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Best Schools Offering Online Public Relations Degree

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If you are a very busy person, online public relations degree is just what you need. Yes, you can actually study online and get a world class degree in the field of public relations. Our focus today will be on the top best schools that offer online public relations degree. Before we start, let’s briefly look at what a public relations degree entails.

What Is Public Relations?

Public relations (PR) is the management of an organization’s image in the eyes of its clients and the general public. PR may be for you if you enjoy writing, delivering presentations, or are interested in the media. This degree will prepare you to work as a communication or press officer for an in-house public relations department or for a PR firm. You’ll learn about business, marketing, and advertising, as well as how to creatively employ both old and new media.

Public Relations Career Prospects

The advertising and public relations industries are the most popular choices for graduates after graduation. Because the industry hasn’t been hit as hard by the crisis as others, the good news is that unemployment is significantly below the national average.

Although there are many career opportunities in London, graduates do not always choose to work in public relations firms. Nowadays, all kinds of businesses do their own PR, and with the advent of digital and mobile technologies, as well as social media, a lot of marketing is done in an innovative way. Many of the PR and marketing jobs that graduates earned this year were due to personal connections and assistance from their schools, so make connections and network your way to a job!

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Top Schools Offering Online Pubic Relations Degree

The following schools offer the best online public relations degree and their certificate is recognized globally:

University Of Florida

A nationally recognized bachelor’s in public relations is offered through the University of Florida’s online division. In-state students, as well as those who qualify through reciprocal agreements, pay some of the lowest tuition rates of any regionally approved school in the country.

Learners who acquire this degree are prepared for entry-level jobs or graduate school in fields such as public relations, business, and marketing. Three key study areas are emphasized in the online program: cross-platform and digital media communication abilities, industry-leading public opinion research skills, and foundational knowledge in public policy, economics, political science, and social psychology.

More Public Relations Student Society of America-sanctioned competitions have been won by UF public relations students than by any other college in the country, enhancing the prestige of this top online program.

Florida International University

An online bachelor’s degree in public relations, advertising, and applied communications is available from Florida International University. This degree examines public relations as a marketing and advertising strategy, with a significant emphasis on case studies throughout the curriculum.

Students gain a deep grasp of what works, what doesn’t work, and why by engaging with examples of successful and unsuccessful initiatives. Students use their knowledge in novel ways while still being able to tailor their courses. Learners can hone specialized abilities such as written communication, public speaking, social media and digital communications, and applied research through electives. The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools has accredited FIU.

Colorado State University Global Campus

Colorado State University Global Campus offers an online bachelor’s degree in marketing with a public relations focus. Marketing degrees are in high demand across industries, and this adaptable curriculum prepares graduates for a range of professional paths.

Students learn to create customized marketing and public relations messaging, acquire brand-building abilities, and contribute to organizational marketing activities. The public relations specialization takes up 15 credits out of a total of 120 credits, emphasizing rigorous PR abilities that can be applied to digital platforms and audiences around the world.

Learners benefit from an asynchronous, totally online delivery paradigm. Classes begin once a month. CSU-Global also accepts up to 90 transfer credits, allowing students to finish their degrees in as little as one academic year.

Washington State University

Washington State University’s bachelor of arts in integrated strategic communication program teaches students how to create beneficial interactions between corporations and the general public. The College of Communications at WSU offers this curriculum.

The program stresses practical theory and assists students in developing critical advertising, marketing, and public relations abilities. Quantitative research methods and digital content promotion are among the topics covered in the classes. They also participate in an internship. Faculty adhere to industry-leading quality standards that emphasize data-driven decision-making based on well-established theoretical models.

Regardless of residency, all online students seeking this degree pay in-state tuition. The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities has granted WSU regional accreditation.

Webster University

Based in St. Louis For students interested in a variety of media channels, Webster University offers a totally online bachelor of arts in media communications. By concentrating on a single degree, students can prepare for a variety of media vocations.

