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Comprehensive List Of Online Geology Degree

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In this guide, we are going to provide you with a comprehensive list of online Geology degree that you can go for, that’s offered by reputable institutions of higher learning. Before we provide you with this list of online geology degree, let’s briefly look at who a Geologist is and his duties.

Who Is a Geologist?

Geologists study the solid, liquid, and gaseous stuff that makes up Earth and other terrestrial planets, as well as the processes that shape them. Geologists normally major in geology, but they can also benefit from backgrounds in physics, chemistry, biology, and other sciences. Although many subdisciplines integrate laboratory and digitalized work, field study (field work) is an important component of geology.

Geologists look for natural resources such as petroleum, natural gas, precious and base metals in the energy and mining industries. They’re also in the vanguard of preventing and mitigating the effects of natural disasters and dangers like earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and landslides. Their research is used to alert the general population about the possibility of such disasters. Geologists are also significant participants in discussions on climate change.

Having known who is a geologist, we now want to consider some of the best online geology degree.

Best Online Geology Degree

The following universities offer the best online geology degree programs. You can contact them and get more information about their online degree program.

University Of Florida

The online programs of the University of Florida are among the top in the country. The bachelor of arts in geology is one of the few online geology degrees now accessible in the United States, and it is a fantastic deal. Students who complete this program will be prepared to work as coastal geologists, mineralogists, volcanologists, wellsite geologists, or geochemists when they graduate. In this ranking, the University of Florida is the best value online geology degree.

Texas A&M University

According to U.S. News, Texas A&M University at College Station is one of the top 100 universities in the country. Students can study geographic information science and technology, petroleum data management, or ocean data science in the university’s online master’s in geosciences program. It’s a non-thesis professional degree intended specifically to meet the demands of petroleum industry professionals. You can earn your master’s in geology degree in as little as 18 months if you work hard enough.

Southern New Hamshire University

SNHU offers emphases in geospatial technology and natural resources and conservation as part of its online bachelor’s in geoscience degree. Geologists, geoscientists, environmental analysts, environmental protection professionals, and environmental scientists are among the graduates of this curriculum. Geoscientific research methods, geostatistics and data analysis, geosciences methodology, principles of geology, and leadership and ethics in the geosciences are all part of the curriculum.

Penn State University

Penn State University’s online master of education in earth sciences program takes a total of thirty credits. Plate tectonics and people: foundations of solid earth science; earth surface processes in the critical zone; contemporary disputes in earth science; overview of current school curriculum; and special subjects in earth science are among the courses offered to students. This program is ranked #4 in our list of the top value geology programs available online.

Western Governors University

This online bachelor’s degree program in earth science (science education) is both economical and convenient. It can take anything from 16 to 48 months to complete, depending on how many credits you can transfer in when you start. WGU charges by the semester rather than by the credit, which means you can save thousands of dollars by cutting semesters from your degree. Students will take geology I and II, ecology and environmental science, and science, technology, and society as part of this best value geology degree online.

Online Geology Degree Scholarships

Universities award scholarships to online students in the same way that they do to traditional students. FAFSA allows students to apply for government grants and low-interest loans for both master’s and bachelor’s degrees. In many circumstances, online schooling is less expensive than traditional college, and even if you don’t live at home, you can use your financial aid to pay your rent, as well as buy food and school materials (which includes books, notebooks, pens, pencils, and even a computer).

Make sure you do your homework on financial aid possibilities and how to apply for it. Consult your school’s financial aid office for the best financial aid choices for someone in your circumstance. Learn about all of the financial aid options available through FAFSA. Many students who do not understand how they will pay for college wind up with greater debt when they graduate than those who enter college with a thorough understanding of how the system works.

Is Geology Online Degree Respected?

In some industries or organizations, there may be some lingering prejudices towards online degrees. However, some employers will view someone with an online degree as someone who has excellent self-management skills and determination. Moreover, despite the fact that this ranking only includes five colleges, three of them are among the top 100 national universities according to U.S. News (Texas A&M, University of Florida, and Penn State).

Employers are more likely to see applicants who obtained their degree online now that so many reputable universities offer high-quality online programs. In comparison to four years ago, online degrees are now more widely accepted. And it stands to reason that they will be much more valuable four years from now, when you may be finishing your bachelor’s degree.

Is geology a useless degree?

The degree isn’t worthless, but there are degrees that will provide you with more career chances right now than Geology, especially if you’re just looking for a quick buck.

Are geology majors worth it?

A geology degree can lead to a variety of job opportunities in the governmental, corporate, and nonprofit sectors, including outdoor research and teaching. Graduates of geology can work for the government in areas such as natural resource management and planning, as well as conservation and environmental protection.

What degree do I need to become a geologist?

Most entry-level geologist positions require at least a bachelor’s degree. Employers prefer geologists with a geosciences degree, while some geologists start their careers with degrees in environmental science or engineering. A master’s degree is required for some geological employment.

What can I do with a degree in Geology?

Environmental geology and geoscience, pollution control, glacial geology, geological surveying, water supply, engineering geology, ground investigation, geochemistry, volcanology, field seismology, and geotechnical engineering are just a few of the vocations open to geologists.

Is there demand for Geologist?

From 2020 to 2030, employment of geoscientists is expected to expand at a rate of 7%, which is approximately average for all occupations. Over the next ten years, an average of 3,100 opportunities for geoscientists are expected.

Is it hard to find a job in Geology?

Getting a career as a geologist is much easier than you might think, assuming you know how to do it properly. Geology is a broad field, and geologists can find work in a variety of settings, including those outside the mineral resource sector. Being knowledgeable in the discipline of geology is essential for getting a career.

Do Geologist get paid well?

Exploration geologists make between $90,000 and $200,000 on average; mine geologists make between $122,000 and $150,000 on average; and resource geologists make between $150,000 and $180,000 on average. Professionals who rise to the status of Chief Geologist might earn upwards of $230,000 per year.

Is Geology a fun career?

Geologist look at the Earth’s past through the lenses of materials, rocks, and minerals. For someone interested in the processes that shape the Earth’s surface, such as volcanic eruptions, landslides, floods, and earthquakes, it might be a very fascinating and stimulating career choice.


Hope you enjoyed reading this article about online geology degree. If you need an online degree in Geology, do well to contact the schools listed in this guide and apply for admission.


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