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25 Best Universities In London, United Kingdom

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Best Universities in London

The excitement that exudes from searching for a university to attend can be exhilarating. It’s even nice when you have the choice to choose a top and highly-ranked institution; you’ll at least know that you’re about to attend a great school. The article here is the compilation and brief introduction of best universities in London. Hence, you can choose any of the institutions if you so desired.

See the top universities in London below.

1)University College London

The University is a public institution, and it offers Master’s, bachelor and doctorate degrees in many courses.  Also. UCL has several academic and non-academic facilities to aid teaching and learning.

2) The London School of Economics & Political Science

The London School of Economics & Political Science is a worldwide institution that focuses on innovation and academic excellence in social science. It’s the kind of University that big-shots figures visit to give lectures and speeches. The University has a reputation for teaching courses that address real issues- courses like accounting, finance, politics, law, economics etc.

3)Imperial College London

Imperial College London focuses more on science, engineering, business and medicine course.  It is research-intensive and teaches courses that allow students the chance to work in diverse settings.

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4) King’s College London, University of London

The king’s college has more than 26,000 enrolled students. It has a reputation for its mathematics, law and medicine courses. Moreover, it’s the central University in London and has about five campuses around the country.

5) Queen Mary University of London

It’s a public University and was established in 1989. The University provides programs and courses that make students achieve academic excellence and work in several places.

6) University of the Arts, London

The University of the Arts, London provides both undergraduate and postgraduate courses for its students. The University was established in 1986 and had a different campus in Camber well, Chelsea and Wimbledon. Moreover, it has various academic and non-academic facilities that’ll aid learning and teaching techniques.

7) City, University of London

Its admission is mainly on students’ past grades and records. Even international students can apply to get into the University- it has several academic and non-academic facilities that can make students fit nicely into the environment.

8) Goldsmiths, University of London

The University is equipped with several facilities that make learning and teaching methods easy for students and teachers. The admission is based on students’ academic records and grades for far acceptance. However, there are doctorate, Master’s, pre-bachelor degrees etc., in the institution. Privy Council officially accepts Goldsmith, and international students can also apply.

9) University of London

Here is a public university established in 1836. It offers degrees in bachelor, pre-bachelor, Master and doctorate. Moreover, the institution is well-equipped with various facilities (academic and non-academic) and equipment that’ll help both staff and students achieve their goals.

10) Brunel University of London

The Brunel University of London is situated in Uxbridge, and it was founded in 1966. It has a reputation for its sports, science and communication courses. However, it’s one of the ambitious and prestigious universities in the UK that focuses on opportunities to get students employed.

Brunel University is the abode to students from about 130+ countries around the world. It provides housing to students on and off the campus- and the study facilities are also close to the campus for students’ easy access.

11) Birkbeck, University of London

Birkbeck is known for its expertise in law, psychology, arts and humanity courses. It’s situated in Central London and has students within the age of 18-82. The University allows students to get jobs and explore possible opportunities.  Moreover, it’s well-known for its efficiency in research and teaching.

12)  SOAS, University of London

The University provides world-class teaching in courses like politics, law, economics, development studies, and finance.

13) London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London

The University does accept international students and has about 653 faculties. It also provides distance learning options and a masters’ degree- it’s renowned for its academic excellence.

14) Middlesex University

Middlesex University is a public university involved with the Association of Commonwealth Universities, amongst other organizations. It has different campuses spread across Dubai, Malta and Mauritius. Middlesex has amazing architecture and structures, though it’s popular for its research and innovation while providing adequate learning and teaching. It offers both pre-undergraduate and undergraduate courses, while its postgraduate courses include; accounting & finance, marketing, social science, psychology, law, politics, international tourism management, etc.

15) London Business School

London Business School is fondly called LBS, and it was founded in 1964. It has two main campuses, with the main one in London and the other in Dubai. It’s equipped with top-notch facilities, both academic and non-academic, that’ll aid learning and teaching techniques. LBS encourages students to apply for its scholarship opportunities by admitting based on grades and performance.

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16) Royal College of Art

One of the top universities in London is the only postgraduate Art & design institution globally, and that’s the Royal College of Art. The school is popularly known for its PG Arts & Design courses though it has about six different schools. The schools include; Humanities, Design, Material, Communication and Fine Arts, offering 20+ various programs.

17) University of Westminster

It was founded by the Royal Polytechnic in 1838, and it’s popularly known for its proficient teaching of Art, Film & Media and Architecture courses. The University of Westminster is divided across four campuses and houses students from 160+ countries. Moreover, many people know the school for its fantastic expertise in fashion and media studies.

Interestingly, there are about four residence halls in the institution, and all the rooms have en-suite bathrooms.

18) Kingston University

The University was established in 1899 and renowned for its fashion, graphics and journalism courses. Kingston University is ranked highly as one of the young universities, and it offers diverse courses in the United Kingdom. It’s widely accepted for its efficient teaching methods and provides both postgraduate and undergraduate courses.

Similarly, the institution has about seven residence halls near the main campus, and new students are eligible for room allocation. Kingston University has many facilities to make students’ stay in the school memorable, and the interactive learning facilities are part.

19) University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich was founded in 1890, and it’s one of the topmost academic institutions worldwide. The institution offers postgraduate and undergraduate courses such as history, social science, Arts, English etc.; moreover, it has produced several noble alumni meaning it’ll be a privilege to attend the University. It also has two campuses in London and the last one in Kent.

20) University of East London

University of East London (UEL) has about 13,500 students from over 130+ different countries worldwide.  Both of its campuses are situated in Stratford and Docklands.  It was established in 1992, and it’s known for its efficiency in teaching Sports Science, Psychology, Education, Civil engineering, visual arts and architecture.

Consequently, the University has engaged in researches with Olympic and paralympic projects because of its root in Sports. Students also get the chance to stay in private halls around the school.

21) London South Bank University

The school is found in Central London, and it’s close to businesses and industry for easy access. It provides different opportunities in terms of scholarships, bursaries and discounts for international students.

LSBU was founded in 1892, and it’s well-known for science, engineering and accounting courses. The institution has about four halls of residence, and international students are welcome to also stay in them.

22) London Metropolitan University

Here is a public university in London, and I was established in 2002. It’s renowned for media, art & design and business courses. London Metropolitan University is a community of socially diverse and multi-cultural students such that there are no discriminations. The institution offers courses in part-time and full-time style for flexibility.

23) School of Advanced Study, University of London

School of Advanced Study is in charge of the support and promotion of research in the United Kingdom. The school is a driving force for the distribution of knowledge around the world. It even offers specialized research training for students at the master’s, post-doctoral and doctoral levels.

24) The Courtauld Institute of Arts, University of London

The University is a leading institution for the study of Curation, conservation, and history of arts.  The school offers a wide range of degrees, and its efficiency in research and publication is well-known.

25) University of Roehampton

Here is a well-ranked public university in London. The school engages in various courses of study and maintains its high technology and research centers. It has about four schools and academic colleges that provide adequate teaching for students at multiple levels- either undergraduate, doctoral and postgraduate levels.

At the University of Roehampton, students can study different courses in business, life science, science, education, humanities etc.


The Universities in London have gone through many changes to have a space on top universities in the country. Thus, the above Universities are 25 top universities you can attend for either your bachelor’s or Master’s degree program in London.

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