Learners who pursue this degree path develop specialized abilities by selecting electives that assist the development of certain skills, such as scriptwriting, animation, and public relations. Marketing and advertising, journalism, special events, public relations, gaming, television, and corporate communications are all options for graduates of this school.

Webster emphasizes the need of an international outlook, guided by an institutional commitment to accept global perspectives. All students complete global learning components that stress the value of a diverse range of perspectives.

California Baptist University

California Baptist University offers a bachelor of arts in communication studies that is regionally recognized by the WASC Senior College and University Commission. Degree candidates learn how to use multimedia communication channels while adhering to ethical standards that promote favorable public relations.

The communication major takes up 48 credits out of a total of 120. Written communications, research methodologies, public relations, and persuasion and rhetoric are all required courses. The curriculum places a strong emphasis on putting what you’ve learned in class into practice. Social media marketing, journalism, marketing, event planning, and public relations are among the occupations available to graduates.

CBU makes use of a number of e-learning tools, including HD video streaming and Blackboard. Interactivity between students and teachers is emphasized in class, resulting in a positive learning atmosphere.

Mississippi College

Mississippi College offers an online bachelor of science in communication with a public relations concentration. This degree program emphasizes practical skills in marketing and connection building while focusing on corporate and organizational advocacy.

Students pursuing a degree in public relations must also take basic courses in mass media, communications law, research methodologies, journalism, graphic design, and public speaking as part of their program. Graduates will have a versatile skill set that will appeal to companies in a variety of industries.

Many extracurricular activities are available to online students. A weekly campus news show, broadcasts of the school’s athletic events, and reporting and editorial possibilities with the college newspaper are just a few of the opportunities available.

Pennsylvania State University

Students interested in diverse approaches to public relations can enroll in Pennsylvania State University’s online bachelor of arts in strategic communications. The program’s core covers a variety of public relations tactics and is supplemented by courses in psychology, law, statistics, and research methods.

This 120-credit strategic communications degree prepares new students, adult learners, and experienced professionals for a career move or further education. The 38 core credits of the degree encompass topics such as social media strategy and strategic communications law. Students can also choose to participate in an internship.

Graduates are equipped with a wide range of abilities, including advertising campaign strategy and management, corporate communications, project management, brand management, and image building.

Point Park University

Point Park University in Pittsburgh has small class sizes to create an intimate learning atmosphere. The institution is one of Pennsylvania’s top online universities, with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and advertising that is both adaptable and practical.

This program’s curriculum is based on current industry best practices. Experienced professionals assisted in the development of coursework to ensure that it was practical.

The curriculum culminates in a capstone project that includes an agency placement, and core courses teach hands-on skills. Degree-seekers collaborate with professionals to produce an integrated advertising or marketing campaign for a real client in the public or private sector during the capstone.

How Long Does It Take To Secure An Online Public Relations Degree?

A bachelor’s degree in public relations earned online takes four years of full-time study to accomplish. Part-time students might expect to finish their degree in five to eight years. Some schools offer single-semester courses that are only available part-time. There are 120-124 credits in the usual curriculum. Internship requirements may prolong the time it takes to get a degree, but previously earned credits and accelerated semester formats may minimize the time it takes to finish a degree.

Students can get an online public relations degree at their own leisure or as part of a cohort learning style. Rolling admittance dates are common in self-paced learning programs, and students complete work at their own leisure. Students often begin their degree in the spring or autumn semester, and cohort learning creates a communal educational experience. Students in a cohort program work together to complete the curriculum and form learning communities that foster collaboration.

What degree is best for public relations?

Public relations, journalism, English, communications, and business and marketing are some of the greatest undergraduate degree alternatives for ambitious PR professionals. Other fields of study that could be explored include American studies, cultural studies, and political science.

How much does PR specialist make?

In 2019, the median salary for Public Relations Specialists was $61,150. That year, the top 25 percent earned $83,170, while the bottom 25 percent earned $45,480.

Is Public relations in demand?

From 2020 to 2030, employment of public relations specialists is expected to expand by 11%, faster than the average for all occupations. Over the next ten years, there are expected to be around 29,200 job openings for public relations specialists.


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