biblical studies and faith-based bachelor’s degrees in Christian elementary education, youth ministry, and pastoral ministry. Quaker studies, family ministry, and spiritual formation are among the faith-based master’s degrees offered by Barclay.

All accepted students who agree to reside on campus receive full tuition subsidies. Thanks to generous donations from graduates, sponsors, and advocates for debt-free education, Barclay is able to offer these scholarships. With around 200 students enrolled, there is plenty of opportunity for intimate student-faculty contact.

St. Louis Christian College

St. Louis Christian College is located in Florissant, Missouri, in the suburbs of St. Louis. It is affiliated with the Restoration Movement (Christian Churches and Churches of Christ). Much of the school’s curricula, theology, and ideology are influenced by this relationship. The school is intentionally kept small, with an 8-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio for the approximately 100 students that enroll each year. The biblical studies program at SLCC attracts the majority of students.

Though SLCC’s NexGen+ Leadership Program does not provide free tuition for all four years, it does grant two years of free tuition to eligible students, allowing them to complete an associate degree for free. All applicants must have a 2.5 GPA in high school, be first-generation college students, and be citizens of the United States.

Central Christian College of the Bible

Central Christian College of the Bible, located in Moberly, Missouri, on a magnificent 40-acre campus, provides bachelor’s and certificate programs in ministry-related subjects. Each academic year, the college awards 100 full-tuition scholarships to new and transfer students.

Students must maintain a 2.0 minimum GPA, complete 90 percent of the school’s Christian service project hours per semester (four hours per week), and attend 80 percent of chapel services to renew the scholarship. Returning students who did not receive a full-tuition scholarship when they first enrolled are occasionally awarded full-tuition scholarships.

The Association for Biblical Higher Education has granted Central Christian national accreditation, which has been approved by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

Where can I go for Bible college free?

We’ve listed the top free Bible colleges, so all you need to do is contact the schools through the links we have provided and get started.

Can I get a free online free Bible college?

Yes! One of these free online Bible colleges is The Christian leaders Institute. Over 100 free courses dedicated to learning more about God and Christianity are available through the Christian Leaders Institute. Take some time to look through the institute’s excellent offer and then enroll in the courses that most interest you. There are no time restrictions and the courses are completely free.

How much does online Bible college cost?

The annual tuition for online Bible colleges is $8000 per year or thereabout. Distance students receive the same high-quality training as their on-campus peers in online classes that last either eight or sixteen weeks. Online programs are accessible for both undergraduate and graduate students.


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