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Canada Student Visa Processing Time

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Canada student visa

If you are applying for studies in Canada, you might want to know the Canadian student visa processing time, so as to know how long to wait before your visa comes out. Studying in Canada is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for any student; the country has one of the best tertiary institutions worldwide. About 130,000 students come to Canada each year to study, and all they need to do is secure a study permit from the Canadian government. This permit, a kind of Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), permits students to study in Canada for a limited period and typically requires information about the educational institution and course of study.

To be eligible, a candidate must meet a series of conditions. This article will go through what you need to know about the Canadian student visa requirements and processing time.

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What is a Study Permit?

A study permit is a government-issued certificate that enables international students across the globe to study in Canada. It is necessary for international students aspiring to enroll at any tertiary institution in Canada to have a valid study permit. Aside from that, students with a study permit are qualified to enroll only in designated educational institutions.


Getting the Study Permit

You must bring your necessary credentials to Canada before you can get your study permit. You will meet with an Immigration Officer at the airport, hand over your passport and letter of introduction to the officer; he/she will then validate your credentials and, if considered sufficient, grant you your Study Permit.


Eligibility Criteria for Canada Study Permit

If you intend on applying for a study permit in Canada, you need to meet the following conditions;


  • You must have been admitted into a recognized educational institution in the country.


  • You must show that you have sufficient funding to support your tuition and living costs during your stay in the country.


  • You must also show that you have a flawless record and have never been accused of an offense. To illustrate this, the aspirants must present a police certificate.


  • You must undergo a physical examination and get a medical report verifying that you are in good health.


  • You must also persuade the visa officer during the visa interview to leave Canada after you are done with your studies.


Documents Required for Obtaining the Canadian Student Visa

After getting your institution admission letter, you can then proceed to apply for a student visa. If you want to use it for the September intake, you can commence the visa process around June. The documents needed to enroll for a Canada Student Visa are outlined below.


  1. Valid passport


It is essential to get a valid passport before you enroll for a Canadian student visa. According to the Canadian High Commission, your access will be right until completing your studies in the country. For instance, your ticket will be valid until September 2023 if you choose to travel to Canada for a two-year course in September 2021.


  1. Proof of Acceptance by a Designated Educational Institution


A letter of acceptance from the specified educational institution you wish to attend is required for the application.


  1. Evidence of Funds

You will need to provide evidence of funds when applying for your study permit. According to the existing requirements, you must show that you will afford your tuition fees and meet your living expenses. A student who wishes to study there will need a minimum amount of 10,000 CAD per year, according to Canadian Immigration. Aside from the two conditions above, the student must also show that they have sufficient funds to make a fair return.


  1. Passport Size Photographs


If you’re applying by mail, you’ll need two passport-sized photographs that match the specifications. You must procure a scanned copy of the image for online use, which does not exceed 4MB. Other essential prerequisites include a neutral facial expression, a transparent background, and no headgear unless it’s for religious reasons.

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  1. Immigration Medical Examination (IME)


International students must undergo a mandatory Immigration Medical Test from authorized physicians to enter Canada. Students should make an appointment with one of the listed physicians for a medical review at least one week before they begin their Visa application. This gives the doctor sufficient time to check and submit all of the necessary documentation.


  1. English Language Proficiency Exam Score

You can get your English Language Proficiency Score before beginning the Visa Application Process, even though it might not be required at the time of application. To validate your entry to the Canadian university, you will have to present your English language proficiency score. TOEFL, IELTS, and other tests are all valid.


  1. Statement of Purpose

You must submit an article explaining why you choose to study in Canada and why you chose the institution when applying for a Canadian study permit. The checklist will prompt you to use this as an optional text, but it is highly recommended that you do so.


How to Apply for a Canadian Visa for Study

The method of securing a visa involves many phases; check it out below;


Check the processing times – It is pertinent to check the processing time for visa applications between 1-16weeks. It’s a smart idea to look at the Canadian consulate website to figure out how long it takes to process a student visa.


Determine how you will apply: You can enroll in two ways:


(a) Apply online

When enrolling online, you will need a scanner or camera to make electronic copies of your documents for uploading, as well as a credible credit card to disburse your payment.


(b) Apply individually

Ensure you download the Canadian student visa application and go through the instruction manual. An important detail about study permits is included in the manual, as well as instructions to assist you in completing your application. Ensure you read it carefully and make use of the document checklist.


Submit your application and supporting documents – Ensure that you reach out to the nearest VFS office before submitting. When you are there, pay the utility charges and hand over your complete application to them to get a receipt. This receipt includes your unique tracking code, which you will use to monitor your online application’s progress.


If your application is authorized, the Canadian government will send you a letter requesting your passport. You have the option of submitting it in person or by VFS. A Temporary Resident Visa and a Letter of Introduction will be given to you after that.


Canada Student Visa Fee

The cost of a study permit in Canada is around CAD 160. Since the exchange rate in each country fluctuates, it’s better to review it at the time of your visa application. It’s worth noting that the visa fee would not include VAC service costs.

You’ll have to pay the extra service costs that relate to your region. A receipt would also follow each invoice; keep the receipt as evidence of payment. Following the submission of your visa application, you would also pay a CAD 85 biometric fee. This payment will be charged along with the standard visa fee, and your biometrics will then be taken to a Visa Application Center after that.


Canada Student Visa Processing Time

The time it takes the CIC to approve a visa application is referred to as the processing time. It begins when the applicant applies before the final day of the decision. As such, there is no fixed period for approving a request for a Canada research visa, but it should be between 1-16 weeks.


Study Permit Renewal

When your study permit expires before you complete your program, you must enroll for a study permit extension. The study permit is usually acceptable throughout the time of your program plus a further 90 days. After that, you will have a maximum of 90 days to either plan to depart Canada or apply for an extension of staying.


What Happens when your Application is Rejected

When this occurs, the board will give you a letter explaining that your proposal was denied. However, there are a few main reasons why this arises, which will be discussed further below:


1) Your application will be denied if you do not have evidence that you will be able to support yourself while studying in Canada.


2) If you did not complete the medical test, your submission will be denied.


3) If you failed to reassure the visa officer that your primary aim in Canada is to study or that you will leave Canada after your study time.


Note: If you have any questions about why your application was turned down, you can contact the visa office that gave you the denial letter.


Before applying for a student visa in Canada, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of the country and how it operates. Some applicants have seen their applications denied based on petty reasons, but learning how to apply would give you an advantage in securing a student visa to study in the country. Be rest assured that if you follow the schemes summed up in this article, you will be able to procure your study permit earlier than you expected.

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