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Best Universities In Spain and Italy

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9 Best Universities in Spain for International Students &...You do not need to sell a kidney to study in one of the best universities abroad. If you are looking for a country where you would get quality education at a very affordable rate, then you should consider studying either in Spain or Italy? Why either of those? Well, we are about to reveal why. Let’s find out the best Universities in Spain and Italy.

5 Best Universities in Spain:

  1. University of Barcelona
  2. Autonomous University of Madrid
  3. University of Granada
  4. Polytechnic University of Catalonia
  5. Complutense University of Madrid


University of Barcelona

The University of Barcelona is one of the best universities in Spain and even in the world!

Did you know? Out of over 17,000 universities in the world, the University of Barcelona is among the top 200 and the top 3 university in Spain. That is no coincidence.

Also, in terms of population, The University of Barcelona is the most populated university in Spain.

The City alone where the University of Barcelona is located is rich in culture and very attractive.

University of Granada

The University of Granada has the largest number of international students admitted. Research shows that close to 90% candidates who enroll here every year are from different countries.

The University of Granada is considered one of the prestigious universities in Europe.

The city of Granada where the University of Granada is situated is a sight to behold. It has great cultural wealth. The cost of living in Granada is low making it an ideal city for international students to study.

Polytechnic University of Catalonia

If you are who love to calculate figures, then Polytechnic University of Catalonia is the ideal university to study. The University has the best faculties of mathematics in Spain. The core aim of is to bring out the best in their students

University of Valencia

For those aspiring to be medical doctors, this school is for you. University of Valencia is the best medical school in Spain. As a medical student there, you will have a grand opportunity of choosing between 4 affiliated hospitals for internship.

Valencia is the beautiful city where the University of Valencia is situated.

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Complutense University of Madrid

Here is where you would find the largest campus in Spain and in the whole of Europe! Just imagine all the facilities and services the Complutense University of Madrid has to offer.

The university is amongst the top 100 estimable universities in Europe. This is based on their post graduate employability rate. Hence, if have a degree from the Complutense University of Madrid, there would be no job in job hunting for you.



  1. University of Bologna
  2. University of Florence
  3. University of Padua
  4. University of Catania
  5. University of Turin


University of Bologna

Founded in 1808, this is the oldest universities in the Western world. Yet, over the centuries, the University of Bologna has developed itself to be one of the largest universities in Italy.

The employability rate of graduates of the University of Bologna is 84%

Popular Courses Offered in the University of Bologna are:

Medicine and Surgery




The University of Florence

Formerly, The University of Florence was founded as a school if Medicine, Law and Literature, but subsequently in 1349, the first Faculty of Theology was established here.

Amongst other estimable universities in the world, The University of Florence is ranked #257

Some Popular Courses offered in the University of Florence are:

Economy and management




Human health sciences



University of Padua

The University of Padua is one of Italian’s oldest state universities. The university was founded in the year 1222. We would not be so wrong if we conclude that Italy has most of the oldest universities. Over the centuries, this university has continued to build its educational system and today it is considered, the 2nd best universities in Italy.

Some Popular Courses Offered in The University of Padua:





Political Sciences

University of Catania

Founded in 1434, The University of Catania is the oldest in Sicily.  In terms of population, it is one ofthe most populated universities in Italy.

The University of Catania offers free accommodation to students who merit it.

The university is well- grounded in research. As a matter of fact, the university has 10 research centers.

The employability rate of graduates is 82%

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University of Turin

The University of Turin is an Italian state university and it is on our list as one of the best universities in Italy.

The employability rate of The University of Turin is 88%.

Some Popular Courses Offered in the University of Turin are:

Management and Economics


Natural sciences

You would love the beautiful environment where the university is located.

There you have them! Best Universities in Spain and Italy.

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